February 15, 2008

More Fun With Airstrip One

Hey, I have a smashing idea!  Let's impose mass sterilization on British teens!  No, really, some British official actually suggested mass sterilization of British youths...  What is even more amazing is that this columnist actually likes the idea.  Says she,

But think about it: it might not be such a bad idea.

We are moving into a science fiction age in which life itself can be created in a test tube, and it seems that, before long, perfect babies could be bred at will, largely free of hereditary disease and illness.

So, in my view, there is little point any more in feeling shock-horror at the idea of mass sterilisation.


And no, I don't think I'm Godwinning on this one, this article sounds close enough to fascist eugenics that the Godwin card shouldn't be in play.  Read the whole thing, it truly is disturbing, not just because of the willingness of the author to resort to rank fascism to reduce teen pregnancy, but the complete surrender of civic virtue, morality, individualism, their children and culture to the state.  The freefall the Brits are in, as well as the authors own slavish reliance on government solution to solve problems within British society, and total unwillingness to take charge for themselves, is truly tragic. 

When you read the piece, every failed effort to reduce delinquency and teen pregnancy is based around government intervention, nothing she suggests seems to indicate that government is the first problem, or that there is a solution outside of government intervention.  What is even more disturbing?  As of the time I'm writing this, the vast majority of comments at the Daily Mail are in full support of this forced sterilization idea. 

Loves where this is going...

Let's hope it never gets to this point in the US.

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