September 27, 2010

Interesting precedent

Those crazy search suggestions that Google makes can be considered defamatory, at least in France.  Which is making me doubt their status as leaders of the conservative free world.

Next up, George Bush sues for being called a lizard and Barack Obama sues for being called the Muslim antichrist.

And as long as we're discussing random computer crap, do you think Firefox is trying to tell us something by still not including Barack or Obama in its dictionary nearly two years into his term as President?

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I'm not going to say God's visiting a plague on Washington D.C., but...

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He died like he lived

Test drives are best not done near cliffs, I think.

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September 26, 2010

Freedom Is Such A Quaint Term, Isn't It?

You want to know what it is like to live in a statist tyranny? Go ahead, read this post, and watch this video.

Yeah, fuck anybody who thinks that state control of our lives is an awesome deal. Freedomfuck them so hard with the megacock of liberty that the stupid leaks out onto the bedsheets in the aftermath. And synchrofuck with an off-key tuning fork anyone who even thinks of aiding the statist agenda, be they RINOs or arrogant leftists. None of them should ever be trusted with the privilege of being our representatives if they aid and abet the shit Clara escaped. And if they think we are too stupid to appreciate their awesomeness, then denturefuck them into retirement with a jar of Political Polident.

That is all.

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Even more heartbreaking

So Cowboys aren't crying and Giants are. That's a bad day in the Veeshir household. The dog is hiding under the get (update: "bed", eh, you try drinking two bottles of Delirium Temens and then spell all words corectly)  and I'm searching Korean sites for the recipe for kagogi. That'll learn 'im.

The worst part was the way the Giants beat themselves by coughing up the ball and losing their cool.
In one perfect example, a Titan smacked a Giant in the helmet.
The Giant retaliated and the Titan fell to the ground with great histrionics.

If the Giant had been a whiny bitch, he could have done the pussy thing and had the 15 yards go his way instead of the other.
And Jeff Fisher was proud. Punks. Low rent, second rate punks

Oh well, there's a reason Sidney Crosby gets paid millions of dollars a year.

I put this in L.L.A.P.H. because I have no idea what the hell that means.

Another update.
Even more heartbreakingly heartbreaking, I'm getting my ass kicked by a chick at fantasy football.
If she is a chick. I still haven't seen pics.

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Just heartbreaking

A worm that's designed to take over industrial systems is reported to have infected the PCs of workers at the new Iranian nuclear power plant.  Given that the official report is insisting that no major systems have been involved, I'm going to make a wild-assed guess that something big has been compromised.  Truly tragic.

And because there will be someone whose sarcasm interpreter is broken, allow me to translate.
Just heartbreaking: bwahahahahahahamwahahaha!

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September 25, 2010


Okay, so far Sharktopus is one of the best, I'd say it's provisionally better than Pterodactyl and moving in on Megashark vs Giant Octopus.

The bungee jumping girl was funny.

It could at least have said thanks.

You could see the gold coin deal coming, but it was still funny.

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September 24, 2010

What We Are Fighting

John Kitzhaber is the Democratic Governor of Oregon.

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Those damn sore loser RINOs strike again...

It's like a formula now:

1) GOPer loses primary.

2) Said GOPer ignores the outcome of said primary.

3) Runs as an independent or 3rd party candidate.

4) Hands an easy-to-win race to the Democrats.

C'mon, guys! UNITY!

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I feel like the Kurt Cobain of my generation.  But people just don't understand me.
- Justin Bieber

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What's the conversion for BTUs to caliber?

Now that's how you handle a "situation".
Our story begins when Boy "finds" a lighter on way to school and sticks it into his pocket.
Eh, I don't trust little boys on general principle, I used to be one. If he wasn't lying, he should have been. But that doesn't really matter to the rest of the story.
Someone ratted him out, probably a girl, the teacher's pet one. You know her. Diane.

So they suspended him for carrying a weapon to school.
Dad says, "Hey, that's not a weapon".
School says (probably with a fantastically arrogant sneer) that anything that can harm someone is a weapon.
Oh, and they called the cops on the kid so they came into the school looking for a weapon (I'm sure they were all subdued about it).
Now here's where we all have the urge to show the school exactly what a weapon looks like. But that gets you talked about.

Our hero did something even better.
After discussing the matter with school officials in person, Halpin contacted police, alerting them that there were weapons on school property, asserting that teachers had lighters in the building.

Okay, that's all about the funny.
Via Da Joisey Noos Room via I Own the World (which, if he does, he needs to fix it)

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What's after Win!

There just aren't enough "ha"s for my "bwa" on this one.
Some idio..... errr... animal righ....idiots did what Petards do the world over, stick their stupid, ignorant noses into anything that bothers them to get that sweet, sweet sense of moral superiority.
Here we see some Petards attempting to disrupt a rodeo in Chile.

Whereupon a vaquero did the only sensible thing, roped one of the twats and dragged her a few feet.
He loses points for not hogtieing her, but gets huge bonus points for the hilarity. The crowd gets bonus points for cheering him on.
Via Gateway Pundit. 

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Where Great Britain used to be

What's the opposite of LOL?
Okay, we've all seen the story about the guys being arrested for burning the Koran in the place where Great Britain used to be*

Click on "Fail Brittania" on the right sidebar and you'll see story after story about yobs running wild, law abiding people who defend themselves going to jail, a veteran finding a shotgun, turning it into police and then being charged and convicted for possessing a firearm, grandmothers with their husband's WWII or WWI service revolver going to jail.

So what could be worse? Having your house stolen.
Residents have told how gangs break into their homes, change the locks and then move in ‘tenants’ who claim squatters’ rights.

Get it? You step out and when you get home your locks are changed and someone claims your house.
So the police come and kick their asses out..... oh wait, it's (Used to be) Great Britain
The victims return to find aggressive, knife-wielding East­ern Europeans who refuse to let them into their own home – while police say they are powerless to act without a court order.

Notice the knife wielding bit, if you're a law abiding type you need a note from the laird to buy a pizza cutter but these house stealers can threaten you and keep your house.
Unbelievabile. Someone breaks into my house while I"m out I have them arrested, (after warning the police they might be well armed if they got into my gun safe) in Supine Britain, they keep your house. You're SOL.

Hmmmm, maybe SOL is the opposite of LOL. I tried to type LOL backwards but it kept coming up LOL.

Link from SondraK who knows what power is and has the best comment box in the blogosphere.

*Line stolen from Say Uncle, but I can't find the post

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An Obamacare success story

Say, guess whose health insurance premiums are going up, starting next month?

*points thumbs at chest*

This guy.

This was posted at the Mothership (Ewokship? Do the Ewoks have ships?) earlier, but it lays out/repeats some excellent points about how fucking awful this piece of shit is.

On the local news here in SoCal, they mainly interviewed people who think they'll "benefit" from the legislation, like...

• College students, who think it's just Jim Dandy that they and their friends will now have to be covered by their parents' group policies until they're 26.

• People on the street who said it's great that insurers will now have to cover children (I guess that includes 26-year-olds) with pre-existing conditions.

• "Health Policy Experts" from UCLA and USC who, in spite of the cross-town rivalry, couldn't be bothered to disagree with one another that this was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Seriously, I expected at the very least a slap-fight from UCLA and USC profs.

But, say, how's about we look at some of the reasons why my premiums (not paid by a group plan under my employer, I might add) are going up soon:

There are a whole bunch of boring and cheerless individuals called "actuaries" who look at "tables" on sickness and mortality, on which they base insurance rates. Sure, the twenty-something crew doesn't tend to come down with life-threatening diseases, but adding them to their parents' employer-provided group health insurance adds a shitload of new people to the "risk pool," which includes everyone who the companies insure. So, when "Sally-Womyn's-Studies-Major" can't find employment in today's tough job market gets her legs broken in a car accident, you can be happy about the fact that your individual premiums helped her to recover. YAY!!!

Oh, and, hey, when the group plans can't exclude those individuals, guess who those costs get passed to?

*points thumbs at chest*

It's also nice (in theory) that insurers can't deny kids with preexisting conditions coverage, but there was a reason why they used to do that, and it's heartless and sensible at the same time (I know, I know) why that was their policy. Namely, because insurance companies (like all other businesses that hope to be successful) were formed to make money, and people who already have life-threatening diseases ARE NOT GOOD CLIENTS. See, health insurance companies are collecting premiums in the hope that you're not going to get sick or injured, but will pay out if the unfortunate thing happens to you.

Life insurance works similarly. Such and Such Life Co. looks at the way you live your life. If you smoke like a chimney and jump off of the Sears Tower with a parachute to make a living selling EXTREME VIDEOS, S&SLC may sell you a policy. However, they're going to sell the same policy with the same "death benefit" to a non-smoking schoolmarm who doesn't engage in any deathsports for (get this) much less money. Because (and this may be hard to wrap your head around if you're a Democrat) S&SLC is probably going to be able to collect those premiums for many, many more years. They will thus be able to use their PROFITS to hire employees and also invest in industries that do not involve people plummeting to their deaths from tall buildings.

Look, if you have a business where you rely on a pool of investors and someone comes in and says, "Hey, I'd like to get in on this, but I don't really have any money and I may cost you a shitload of cash in the next few months and may have already engaged in some seriously risky behavior," would you be excited about having that partner? Um, no.

And if you had a business where you an investor who said, "I'd like to invest, but I also have a bunch of silent partners who really don't have any stake in the game, but could become liabilities down the road, though they would still like to get up in on this," would you take that person on as a partner? Again, no.

And let me issue a preemptive "fuck you" to BiW. This isn't the H2.

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Your tax dollars at work

Well, I guess it's gotta be five o'clock somewhere.

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September 23, 2010

His work here is done.

Obama surveys the health care industry.

There are more and he's promised to do more if we want.

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Karnak Says

The Amazing Karnak says there will be far more outrage over this from "rights" groups than we'll ever see over this, or this, or this, or this, or this, or thi......ahhh, it gets too depressingly unfunny when you look too closely.

First link to a festival in Spain where they put burning sticks on a bull's horns and it runs around trying to kill something. Not really sure of the point, but eh, it's their culture right?
Just like the rest of the links are to the peculiar culture that endorses killing women for the sin of not wanting to live in a sack or for accepting a note from a fifth grade classmate (a boy! gasp! obviously thinking of... uhhh... kill her!) or be treated worse than a goat or for people to do on and be done on by the gender of their choice.

Not really funny except in the full on black humor irony department that finds it funny when western female activists get raped and are forced to shut up at least and sometimes they end up converting and having to marry their Palestinian "brothers". Which will also garner far less outrage than pissing off a bull that you then allow to try to kill you.
None of which I really find that funny, except for some reason I do.
Willful ignorance is far worse than stupidity and it's far more dangerous. Just ask the people who go to the North Pole and nearly freeze to death because it's not really warming or the folks who believed in Obama.
Hoist on your own retard is kinda funny.

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September 22, 2010

Not This Idiot Again!

Yup, Bob Inglis is back, and stupider than ever.

Inglis, a Palmetto State Republican who was defeated earlier this year in a conservative primary challenge {for his general dickfistery and support for statism-ed}, said that "optimistic" conservatives might have been threatened by the conservative Tea Party movement.

"Well, not so much moderates. Surely, maybe they're unwelcome, but also conservatives of the optimistic sort," Inglis said during an appearance on CNN in response to a question about whether centrists were being forced out of the GOP.

"I think this would be a tough time for Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp," Inglis added {notice he picked two dead guys who cannot speak for themselves. But more on that later-ed}. "They were optimists that believe in America. Right now, unfortunately, conservatism is being presented with a voice of snarling rather than a face of smiling, and it really doesn't fit America."

Ok. First of all, I really fucking think it is foul for an assfister and goatfucker such as Inglis to try to divine how and what Reagan and Kemp would do, especially since they have both left this mortal coil and can no longer speak for themselves. But rather than speak for Ronaldus Magnus, let me let him speak for himself.

Funny. A lot of that sounds just like what the "teabaggers" Inglis and the rest of the RINOs decry in the people who have defeated them, all while invoking Reagan. And this:

Fucking teahadi! Doesn't he know that RINOism is the way to go?
Well, soon to be former Congressman Inglis, let me learn you something:

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Buy Popcorn Futures

So the DOJ's former Voting Section Chief, Christopher Coates, is going to testify before the Civil Rights Commission after all.

Could this be the first case of a Friday News Dump that doesn't bury the story?
I'd buy popcorn futures Friday before the market opens.*

Updated because I forgot to put this in.
Maybe law talking types could tell me it's normal, but wasn't it odd the New Black Panthers didn't respond to the suit? Almost as if they knew they didn't have to worry about it.

That they just didn't bother to respond has always struck me as odd. Why wouldn't you at least scream "racism" or something? Get the Right Revs and their renta-mobs flashing outside,.maybe a few bused in union thugs. Something.

* (I am not a stock picking guy, this is not serious advice, void where prohobited by law, do not take without alcohol).

Via the puppy blender

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