September 30, 2010

What. The. Fuck?

Seriously, what the fuck? 

Fuck them all with Algore's Chunky Chakra Level for this sort of yakfuckery and bullshit. Fuck them for wishing fucking death on their opponents. Fuck them for using children in this manner. And fuck them just because they are so fucking stupid.

Yet another reason why November can't come soon enough.

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Stony Curtis, we'll miss you

That was my first exposure to Tony Curtis and I liked him from that day on.

He was da man.
I loved him in Operation Petticoat. That was probably his best role, if not his best movie.
RIP Tony.
I hope you're having a foursome with Marylin Monroe, Rock Hudson and Doris Day wherever you are.

Update, I must have still had that previous vid on my clipboard, sorry.

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Presented without context

A woman in Australia was so enraged by her husband cheating on her that she believed setting fire to his penis would make him mend his ways.
Yeah, because nothing makes a guy say, "Hey, baby, I was wrong to have cheated on you. We should stay together forever," like setting his junk on fire.

Oh, and I should probably mention that there were also some other kind of serious consequences to her actions.

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September 29, 2010

15 Years Ago Tonight...

The most beautiful person in the world entered into my life. The beautiful young lass who fate and good fortune sent my way would eventually become my wife, the mother of the most precious gift ever bestowed upon me, my true companion down the sometimes crater filled road that is life, the one person I trust unfailingly, and all I need to visualize in my brain when I am backed up and need to offend Christine O'Donnell. 

Thank you to Mother Gaia, or whatever is out there, for bringing her my way, despite all of my faults and flaws. It's sometimes been rough and difficult, but the journey and adventure has been a fucking blast. So here's to you, my dear. 

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Just doing my part to bring us all together as one

Unity!  It's what's for breakfast.  Okay, fine, fine, I just wanted some more hotassery.  Bite me.

He's legal now.  Look, I'm taking as many of you in this handbasket with me as possible

And on the eighth day . . . .

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For Vinty

(disclaimer: I haven't even been paying enough attention to that race to edumacatedly choose a side)

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Okay I'm calling bullshit on this

In further King Shamir Shabazz news, he now claims that whites use black babies as alligator bait.

I've gotta say, that is an accusation that I never saw coming.  Kudos to the voices in his head for creativity. 

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An in-depth response

First, everyone go look at the post below this. I'll wait. I know it's going to take awhile. Back? Good.

Here is my in-depth response to this article at the Village Voice.

Fuck.  And.  You.  Listen, you utterly ignorant piece of shit motherfuckers, it is not insane to hold conservative views.  It's not.  Also?  Fuck you for being utterly fucking racist jackwipes.  There is no such thing as  "white" brain or a "black" brain or any other fucking color (other than, you know, gray) to describe a mind.  Fuck you for perpetuating the vile and loathsome concept of racial group think.

Fuck you.  I hope that bedbugs infest your offices for the rest of time. 

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Wednesdays are hard...

So I bear good news for Alex.  This might actually make me start watching CSI again.

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He "laughed"

"Look, as president, I swore to uphold the Constitution, and part of that Constitution is a free press," Obama laughed, in response to a question from Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner about whether or not Fox News was "a good institution for America and for democracy."
Okay, this is kind of not healthy for a few reasons.

Let's substitute "Obama" with "Nixon" and "Fox News" with "The New York Times." And, then, how about we wonder about liberals and the MFM (I know, I know) would react to a president being asked a question like that?

Sure, a president would laugh when confronted about a press outlet that was critical of him, but the way in which the question was posed and answered was disturbing.

I mean, here, you have the publisher of one part of the media sincerely asking about whether or not a competing (and there's no doubt here—victorious) competitor is good for democracy, and you've got the guy who we count on the most to uphold the Constitution yucking it up a little, not the least because he shares the interviewers' same prejudices.

Chimpy McBu$hitler laughing about ANY of our civil liberties being infringed upon in the slightest would be a major issue. Barry H. O'Fabulous? Not so much, apparently.

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September 28, 2010

Fun with net neutrality

Was asked to comment on net neutrality, so I'll go ahead and do that, I promise this won't turn into a twenty part series on the LOST treaty, but I'll offer some thoughts. 

I tend to be leery of net neutrality simply because I'm real squeamish when it comes to allowing government to dictate what private industry can and can't do in conducting their business.  The last thing I want is the government overseeing the intarwebz, especially the idjit brigade that runs the FCC.  Now, I don't have any issue with ISPs imposing net neutrality on themselves as internal company policy, I think that's commendable, and I'd be supportive of ISPs and services that did that.  Google and Verizon have sort of been laying out a compromise of sorts to try and address net neutrality...I think this is a good and healthy thing, if it's something they do internally as part of a trade agreement type deal, not as some screwball Congress/corporate lawmaking venture that turns into a giant bureaucratic clusterfuck that leaves us poorer and less free.

Beyond that, I'm just not seeing signs of ISPs squashing content they don't like on much of a regular basis, if anything, the content on the intarwebs continues to grow rapidly.  I also think that as soon as an ISP got too power-hungry or Nannyified, they'd see huge losses in customers, it'd be like a cable provider going, 'uh, hey, yeah, we're gonna take away 2/3rds of your channels because these are channels we don't'  Not cool, you'd go find another cable provider or look at alternatives.  People are used to doing whatever the fuck they want on the intarwebs, and God help the poor bastard that says NO.  People were never used to having whatever they wanted available when they wanted with TV and radio, the regulations were largely there from the beginning.  It just won't go well for them to get heavy-handed with controlling content, there'd be an instant, vicious backlash.  FAIL gets one of two things on the intarwebs, copious amounts of hate or brutal mockery...ask AOL.

I really do like Reason TV's segment on net neutrality, I think it's worth a watch,

Ultimately, I go by it easier to break a corporation's control, or the government's?

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Ok. Now I Am Angry

I was going to ignore the latest claim by the loony left that the "right" was inciting violence, since it has become so hackneyed and so untrue, especially as the lefties are the ones who have been the violent ones this cycle, that it really didn't bear mention. I was going to ignore the lefty claims because the "scoreboard" chant come November will be satisfaction enough. And I was going to ignore the lefty lies because I had better things to do.

I was going to ignore the claims. That was, until this:

Victory is no longer acceptable. Vaporfuck them and their careers into oblivion and the abyss of fuckitude with a rancid fuckradish so deep their assholes will make a Caesar Salad blush with envy. These fuckers need to get nuked from orbit and never allowed anywhere near the reins of power ever again.

Yes, I am now pissed off. These fuckers have claimed for far too fucking long that those of us on the other side of the aisle were the violent ones, despite evidence to the contrary. These fuckers have been the ones beating up and assaulting our people at gatherings and their offices for far to fucking long. And these fuckers have been disenfranchising us by having our votes negated by rampant voter fraud for far too fucking long. And it will stop now.

These fucking fuckshrooms fucking think they are fucking above the law and can do whatever the fuck they fucking feel like. Well, fuck them. Fuck them with a dozen dung beetles looking for paydirt. Fusticfuck their arrogance with the flying fuckzeppelin of the franchise. And hysopfuck their sense of entitlement with low grade anal sludge. Vote these fuckers out. Vote these fuckers away from office. Run up such a margin that they learn they cannot get away with what they are doing. And fuckbeat them and their careers so far into the ground, the caskets of the people they are still registering to vote will tell them to get the fuck out of the way.

Yes, November is coming. November is coming so hard and fast, you lefties will think it was your lover's strap on dislodging in your asscanal. So fuck you, lefties. You have now pissed me off. You have now given me motivation. And you have now provided me with the mental ammunition I need to stay focused for the next five weeks. So fill your fucking hands, you fucking fuckbitches. Because retribution is awaiting you.

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Kazoo transmitted disease

I hope ya'all are practicing your Rapture repentance speeches.
I know I've been harping on this a long time, but Rome didn't fall in a day.

Update, changed "deathbed" to "Rapture" because that made sense.

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Roundup: CFL rebels, OpenOffice, and a Sandwich Bag Preemie

(1) Don't call it a lightbulb -- it's a "Heatball". (English translation) That way, the regulators can't ban it, or something. Too bad GE recently shut down the last "heatball" factory in the US.

(2) OpenOffice wasn't faring well under its new corporate overlords at Oracle (which acquired Sun Microsystems, and got OOo in the package). So it's attempting to break free, going with the almost universally despised name of LibreOffice. Let's hope whatever organ Larry Ellison has in place of a heart allows him to donate the "" name back to the project.

I'm sticking with OOo 3.2.1 until somebody (either Oracle or Libre) puts out a stable version.

(3) Looks like the Democrats have made a pretty explicit decision to lie like dogs and hope that something sticks.

(4) Former SEIU boss Andy Stern is under investigation. It's about dang time.

(5) New Borg-like neural re-wiring tech for victims of traumatic brain injury. All your neurons are belong to us.

(6) UK docs improvised a sandwich bag insulator for a 26 wk preemie. Of course, this was almost a major Fail Britannia for telling a preggo woman with abdominal pain to not bother coming in to the hospital.

Miss Rowberry and her partner Lee Lacey, 24, feared she was having a miscarriage when she suffered agonising stomach pains when she was 26 weeks pregnant on the evening of June 26.

She rang the maternity suite at Worcestershire Royal Hospital in Worcester but was told it was nothing to worry about and to go back to sleep.

Later her mother Gillian called an ambulance and she was rushed to the hospital.

Who said socialized medicine would stifle innovation?!  Just MacGyver  yourself up some sammich bag insulation...

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NFL Pro Pickem Results - Week 3

Well, I should probably post these since I started it. I just can't seem to pick games in a league where the only undefeated teams are the Chiefs, Bears and Steelers.

I have sadly slipped into a tie for fourth by points.

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Andrew Sullivan, the last True Conservative™

Okay, maybe not the last one—after all, we still have Frum, Brooks, and Parker to look toward for sage wisdom—but here's the author of The Conservative Soul talking about his fantasy date:

It's time for the sane center and the left to rally behind this president, especially given the domestic and foreign policy recklessness of the alternative.
The "alternative," I'm assuming, is a massive wave of GOP wins in the midterm elections. The "recklessness" is harder to pin down. Could it be...

Spending cuts in an era of massive, Obama-created deficits?

The repeal of a law that, for the first time in the nation's history (and, very arguably, in violation of the Constitution) would compel citizens to purchase something whether they want to or not?

The extension of tax cuts during a recession, thereby allowing business owners to grow the economy?

Kicking creeps like Barney Frank who helped to engineer the economic collapse out of office?

Making sure that a leftist pipe dream like Cap and Tax never gets near Obama's desk?

It's funny, but I get the feeling that Sullivan isn't really a conservative at all. But, then again, I'm just a nobody and I never get invited to appear on libertarian Bill Maher's show.

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September 27, 2010

Tell Me Once Again Who Is Paranoid

It sure the fuck isn't us.

CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: You know, a great question, Charles, that wasn't on my list to ask but I'm going to ask you because you seem like a sophisticated guy of many parts. You think business can sit on those billions and trillions of dollars for two more years after they screw Obama this time? Are they going to keep sitting on their money so they don't invest and help the economy for two long years to get Mr. Excitement Mitt Romney elected president? Will they do that to the country?

Wow. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

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Woody Harrelson did it better

Apparently I'm missing out on the zombie hunting, it's about half an hour north of here.
A man accused of shooting at a Longmont police officer who was trying to arrest him says he thought he was being chased by a zombie.

Brandon Michael Duke, 22, faces charges of first-degree attempted murder, first degree assault, felony menacing, possession of a weapon by a previous offender, all felonies, and misdemeanor carrying a concealed weapon, resisting arrest, obstructing a police officer, and reckless endangerment, according to court records.

Duke pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity on Friday in court.
Really, ya think?

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Who do you root for?

Okay, I can't understand this story.

Some process server tried serving divorce papers to a lady who had successfully avoided at least one other process server.

She was stuck in traffic so he pounced.
The videotape shows Bantley behind the wheel of her car. As Bellizzi stands near the front of her car, he can be heard saying, "Oksana Bantley ... Superior Court …" Bantley shields her face with her hands. But before Bellizzi finishes speaking, she can be seen apparently turning the wheel of her car toward Bellizzi and the car accelerates. The video shows Bellizzi on the hood of the speeding car for a few seconds before the tape cuts off.

So she tried to run him down. She hit him with her car and went at least a couple hundred feet with him hanging onto a windshield wiper.*

"Well that's not confusing" you say.
You should wait until I finish. Jeez, some people are so impatient.
A Denver process server has been charged with misdemeanor criminal mischief after he was run over and badly injured...

Weird. That's about a clear cut a case of adding insult to injury as you'll see outside a State dept SUV vs. Treacher.
I wonder, is she related or affiliated in some way with local police or politicians? Conversely, did he piss off the local police or politician?
That's the only thing that would make sense of this story.
Via Boortz

*Pro-tip: If this happens to you, grab the edge of the hood by the windshield with both hands spread wide and lay spread eagle on the hood while using the tops of your feet on the front of the hood to stay stable.
Trust me, I avoided serious injury once in just that manner after
not avoiding minor injury a previous time. It's nearly impossible to be dislodged if you do that.

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Really, is all of this stuff that hard?

Did someone fire the entire protocol department at the State Department and no one noticed? Because, really, with such rocket surgery like displaying the Philippine flag upside down, I'm starting to think so.

As always, Dr. Sheldon Cooper says it best:

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