June 30, 2007

London Olympic Committee To Change Crappy Logo

They finally caved and changed it.  Good.  I think the argument was less about whether it was hated or not, and more an argument of whether it looked like a broken up swastika or Lisa Simpson giving head. 

I wonder if they'll go to this design.  And if you don't know what that is a reference to, enjoy your ignorant bliss, don't look it up.

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Shopkeeper Fined £250 For Tackling Thieves

Seriously.  This guy got fined for stopping three young punks who tried to swipe his spraypaint.  He opted to plead guilty and pay a fine instead of going to trial and facing jail. Yeah, Jail, for defending his fucking business! 

A HERO shopkeeper was fined £250 yesterday — because he tackled three hoodie thieves.
Brave Jacob Smyth, 33, chased and caught the yobs after they grabbed armfuls of spray paint from his hardware store.

Cops gave two of them £80 fixed penalty fines — then HE was charged with assault.

Unbelievable.  The Brits are far gone if they've become so twisted in their morality that a decent guy defending his livelihood gets a more severe punishment for stopping three bipedal rodent asshole thugs than said thugs who stole his fucking paint. 

Magistrate Angy Haslam conceded Jacob acted in self-defence but said his reaction was “aggravated by the fact you kicked the victim on the ground”.

Oh, my!  In that case, yeah, his punishment was a righteous one.  God, I have the vapors just reading about the excessive brutality, are we sure this wasn't a testimony from Abu Ghraib?  I thought only us Americans were so evil and brutal.

“I was getting a good beating from this lad. I had no choice but to defend myself.

Sure, sure.  We know what your definition of defending yourself is, you monster!

“I have a young child and do not want to run the risk of prison.

“But am I not allowed to protect my stock and premises from thieves?”

No, you're not, pal, sorry, your state is run by a bunch of fucking nannies. But knowing this, next time it happens, and I'm sure it will, cuz you're obviously not gonna be allowed to stop it, I suggest you let them take the fucking paint and hope the retards huff themselves out of existence.  It'd probably be the easiest way to resolve the problem. 

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June 29, 2007

Farfur the Hamas Mouse Killed By Zionists

But its okay, I hear the next series In Jihad Children’s Television Workshop is an animated series about a little Palestinian deer named Bombi who had his mother killed by an IDF sniper and eaten, and is trying to convince the other Hamas deer to let him do a suicide attack on an Israeli marketplace.

(yes I cribbed my own comment and turned it into a post, eat me!)

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Yuck! Goddamn Furries! Sick!

Seriously, if you are a furry, DIE YOU SICK FREAK!  This is an article about sicko furries, I assume to ruin people's lives by taking their ignorant bliss away, or maybe so people know to have 'hunting accidents' when they see them acting on their sick pervert urges in thee woods.  We can only hope.

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Kurt Loder Pwns Michael Moore? Kurt Loder, the MTV Guy?

Its more likely than you think.

Loder does movie reviews for MTV, and he did a piece on Moore's Sicko!  He, like most people agree that there are definite horror stories in the US health care system.  But he then stops reviewing Slimeball Moore's movie, and actually starts writing about the horror stories of Canadian and French healthcare, and he really does his homework, utterly shredding Michael Moore.  I'll be damned.  Kurt Loder...

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The iPhone and the Lines of People Waiting

I'd trash these guys who waited in line forever for these iPhones, but it would be hypocritical for me to do so.  When the Nintendo Wii came out, I had nothing to do on a Sunday morning, and I had Christmas money, I woke up early, walked to the Newspaper box nearby, and checked for ads.  The way you could tell Wiis were selling were if they advertised it in the Sunday paper.  Circuit City was selling them. 

So I rushed to throw shoes and a jacket on and headed out.  Because I'm a retard, I put on a pair of Chuck Taylors in 20 degree weather in Pennsylvania, and stood in the cold for two hours and forty five minutes.

Aside from the frostbitten toes, the wait wasn't too bad, except for this one guy, who was a tubby little loudmouth loser who wouldn't shut his fat gob.  Nobody in line could stand the fucker.  He ran his mouth the whole. fucking. time.  People were talking so much shit.  I even saw a young kid with his mom, both rolling their eyes at the blathering of the Man-sow.

 Turned out Toys R Us was also selling, opening an hour earlier, and was giving tickets guaranteeing your Wii.  Plus they opened the lobby.  I hauled my ass over there quick as possible, my toes were so numb.  So I got my Wii, and I got to keep my toes.  The end.

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Scott Baio Sees Danny Bonaduce Cashing in On His Personal Life and Thinks "Hey, Me Too"

Ladies, he's single and looking for love. Scott Baio is doing a reality show where he tries to figure out why he couldn't find a longterm love banging Playboy centerfolds.  I feel your pain Scott.  Really I do...

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BBC Exec Finds Out the Hard Way She Isn't Jesus

I need to stay off of Fark, now I'm making grim inappropriate headlines.

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Crazy People That Refused to Pay Income Taxes Are Still in Standoff

Its been what, half a year?  I actually wondered what was up with these people a while ago, and there it was, a nice long article.  Law enforcement agencies cut his utilities and internet, so he's isolated except for the crazies helping him.  You people remember the Ruby Ridge guy, right?  He's totally in on it too.  I love the crazy rantings about the Freemasons controlling everything.  Mmmm....that's good crazy.

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In New York, Big Brother Watches You!

New York continues to develop its Jackbooted Nanny State.  Seriously, smoking, trans fats, guns, now public photos?  These people need to be stopped, seriously New Yorkers, this shit better not spread.

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NC-17 bitches!

Go here to rate your blog!

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Isaiah Washington Counters Gay Card With Race Card, Looks Like the Race Card is Losing Strength From Overplay

I wrote a post on this douche earlier.  He can't seem to quit bitching now that he's broke Liberal Hollywood Orthodoxy and now has been, er, Blacklisted. 

He told a Newsweek reporter;

"someone heard the booming voice of a black man and got really scared and that was the beginning of the end for me."

Uh-oh, we're going into Whitey was Scared of A Strong Black Man and Had to Keep Him Down Mode!

He then complains;

"My mistake was thinking black people get second chances. I was wrong on all fronts,"

I'm gonna jump off writing this post for a while to write in my Livejournal about this and cut my arm.  I'm just so depressed by the fact that an actor pulling down big money blew his golden opportunity to make a fortune by running his big fat mouth. 

"Well, it didn't help me on the set that I was a black man who wasn't a mush-mouth Negro walking around with his head in his hands all the time. I didn't speak like I'd just left the plantation and that can be a problem for people sometime," he said.

Isaiah Washington: ABC 'Fired the Wrong Guy' in 'Grey's Anatomy' Flap
"I had a person in human resources tell me after this thing played out that `some people' were afraid of me around the studio. I asked her why, because I'm a 6-foot-1, black man with dark skin and who doesn't go around saying `Yessah, massa sir' and `No sir, massa' to everyone?

Oh!!!! And we are in full Proud Strong Black Man Mode!  Because everyone knows Whitey is just scared of you, A Strong Proud Black Man, right Isaiah? 

That's what this is about! 

Its not that people are holding you to the same standards as anyone else who use slurs, its just The Man keeping you down, right Isaiah?  Because getting fired from a cushy well paid acting gig for being a belligerent asshole to a gay guy is like living as a black slave in the Pre-Civil War South, right?  You keep fighting the struggle, Isaiah. 

Fucking twat.

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You Mean Joe Arpaio Didn't Come Up With This First?

Not a bad move.  The Panama City, Florida sheriff came up with a way to catch illegals.  Have a bunch of squad cars pull up to construction yards and other workplaces and see who runs, catch 'em, and find out their status.  Clever, huh?

Of course the ACLU is crying big emo tears over it, so we'll see if Panama City sticks to their guns.  Lou Barletta has in Hazleton, here in PA has stood firm and has been rewarded with a landslide reelection win for it.

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Former Japanese Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa dead at 87

Miyazawa spent most of his political career working in economic matters in Japan, but is most famous for being ralphed on by George H. W. Bush.

Poor guy, worked hard his whole life only to be known as the Japanese guy that George Bush puked all over.

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Oh, Good Lord...WTF

I got nothin' to add here.

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Another Retired Marine Kicks Some Ass

This time two slimeballs trying to rob a Subway were shown the Marine pimphand.  The Marine, a 71 year old man, opened up on the two overgrown roaches with his (legally) concealed gun, shooting one in the head and killing him, and shooting the other in the chest, he survived and was caught cowering in the bushes by the cops. 

Moral of the story, don't fuck with a Marine, or try to fuck with other people with a Marine around.  They will tear your shit up.

Oh, and because I can't resist the low hanging fruit, BOOM!  HEADSHOT!

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Sometimes Being a Hero is Painful

A mysterious man robbed a Giant grocery store Pharmacy while wearing a Spiderman mask.  He demanded the pharmacist hand over the oxycontin that the pharmacy had in the vault, the pharmacist complied, and Spidey ran off to go numb for a while. Allegedly.


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Guy Swipes Mic From Fox News Reporter


Allah's asking if its a case of Fox Derangement Syndrome or someone pissed off about not getting an iPhone.  Jim Treacher thinks it might just be a attention whoring youtube type move.  I'm not so sure, he did commit a crime after all.

I'm thinking we'll get a sob story when they find the guy, "Look, I was just overcome with emotion because of the constant hate and warmongering that Fox News pushes in its reporting.  I couldn't stand it anymore and I made a statement." while Chris Matthews dabs at the corner of his eyes with a hankie, overcome with emotion...

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A Conservative MoveOn?

That's what they're gonna try and do.  I'm not sure how I feel about this.

First, I always get sqeamish about "An Answer to" operations.  So often they are just crap.  So we'll see from that perspective.  Politically there's more to worry about.

If this is going to be an ideology based operation looking to advance conservatism, it could be excellent news that we've needed for a long time.  If its an attempt by the GOP elite to build a foothold online, it'll roll over and die. 

 Depending on when the plans for the sites get off the ground, its first test will be the Amnesty bill.  If it comes out in favor of the base's wishes in an aggressive manner and shows itself to be of the movement, it'll do well, if its a mouthpiece for the RINO led GOP, we have yet another liability, one we don't need right now. 

It used to bother me to say it, but I'm entirely comfortable doing so now because I think many are on the same page.  We need a Kossification of the conservative movement.  We've tried to be civil with our GOP elite, and showed decency and dignity in our trying to work with them.

 That clearly is not working anymore, the fact that we literally had to overload the Senate's fucking phone system yesterday to get them to respond to what the base and in this case, the nation at large, wanted, is more proof than I'll ever need. 

The way the bill was put together alone is a very dangerous trend.  When the Senate puts forth a bill that will enact major policy change in a way that tries to avoid scrutiny and debate in the way that they did, that is a disturbing trend.  I expect no better from the unscrupulous Left, but not from the GOP. 

Its become obvious to me that we need to assemble an ideological enforcement wing to keep our legislators and party elite in line.  Kos and other prominent leftists are constantly talking with the elite of the left, and directly influence their decisions.  We see people like Harry Reid and Dick Turbin grovel at the feet of the Kossacks and kiss Kos' ring.  Why not us?  Why wasn't Mitch McConnell groveling at our feet and then going out against amnesty full bore? 

Its obvious now that he has to be, the stakes are too high now for us to be sloppy.  The GOP elite will do whatever it is they want unless they live in constant fear of a nasty political backlash, and I mean vicious. They are KleptoCons, conservative until they can get access to the public coffers or a lobbyists dollar.  Or perhaps they could be called ConvenienceCons, conservative until its the slightest bit inconvenient.

Building the systems to make the changes we want won't happen overnight.  Many of the Shamnesty Sellouts will hold their seats  in the next election.   This Shamnesty debacle will help us in building that movement.  I think things can get better.  My hope is that in ten years, we'll be able to match the totality of the liberal MSM and media power by at least half, and be at around 75% or greater by twenty years.

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Teacher Gets Cleared of All Abuse Charges After Forcing Kid to Write "I Am a Retard" 100 Times

So I guess that sets precedent if we ever try to bring Ace up on Abuse charges...

Anyway, the kid was harrassing another kid, calling him gay and not letting him use the restroom.  The family was trying to sue for 25,000 Euros, but it probably ain't happening now.

The teacher argued that her punishment was appropriate because a teenager had recently killed themself because they were being harrassed and called gay at school. 

I presume this story will be followed up by "Student Commits Suicide After Teacher Forces Him to Call Self Retard, Parents File Suit" in a few months.

Found at HotAir.

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