November 30, 2009

Not only will there be a sequel...'ll be in 3-D.  Want NOW.

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Joe Biden, The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Ummm....Joe, you might want to reconsider this statement.

Seriously, Mr. Vice President, you just demonstrated why you and your ilk should be kept as far away from health care as possible.

“Do you trust the defenders of the status quo, the people who say you’d be better off if you left things just the way they are? Or would you rather hear from the folks who actually know something about what’s happening in our healthcare system because they work in it every day, doctors and nurses?”

I can't add anything to that. Thank you, Joe.

Just as an addendum, this poll came out today (I think). And remember: if Gallup polls "Adults Only" screen is this bad for the left, then the "Likely Voters" screen is even worse for them.

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Paint huffer guy trying to quit inhaling

I hope he can quit, I'm amazed the guy is even alive or even remotely coherent, huffing is a pretty deadly addiction.  He notes he was kinda shocked when a rehab director recognized him on the street and told him he was in Maxim, and there were tshirts and other merchandise with his face on them.

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Another trademarked Chad conspiracy theory

Spurred by this comment over at Ace's

Yeah, I went over to LGF for the first time in months to see what Johnson had to say.

I now realize that CRU wasn't hacked to expose the Global warming fraud. Charles Johnson hacked them so he could then play the role of their defender and increase traffic to his site again. Kind of like the theory that the person who reports an Arson fire is the arsonist looking to be a hero.

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Stealing another idea from the left - Theater of the Oppressed (another in a series of crackpot ideas that occur to me at 0300)

As I have mentioned before after being laid off in January I decided to squander my savings and return to school. (I decided I actually need a degree if I am going to keep working in engineering.) In order to finish my distribution requirements I needed one more Visual Literary and Performing Arts class so I decided to take the only one offered this quarter - Intro to World Theater. Most of the class has been pretty benign although there was some -read lots of - kill whitey stuff in our section on African American theater. Benign until (dramatic pause) THEATER OF THE OPPRESSED.

Developed by Augusto Boal as a tool for stirring up the oppressed masses in Central and South America he intended it to be full on Marxist-Leninist agitprop:

"The theater is a weapon and it is the people who should wield it"
I pointed this out in class, and the instructor to his credit readily acknowledged it, but until I was finishing up my weekly class journal this morning it didn't really hit me - We're people and at the moment I am feeling pretty damned oppressed.   When people on the right (Giles / O'Keefe) started using Alinsky style tactics it got immediate results.  Why couldn't this work also?  Anyone feel like writing a play? 


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Hey 52%: How's FAIL Taste?

As polling gets worse and worse for those smug assholes who bragged about being part of the 52% that elected Barack Obama (link goes to a twitter page of a guy who links KOS), as people are starting to view private health care more positively, as more and more of the world mocks the guy, and even the Leg Tingler is starting to get tough on him, I have a message for the O-bots:

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For all the Star Wars geeks fans - Call of Duty 4 Galactic Warfare Mod

Well I thought it was cool, and if you don't then you sir are worse than Emperor Palpatine

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November 29, 2009

Carbon emissions essentially uncontrollable

(From the "we're all gonna die, so smoke 'em if you got 'em" department.)

It's science!

So sayeth professor Garrett, Carbon=economy.  In order to stabilize (not even reduce) carbon emissions, we'd need to build about one nuclear plant per day (or equivalent non-carbon-emitting energy source).  Carbon-wise, conservation is a sucker's game because conservation = lower prices = more energy use = greater economic activity = more carbon output.

(via Slashdot)

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Mike Huckabee is full of FAIL

Volume 2,343,078,923

Maurice Clemmons, the 37-year-old Tacoma man being sought for questioning in the killing of four Lakewood police officers this morning, has a long criminal record punctuated by violence, erratic behavior and concerns about his mental health.

Nine years ago, then-Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee granted clemency to Clemmons, commuting his lengthy prison sentence over the protests of prosecutors.

Damn straight you're "less than likely" to run for president in 2012. 

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Epic pot-growing FAIL

Um, dudes, did you not notice what happens to be located right next door?

Oh, right. You were probably really, really baked.

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CTRL/ALT/DEL that thing.

This boggles the mind on so many levels.

First, that someone thought it up and didn't immediately say, "No, I have to stop smoking at work".
Then, that his boss said, "Yeah, that's a good idea. Let's make it."
Then, that their lawyers said, "I don't see a problem, let's sell it."
And then, that Amazon put it up on their site.

"Laptop steering wheel desk"
It's a board with slots that slip on your steering wheel and is supported about just above the middle of the wheel that you're supposed to use as a desk for your laptop.
Operative words, "Laptop desk" and "steering wheel".
You know. so you can surf the intertubes on that long commute.

The reviews make it even funnier. Most are around 4 or 5 stars.

4.0 out of 5 stars Needs to be bigger...., November 27, 2009
I have truly enjoyed the laptop steering wheel desk but believe it needs to be bugger.
Currently I am cruising down a straight highway with the cruise control set to 90 and my steering wheel
bungie corded in place. The laptop steering wheel lets me put my laptop in place but it will barely fit my portable TV and I really had a hard time using the desk to iron my shirt and pants this morning while rocketing through the city. Otherwise I would give it a five star.
I need to close now, I see a sharp turn coming y8f7dspufaljdhhfuiljlik

This is my favorite so far
I live in the U.K, where the steering wheel is on the right side of the car. Will this product work in my car, or just those in the States? If so, does it require any extra parts or modifications??

Okay, that's funny.

Via the Agitator

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So, will we get the makin' money b-rolls for Black Friday?

We had a modest increase of .5%, based on the total spent in retail stores.  As Ed notes correctly, what was spent is not an accurate indicator of how well retailers actually did.  At the end of the day, retailers make their money not on the sale item, but all the other stuff.  Retailers may have sold a ton of stuff, but might not have made as much money as last year.  When you buy a PS3 for some obscenely low price, the retailer did that at a loss, hoping that they're gonna make it up in games, controllers, cables, accessories and warranties, or at least hope you'll buy some other items with a high markup while you're there. 

Also I'd note that individual retailers may have performed better than normal, not because the economy is improving, or that they're kicking ass, but because some of their competitors have folded, or had to shut down part of their operations/locations.  Certain retailers may be getting a bigger slice of pie, but the size of the pie as a whole has shrunk.

I'll say this, don't treat Black Friday as the indicator of how retailers are going to perform.  Watch the rest of the Christmas season, and how much retailers actually made during the season, that'll give you a better idea of where things are.  The amount of money that exchanged hands means a hell of a lot less than actual profits.  If retailers can't get people into their stores without putting out items with massive discounts, and can't get customers to buy items that actually draw a profit, they're gonna be hurting, and will probably put a big chill on the economy as a whole.

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November 28, 2009

Meet Jacob Weisberg, parallel universe inhabitant

In what is likely the lamest thing you'll read all day, Jacob assures us that Barack Obama is having TEH AWESOMEST FURST YEAR EVAR!!!!! of any president since FDR.

No, really.

After lauding his various domestic accomplishments like the health care bill that has yet to pass and the Spendulus, which Weisberg assures us "prevented an economic depression," he gets into "this is a parody, right?" territory in discussing Barry's foreign policy triumphs. I suggest you swallow any liquids you may have in your mouth before reading any further...

When it comes to foreign policy, Obama's accomplishment has been less tangible but hardly less significant: He has put America on a new footing with the rest of the world. In a series of foreign trips and speeches, which critics deride as trips and speeches [um, what?], he replaced George W. Bush's unilateral, moralistic militarism with an approach that is multilateral, pragmatic, and conciliatory. Obama has already significantly reoriented policy toward Iran, China, Russia, Iraq, Israel, and the Islamic world. Next week, after a much-disparaged period of review, he will announce a new strategy in Afghanistan. No, the results do not yet merit his Nobel Peace Prize. But not since Reagan has a new president so swiftly and determinedly remodeled America's global role.
Well, I actually agree with that last point. It's taken less than a year for him to turn our country into a global laughingstock, what with all the bowing and scraping, misspelled "reset" buttons, abandonment of our allies, and sucking up to our enemies.

Keep fucking that chicken, Jacob. But you might want to put down the crack pipe, first.


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Youa Culpa

We need another category, Maybe I was Wrong about Obama.
We could just call it "Althouse/Noonan" because they're the prime practitioners of the art.
The latest from Peggy Noonan (via the puppy blender, but I have a point!)

Ms. Drew reports that while the president was in Asia last week, "a critical mass of influential people who once held big hopes for his presidency began to wonder whether they had misjudged the man." They once held "an unromantically high opinion of Obama," and were key to his rise, but now they are concluding that the president isn't "the person of integrity and even classiness they had thought."

It goes on to talk about how the people who matter are starting to figure out what we unhelpful types knew two years ago, Obama is a thin-skinned, neophyte, marxist, far-left, Chicago-machine politician who has no idea what the hell he's doing.
As Instapundit once said, he thought Obama was just running to run for whatever reason, not to win, and suddenly he was winning. He had no idea what the hell to do.

Too bad nobody who counted thought that before. Oh well, they're better than we are, they've put in the time, so we should just do what they tell us and hopefully they'll do better the next time.

Or not.

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November 27, 2009

How to properly boycott Israel

Better make sure you're doing it right.  Courtesy of BruceSpeaks.

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Stupid question of the day

Does anyone else think that Tiger Woods's wife taking a golf club to his SUV windows might not have been a selfless act of rescue?

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Google: Don't be...whatever.

Update: Holy crap, I had no idea this (not this blog post, just this kerfluffle) had actually made NEWS.  I was just looking for some photographic inspiration when I found it.  If I read, well, any blogs today, I would have realized everyone's already talked about this.

A few weeks ago, I sent a note out to my fellow moronbloggers that the first image that came up when ImageGoogling for pictures of Michelle Obama was, well, kinda shocking.  I didn't post about it, as I didn't want the swarming hordes appearing here accusing us of being RACISSSST!!!! for noticing that Google had some kinda strange search results. 

This was the image that came up as the absolute number one image hit when searching for pictures of Michelle Obama:

Apparently Google noticed this too. 

Google, in their infinite fuckitude, has apparently determined that having a picture of Michelle Obama primatized might not be the best strategy if they want to avoid getting FoxNewsed. So now when a person searches for a picture of our most beautiful First Lady, they won't get assaulted by the violation of Michelle's fair visage.  Instead, they'll get prompted to search for Michelle Obama, as an ape.

I suppose the saddest part of this is, if you go ahead and do that search for 'Michelle Obama ape', most of the pictures are unretouched photos of our pulchritudinous princess.

Hey, at least Google isn't all up in arms about someone doing a bad pshop of M'Shell the Klingon Princess.

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November 26, 2009

In case any of you missed it...

...I've always been something of a history buff, so I put up a meticulously-researched piece on the very first Thanksgiving over at The H2 earlier today.

Go. Read. Learn. And, most importantly, share it with The Childrenâ„¢.

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The Truth About Ace

Gabriel Malor to Inner_Circle

Those asswipes at DPUD want to liveblog with us. I tell you, I will be damned before I let them at our readers or share with them.

I say we just nix the whole thing if it comes to that. I think we can swing that.

Looks like the cat's out of the bag over at the head moron's.

DPUD, we want to live blog with those window lickers?  Hell, without our level-headed, erudite observations keeping them honest they would have jumped the shark long ago.  I mean seriously, Jack M.?  Everyone knows Haiku is vastly superior to Epic Poetry.

But seriously, please let me live blog with you!  PLEASE?  I'm suffocating over here.  I don't know how much more I can take it. 

In closing, I am including a Haiku Eddie wrote me in a brief moment of lucidity:

Dear [YOUR NAME] Fuck You
Sincerely, Eddie.

He's really an artist.  I'm not worthy to contaminate his pixels with my facecocks.

Update: In all seriousness, I'd like to say I'm thankful to be posting with such a great group of morons.  Its been a great year and a half and I hope we'll make it many more.  Also, I'll be damned if I miss Moronpaloozaconstock so I hope you're all ready to be facecocked in person.

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This is why the British can't have nice things

From FMyLife:

Today, my boyfriend came home drunk and thought it would be funny to spray himself in the face with pepper spray. I was in his drunken firing line too. After him vomiting and being blinded for a few hours, he was fine. I, on the other hand, had a terrible allergic reaction and got rushed to hospital.
On the one hand, if this shitstain had been allowed a gun, he would have been vomiting brain matter.  On the other hand, Darwin.

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