March 31, 2008

why silky pony hasn't made an endorsement

I wondered why ol' Silky hadn't made a commitment.  Basically, he doesn't like Hillary because she's taken too much money from big lobbyists and big corporations, and Elizabeth apparently hates Hillary's guts.  Which would leave Obama, right?  Not so much, the Messiah totally effed up. 

Apparently Obama wasn't as gracious as Silky thought he should be the day Silky dropped out of the race.  Obama later got into an argument with Elizabeth Edwards during a sit-down with Camp Silky because the Messiah's health care plan doesn't mandate insurance and care.  On the flipside, Hillary had a cordial meeting with Camp Silky that went fairly smooth.  From the sounds of it, Silky isn't gonna endorse either. 

Seems to me that the NYMag is getting reeeeeal nervous about this primary, asking how the Democrat elite can talk down Hillary. (Hint guys:  They can't)  They lament the increasingly brutal primary fight.  They then go on to speculate what Democrat leaders can talk down.  Pretty pitiful how far down the line they go. 

This Democrat primary has become supremely entertaining.  No matter where you are on the McCain question, this fighting amongst the Democrats is good for conservatives, even if the Democrats can get their shit in order enough to offer a challenge or even beat McCain, odds are the Dems ripped each other up enough to prevent a deluge of Democrat gains.

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california nannies moving to end emissions exemption on older cars

The proposal would effect the central part of the Soviet of California, and would pretty much ban any car from driving that didn't meet current California emissions standards, so you can kiss that restoration project in your garage goodbye.  Basically, the Progressive Politburo of the Soviet of California missed some of their air quality goals, and it sounds like they need to make some kulaks and capitalists pay for their crimes against the State as a result.

So if you live in the Soviet of California, you may want to send your state-level congresscritters a friendly little note suggesting that you'll be very unhappy if you end up having to divert money from said restoration project and toward throwing their worthless Nanny asses out of office because they supported this stupid proposal.  Or you could do the even smarter thing and flee from that Marxist hellhole.

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around the moronosphere in 80 iq points

Thanks as always to the Moron-in-Chief for that title, let's get to it!

Cuffy reminds us of a would be grim milestone.

Okay, if you're a Moronblogger, you have to try this widget out, it tells you what a foulmouthed little bastard you are.  I have The Hostages beat, so that's a plus. However S. Weasel, bmac and Sean M all have me beat.

Infiltrating the Winter Soldier II conference.

Ontario's Human Rights Commission asks university if canceling classes for Jewish holidays is discriminatory?

Ryan Phillipe is whining about Iraq being out of the news, and is blaming that for the tanking of the anti-war propaganda film he did.

No wonder this asshole supports Death Taxes...

No wonder the Brits end up having to pull their own teeth.


More slimy elitism from the GOP leadership, which unfortunately makes it much, much harder to do this.

Stash looks at the excellent job the NIU police team did during the attack there, and they really did, Chief Grady had them about as trained and prepared for that type of disaster as they could be.  The police did well with my school when it happened too(no one died at ours), but we've also seen poor responses to attacks at other schools as well.  I agree with Stash and believe faculty, staff and students should be permitted to carry if they qualify to do so, its the best chance we have at limiting the damage of these type of attacks.

Kim Jong-il does his part to reduce Global Warming.

Weird Al branches out into video games.

Stories like this make me a little less worried about making mistakes in reporting, or whatever the hell it is I do on this crappy blog.

Heh, some Hunday fun.

Some funneh, and some not funneh.

An interesting take on whether Obama was BSing the airlift story.

Muslihoon on what is happening in the Islamic world, and what role the West should play in it.

Wyatt again confirms a little theory I've had...Philly is a worthless hellhole.

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March 30, 2008

obama's pro-bowling career about as likely as a primary win in pennsylvania

This is funny,  Barack Obama went to a bowling alley in Altoona with Bob "Hey, my dad was governor!" Casey Jr.  Commenting on his crappy bowling,

"My economic plan is better than my bowling," Obama told fellow bowlers Saturday evening at the Pleasant Valley Recreation Center.

"It has to be," a man called out.

Welcome to PA, Barack. Though I'd definitely dispute Obama's claim above. 

Of course, some eeeevil right winger had to be there to rain on the Hope'n'Change Parade,

Some Democrats worry the hard-fought, drawn-out race is already hurting the party's chances to win in November and Republicans hope they're right.

"I think it's a good competition, but I think the Democratic party is going to be blown apart," said Mark Irvin, a 49-year-old Republican who was bowling at the same time as Obama.

Mark, you mean you aren't an ObamicanShhhh?

And when I say Obama sucked at bowling, I mean daaaayum he sucked, and there is video, so do hit that link.

The crowd of regulars pressed in to take pictures, get autographs, and rib him on his poor skills.

Obama did improve, nearly getting a strike in one frame, and in the seventh, picking up a spare, giving him a score of 37. Casey had a score of 71 after getting a strike, and Hart, with one less frame, racked up a score of 82.

Heh, maybe they should have put up some bumpers.  It doesn't really qualify as a gaffe, it's just entertaining to see the Messiah utterly fail at something.

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March 29, 2008

doubleplusundead remains a foulmouthed masterpiece

Nice Deb has a fun new blog gizmo that lets you punch in your URL and see how foulmouthed your blog is.  I did well, but that foulmouthed ratbastard bmac has me beat by a mile.  Says Nice Deb,

Let’s see how I compare to The Hostages. There’s no one more filthy and dirty than that lot:

Cuss level high - 24.5% cuss level.

Well, there is someone, other than bmac.  I was surprised to learn that I actually eeked out The Hostages by a tenth of a point.  Hey Hostages,

I'm actually kinda surprised I scored that high, I've tried to mellow on the bad language a little bit.  In any case, here you go, my scorecard,

Too funny.  I'll definitely be linking Nice Deb's post in the next linkfest to see what the other morons end up with.  I thought about lacing this whole post with cursing to see if I could catch up to bmac's foulmouthed fucking blog...

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well, let's see where this goes

Given all the threats to Fitna, I wonder how bad the threats for this will get?  I'll be stunned if this thing happens, The Satanic Verses is the OG of the works that cause Jihadis to go into a rabid frenzy, I'm guessing they aren't gonna be any happier about a German theatre's dramatic interpretation of it.  I wouldn't be surprised if there is a new push to get at Rushdie either.  Unfortunately, a Turkish actor has already had to withdraw from the project due to threats of attacks on him.  Then there's this,

But the head of Potsdam's security, Mathias Tänzer, said the theatre had not properly prepared authorities for the play. "When we discovered the play was in the theatre's programme, we asked them what security measures they had in mind, but they wanted neither police protection nor checks of people at the door," he said. "We're monitoring the situation, and if any concrete threats are received we'll advise the theatre to cancel."

Initially I read this and thought, wait, the theatre didn't get security for this?  Then I read that last phrase and thought maybe that was why they didn't want the Potsdam police involved with security?  At first glance, it makes you think the theatre production team was being reckless and stupid about their security.  Then you stop and think, maybe, but perhaps there's a reason they did it, and I'm thinking that last statement by Tänzer may be why.  It may well be in the best interests of Potsdam's security forces to simply shut the production down in order keep things from being stirred up.

Something we in the US need to take from this and the Fitna story is that government is not going to automatically choose civil liberties and Constitutional rights if we engage in similar criticism of hostile persons and ideologies and face similar threats.  Our Constitution is not a set of rights granted to us by our government, it is an acknowledgment by our government that those are our natural rights.  Those rights are ours to preserve. 

Governments will only go so far to defend your liberties.  Once you move past what your government will do to protect your liberties, you will either be faced with a choice of self-censorship, or to use the fullest extent of your Constitutional rights and liberties to fend for yourself.  This leaves Europeans in a much weaker position then we are in the US, particularly when it comes to self-defense. 

We can look at Ayaan Hirsi Ali and the obscene and truly depressing amount of difficulty she had finding security from government in both the US and Europe as an example, and she is very high profile.  Getting government sponsored security has to be even harder for a bunch of nameless people like the UK-based LiveLeak crew and a bunch of actors in Potsdam.

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March 28, 2008

bad news for hillary?

A bunch of people switched parties in Kentucky in order to vote in the Democrat primaries are being denied their vote because of a law setting up a  cutoff date for reregistry, so says the KY Secretary of State.

Vegeta, what does your scouter say about Kentucky's number of disenfranchised voters?
Its over 9000!!!!!!!!

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30 of the dumbest video game titles

Yeah, a lot of these have dumb titles, but the creator of said list can't seem to make up their mind as to whether this is a list of dumb titled video games or dumb video games in general.

I do have to say, I'd never seen the titles that are cheap ripoffs of popular youth based movie/book franchises like the Harry Potter series and the gingerbread man from the Shrek movies.  Some of the other ones are pretty good too.  I may have to see if I can find an emulator so I can play Zombies Ate My Neighbors.

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best camp ever?

It'll cost you $4,400, and no, it isn't Space Camp, its Porn Camp.  No, I'm not gonna make a judgment on porn or the porn industry, because I really don't want to start the tired -porn is evil!/freeeeedom!- slapfight that has been fought in society since porn has existed.

Said camp is actually more of a seminar for people getting into the porn industry.  The seminar is an attempt to cash in on the rise of youtube type porn sites.  They'll be doing a live shoot, and doing seminars on production and probably most important given the way the new user-generated sites are developing, the legal requirements and record-keeping aspects of the industry.

I wonder if in part this is an attempt by the industry to reign in the user-generated stuff?  I have to think the whole established industry has to be nervous, not just because of the competition, but because if the user-generated stuff ends up in violation of law, they'll likely be on the bad end of a crackdown too, if not face more regulation.

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the moronosphere network-blair's law in action!

Let's get right to this, today's links!

Last time I wrote about Zimbabwe's hyperinflation, a burger cost $15 million Zimbabwe, Purple Avenger lets us know a loaf of bread costs $25 million.

skinbad at IB can't decide if this grave violation of civil liberties in the Bushitler's AmeriKKKa or if a bunch of horny turkeys should have gotten the Headline of the Day.

Karl at Protein Wisdom on Obama trying to get past the Wright disaster.

This is a very interesting piece, a physicist tried to get himself involved with the Manhattan Project by using a patent of his, which forced the US to patent the components to the bomb. 


Queeg '08?

Slublog loves Maine for wacky stories like this...doubleplusundead still has the best wacky Maine story evah.

This guy kicks ass, plus he probably denied Greta Van Susteren a few weeks of material, so he gets double kudos for this.

Democrat Rick Boucher likes lamb with his pork.

Dating tips for morons.

Be sure to drop by V the K's for some caption contest-y goodness.

Baldi smells waffles, lucky her, cuz I got a whiff of some serious bullshit.

A profile of the Long War Journal.

Brian at Snapped Shot has a good piece on an AFP photographer (stringer?), who is basically a jihadi propagandist, and a nice set of sneer quotes by Reuters...

Hmmm...what to do with all that old equipment and junk when the space shuttle program is officially retired

The economy was sizzling last quarter?  B-b-b-b-but I thought the Bushitler was letting Rome buuuuurn!!!  The media told us it was...

If there's something dumb criminals need to learn, it has to be don't screw with retired Marines!  Seriously, it never ends well for the criminal.

Some lefty pwnage

Cuffy has a lot of great posts today.  First, liberals declare themselves free of the Clintons, Obama has a Freudian slip, but quickly recovers, and the Russians continue playing their aggro airspace games...I'm stunned geoff didn't catch this first.

Mexicans beating up their emos?  Obligatory,

I know I saw that at mesa's first, but I'm too lazy to dig up the link.

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March 27, 2008

hawk eats family pet

Okay, I know I'm horrible for laughing at this, but I can't stand little yappy dogs.  The family left the critter at a kennel while they were on vacation, one of the handlers went to check on the dog, and it was gone.  Their walls and fences are solid, so the kennel operators think the only thing it could have been was a local hawk.
Yeah, look, in my defense, I was really hungry...

 I love this,

"I don't doubt it because we are in Florida," the dog's owner, Deanne Gusler, said. "But in my opinion, if they know there is a chance a hawk will swoop down and get my dog, they need to be down there watching her."

What, so there will be witnesses next time?  Because they aren't even going to get a chance to react before that thing is gone.  Does she realize how friggin' fast hawks move?   I had the opportunity to see one take a bluejay once.  All I saw was a flash until it hit the jay, and even then I only got a brief look at the hawk, feathers were flying, the jay was letting off some horrible screech, and that was only for like two seconds. The jay went silent, then the hawk flew off with his meal, fast

Birds of prey really are amazing to watch.  It's one thing to see them on nature shows, but its another thing entirely to see one swoop and take prey in person. 

Fortunately for the dogs, the kennel operators are smarter than the owner, and are putting up some fencing along the top of the pens to ward off hawks...poor hawks, no more overfed yappy housepets to snack on.

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the moronosphere network-none of us is as dumb as all of us

Thanks to Dave in Texas for today's tagline.  Again, if you want in the Moronosphere Network, drop a comment and let us know. I'll probably update the links today, so check in again in a while.

What, you aren't voting for Obama?  Then you're a racist dick!

Mike Gravel, a big 'L' Libertarian?  Does not compute.  Oh, and Alan Keyes is joining the Constitution Party...have fun with him, fellas.

Canadians honor their fallen soldiers.

Slick Willy calls out Obama.

More peaceful behavior from the peace movement.

Barry Bonds booted by Ball team.  Let's hope he's too radioactive for any other team to pick him up, he and other guys who juice up are a disgrace to the game. 

Some sniveling leftist whining about conservatives pointing out that Obama went to the church of a racist America-hating conspiracy theory mongering anti-Semite.

College paper forced to apologize for anti-semitic rant.

Karl at PW on McCain's League of Democracies.

NC Congressman...hey, c'mon guys, this pork money isn't a big deal!  Oh, he's also the biggest pork fiend in the state.  It is a big deal, maybe not in the amount of money it sucks up, but let's be honest...they're buying votes, and no one should be allowed to do it, whether its the GOP Bridge to Nowhere guy or notorious pork fiend John Murtha.  Oh, and AT&T is hiring...maybe.

Awesome.  A Coptic priest is making a real pest of himself for jihadis and islamists as he successfully converts Muslims in Egypt.  Good job, Father Botros.  His story is fascinating, be sure to read it to see how he does it.

Mike at Cold Fury goofs on the always hysterical Andrew Sullivan

geoff on the sheer stupidity of Reuters, and on architects building things to resist bullets in LA because it has become such a hellhole.   Here I thought all those gun control laws would stop this...

Sean M. finds a new twist on the drink of choice for the Ace of Spades Lifestyle.

Bill Clinton gets grilled by an interviewer.

Baldilocks on Baghdad Jim's trip to Iraq, and poses a very interesting question.

And I'll leave you with this great photoshop, though it may be too scary for alexthechick.

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March 26, 2008

the moronosphere network - around the world in 80 iq points

Thanks to the Moron-in-Chief for that headline.  Once again, if you'd like to be added to the Moronosphere blogroll, do feel free to drop a comment here or at CB's.  Oh, and if anyone has a fun title or line for the Moronosphere Links, feel free to drop a comment with it too.

Again, since CB is putting together the Moronosphere blogroll, it only seems fair to give her first dibs on linkage.  Today we see a downside on swearing off pork, in this case, constituents in South Carolina want federal money for a cemetery for veterans, but their congressman has sworn off pork, and is sticking to that promise. 

I say downside because this is a legit cause that is worthy of federal funds.  He says he'll look for other means to get this cemetery built, I think setting up a charity fund, putting up a website and seeking donors would be a good start, particularly online, there are a lot of people who would be ready to jump on board to help with that.

And here is a worthy cause that I somehow missed yesterday in yesterday's links, but PattyAnn at The Hostages caught it.

Dan Abrams calls Kos unpatriotic!

The NYT discovers the Rickroll, gets pwn3d.  Non Moronosphere link here, but I have to add this, someone at the LA Times finally sat Rick Astley down and asked what he thought of the Rickroll.  He's actually really cool about it.  I've gotta link it, don't I?

And a good morning dose of FAIL for you.

And how about an EPIC FAIL chaser, courtesy of the global warming cultists, who are watching their 15 minutes crumble under repeated bitchsmacks from new scientific findings. (As it turns out, this wasn't new at check your sources people, its impossible for me to do that too)

Hot and cold from mesa.

Dan Ruwe on the increasingly aggro and violent anti-war movement.

Steamboat McGoo on putting mice into suspended animation with hydrogen sulfide...which you may know for its unpleasant smell.  (PS, McGoo always links a nudie pic at the end of all his posts, *hint* those would be NSFW if you click them)

The Eggman takes a few good swipes at a NYT writer.

bmac says good riddance to Jericho.

Hugo Chavez continues attention whoring, but did endorse John McCain...sorta.

Okay, this is a little unnerving.

Tata, the Indian budget auto manufacturer, is buying Jaguar and Land Rover.

Nice Deb revels in the chaos of the Democrat primaries.

I love Slublog's 'shops.

Enas has fifty bucks he wants to blow, anyone have a suggestion?

Get your horoscope!

Snapped Shot has a Rage Boy sighting.

Moviegique has an open dialogue on Race.

CT on the rapid changing of institutions in the modern age.

Don't try and think about this for too long...

Stash has an interesting question, maybe some morons have a take on it?

Now this is funny.

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March 25, 2008

there is a word for this sort of thing

...and that word would be FAIL

Seriously, aren't the horrors known as the Daily Show DNC Pep Rally and Half Hour News Hour enough?  Why must we continue to be bombarded with these crappy fake news shows?

Thanks to Hotair Headines for that warning.

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links from around the moronosphere, the moronosphere network edition

That Moronosphere blogroll really swelled up quick.  I knew there were a good number of you morons, but Ace is right, we now have a sizeable army of retards.  Conservative Belle has been making the The Moronosphere blogroll, and has done an excellent job gathering up names.  If you're a moron, and you don't see yourself on there, you of course can leave a comment here or over there (Pixy should have Wordpress unbanned again, so you should be able to put it in the URL box) if you'd like to be.

Because of the sheer size and number of people, there will definitely be some changes to the daily linkfest.  When the number of people was small, it was pretty easy to manage, and I could link a lot of the morons on my blogroll.  Er, if I try to do that today with that huge-assed blogroll it'd take forever, and the post would be a mile long and completely unreadable, so the links featured are going to be more widely varied. 

I'm still trying to strategerize and decide what I'll do, but the Moronosphere Network seems to be a popular idea, and I'll be sticking with it.  Be sure to drop by and check in for updates.

Since she has done such a kickass job on making the blogroll, Conservative Belle gets first dibs on linkage today, and she continues to highlight politicians who are going kosher and swearing off pork money.  Today she has three of them from Georgia, if you're looking into candidates to support, these might have potential.

Sean at Brea Canyon has some of the best title for stories...

Dan Abrams whines and seethes because of conservatives engaging in strategeric voting.

Since we now have an army of retards, how about buying a missile silo?  Guess I'll have to set up a Paypal for that...

Kadnine, an Iraq War vet, on Frontline's Bush's War.  He decided watching a Good Eats rerun was more worthy of his time and allowed Jules Crittenden to watch Frontline.  Alton Brown is the only reason to watch Food Network, unless Giada's nice rack counts as a reason too.

Funny picture.

Moronpundit on the complicated math of an indirect Ace-o-lanche.

Beth on the Obama cult, and a creepy cult testimonial.

The Eggman has his Morning Scramble, including a link to a mesa's lamb shank recipe.

Some Nanny Statism courtesy of the state of Maine.

Snapped Shot finds some FAIL

Chavez:  Look at me, I'm an attention whore!

A beauty pageant like no other.

The Line is Here on the police in DC and Boston trying to to search people's houses to take guns before the cities bans get overturned.

A graduation.

Heh, funneh.

Oh, and last, but certainly not least, S. Weasel on Billy, who you may recognize as the "I'm an Ace o' Spades Moronblogger" guy.

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March 24, 2008

thirty helens were bummed out after reading this stupid article

Via Hotair's headlines, we have this, people associate names with certain attributes, and apparently Helen is considered an unlucky name.  Honestly, this is nothing but a glorified excuse to post a Thirty Helens Agree from Kids in the Hall.

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klaatu barada f*ck no!

Hollywood is planning on taking the classic movie The Day the Earth Stood Still and turning it into a global warming sermon.  Now I know that the original was likely an allusion to our relationship with the USSR, sort of making an argument for a soft, lefty let's get along approach with the USSR, so maybe this isn't an obscene stretch, but I find myself at that default position of not mangling a classic by making a crappy remake.  Seriously, can we leave the classics alone?

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oh, now the brits are angry about someone suggesting forced sterilization!

There have been a bunch of angry calls for some Tory politician to resign after he stated that parents who receive government benefits should be forced to undergo sterilization.  This harebrained statement was something that came from his blog in discussing a missing girl who is one of seven children, who have five different fathers.  Of course, at doubleplusundead know a little something about inept politicians getting themselves in trouble with their blogs.  We also know about lame excuses they give when they get in over their heads.  Says Councilor John Ward in his defense...or is that defence? 

Speaking over the Easter weekend, he said: "The whole idea was to get people to think about issues. The comments were taken from another blog but I can't remember where they were from.

"Also, I'm half-blind and missed out a word, I should have written 'consideration' in the first sentence. I'm sorry if it has caused any problems."

Yeah, these politicians seem to love taking comments from other blogs...

Obviously the guy is an obnoxious tool (and a cheesy, smarmy looking little dude), and should be drummed out of office, Labour and Liberal Democrats are calling for his resignation now, angrily declaring,

Medway Messenger: "If the conservatives care about their image they should expel Cllr Ward immediately.

"There is no place for this in mainstream politics."

Fellow Labour councillor Bill Esterson added: "It's the sort of thing Nazis did in Germany."

All that is true, and he deserves to be pushed out of office for that, but I have a question for these Labourites in particular, where were you in demanding that fellow Labourite Dawn Primarolo be shown the door for suggesting that teenage girls be forcibly sterilized?  I've been looking for some sort of strong denunciation or call for Primarolo's resignation by politicians in the UK, but I haven't seen it.

That said, even if it was, forced sterilization seems to have some support in the UK, if you look at the Daily Mail article I link in my "More Fun With Airstrip One" piece (linked in the previous paragraph), you'll not only see a columnist supporting Dawn Primarolo's idea to force sterilization of teenage girls, if you look in the comments on that article, you'll see most of the commenters were solidly in favor of mass sterilization.  Seems to me its not the policy they are opposed to, but the person who said it.  Councilor Ward's comments are probably not that out of the mainstream in the UK, and the Labourites are being cynical in their condemnations. 

Question, what the hell isn't wrong with the UK?

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links from around the moronosphere, back from easter edition

Today's links!  Check back in later for updates!  Also, drop by Conservative Belle's and ask for the script for The Official Moronosphere Blogroll!  And if you're a Moron who hasn't been added to it, be sure to let us know!   Damn!  Look at that Moronosphere blogroll grow!  Who knew there were so many!  Be sure to check in tomorrow for new updates!  March 25 Links!

The best skins evah for your AR, and kudos for a PA politician who is going kosher and saying no to pork.

Cuffy finds the work of some marketing genius.

bmac takes a look at universal healthcare and says DO NOT WANT...he also has a truck to sell if you want it.

Kadnine has a suggestion for some campy horror goodness, he says possibly better than the Evil Dead series?  Better be careful, you'll get a horde of angry Evil Dead fanboys offering you a taste of their boomsticks.  Oh, and some comments on Tom Stoppard, and on the translation of art into different mediums

Brian at Snapped Shot has a piece at Pajamas Media about his fun with the AP.

A shakeup in Camp Clinton?

Hey!  Isn't Rev. Wright an awful lot like Jesus

If you're gonna try and drink yourself to death...try and do it with something a little classier than box wine.

More fun with dumb criminals.

"I am Rosa Parks! I will not ride on the back of the bus!"

Really dude?  Milk and cookies in the car?

Cranky has a forecast.

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March 21, 2008

happy easter all!

Happy Easter to all you morons, and morons not celebrating Easter enjoy your (hopefully long) weekends! Links From Around the Moronosphere will start up again on Monday, content was kinda thin today, with the Easter weekend, I'm guessing the weekend'll be even lighter

Happy Easter!

What, you want something less horrifying?  Too friggin' bad, the link is bad!

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