September 28, 2007

Updates on Beauchamp

He was on his MySpace a couple of minutes ago, but appears to be off now.  He and one of his friends were talking smack about Matt Sanchez.  I'm still amazed the tool hasn't scruberased that blog.  Maybe he forgot about it?  I would think Elspeth would give him the heads-up.

Hunter, Gunther, Gooney, Goon

Sep 19 2007 7:21P


I CANT WAIT FOR HIS NEXT FILM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WILL BE STELLAR!!!!

Scott Thomas Beauchamp

Sep 20 2007 3:05P

I think the next one is going to be called "Schindlers Fist", but I cant be too sure...i dont watch gay porn. On a side note: my grill blew over and I rutted with my wife...send me money.

Hunter, Gunther, Gooney, Goon

Sep 20 2007 5:58P

I dont like gay porn myself but Mr. Sanchez is sooooooo awesome.

and, is this Elspeth's MySpace?  I never delved into the MySpace half of this debacle.

Clever Girl

Sep 25 2007 6:57P

oh no! what are we going to do SINCE YOU MARRIED ME FOR MY INTERNSHIP?

Its also sounding like he's spawned...God help us.


Sep 21 2007 2:48A

Hey I heard the news....three new Beauchampions!!!

Beauchampions...give me strength.

Update, Cuffy in commentposts notes that the "Grill fell over" line is Beauchamp taking a shot at Confederate Yankee, who's keeping the little bastardjerk's story alive.  It sounds like he's at least somewhat aware of what's going on stateside.

I'm in ur soulpatterns, messin with ur mindthoughts

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Nanny Knows Best-Massachusetts Itching to Ban Smoking at Home

For now, they're playing it carefully, and trying to set up voluntary programs and registries with smoke-free apartments, but make no mistake, they want to drop the banhammer,

Still, health authorities in New England are treading lightly, concerned that if they push for measures that are considered draconian - backing laws that ban smoking in all homes, for example - they will be dismissed as the "public health police," their efforts derailed. Instead, they are championing an approach that combines education with voluntary smoking prohibitions.

This statement is more than enough proof they they want to impose a ban, they clearly would love to, but they know they can't get away with it right now.  I guarantee they get bolder over time, and smoking gets entirely banned in 15 years.   People always support what seem like "reasonable" anti-smoking measures, and when they're warned that the Nanny Staters will use them as the excuse to tighen its grip, its always brushed off, up until their ox gets gored. 

Of course, cordoning off smokers like they are a bunch of lepers helps the Nanny Staters in their efforts, its much easier to impose obnoxious bans on people you have no contact with than if you have to look at the decent guy down the hall or next door who happens to smoke and basically give him a big screw you, I don't care if it makes you happy.

 I don't smoke, but I feel obligated to argue against this sort of thing because I know how this story ends, and its not good, it always starts with frivolous crap like this and moves to restricting critical rights.

And before I get the b-b-b-b-b-but, this program is voluntaaaary!!! Yeah, except its obvious they're being pressured to do it (before the Nanny State zealots get brave enough to move to coercion), I'm fine with people banning smoking in their apartments, homes or businesses, its a reasonable business practice, and its your property, but the government has no place pushing you around.
Goddammit there will be no smoking!

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September 27, 2007

Miller Taking Heat For Sponsoring Folsom Street Fair

Apparently, Miller has asked their name be removed from the fair, but the money is I guess staying, some people are pissed at Miller, I don't drink that swill (I'm a one or two beers at dinner type, so super cheap crap doesn't appeal to me), so I don't really care. 

The big brouhaha is over a poster featuring this goof on The Last Supper, with a bunch of leathermen and a bunch of sex toys on the table.

 Really, I'm not surprised by the picture itself, this is just another typical boring swipe at Christians in the name of art and pretending you're some daring subversive, I'm more surprised that it wasn't Schmitts that sponsored the fair...

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September 26, 2007

National Republican Congressional Committee in Bad Shape

Which is what happens when you throw the finger at your own base, immigration in particular, numbskulls.  Yet, the GOP elite continue to try pass amnesty measures, now they're just doing it quietly, piecemeal. 

The Senate GOP campaign fund is at least in the black, which is better than the House, which has 1.6 million and is 4 in the hole.  The only thing saving their asses right now is that RNC has a fair bit of cash on hand, but I get the feeling that ain't gonna last if the rocket surgeons in the GOP don't get their act together in DC and start pretending that they are Republicans. 

Not that I think they really care, they've probably got a nice cushy lobby job lined up for when they get out of office, likely a reward for selling out and screwing over their own supporters.

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Congrats Tushar!

Most of my readers are Ace of Spades morons anyway and have probably heard this from Slublog's post, but Tushar just became the father of twin boys!

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Conservative Belle Smacks Liberal Douchebag David Shuster in the Mouth

I almost sent her story on Shuster's slimy gotcha game to Ace and Hotair, but didn't for some reason.  Anyway, looks like she sent it to Newsbusters and Ace, and its since gotten picked up by HotAir

So here's what happened in a nutshell, Shuster asks Republican Rep. Blackburn from Tennessee what she knows about a soldier who was killed in Iraq, she didn't know about him, but said she made sure to keep contact with all of those families who have lost family in combat.  Shuster then asks her why she knows about all the crappy things that the MoveOn assclowns are writing and doing, but not the name of an 18 year old soldier killed in her district. 

ConBelle, and I have no idea what the hell made her think to do this, checked into his address. Turns out, the soldier killed lived in another district!  So as if his tactics weren't slimy enough, even his attack was based on false pretenses.  Good job ConBelle, you pwn3d a commentator (and total fucktard) on a major news channel!

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Even The Ghost of John Harvard is Excited About Halo 3!

This is too funny, MIT students dressed up a statue of John Harvard in a Spartan helmet and a Battle Rifle.  The perfect joke to go with the release of Halo 3.
Thou hast been pwn3d, n00b!

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September 24, 2007

I Can't Even Believe Silky Pony Said This!

***Hello, HotAir Readers, feel free to look around and comment, we also have a story about envirowackos trying to get the EPA to ban air fresheners,  I review the creepy Showtime series Dexter, and Newt issues a challenge to his supporters.***

The ambulance chaser suggested we need to put an end to frivolous lawsuits...yeah, Silky is saying this, SILKY EFFIN' PONY! He suggests that his fellow sharks should be barred from making more suit claims if they have a claim dropped as frivolous...

Says Silky

"I think that the bulk of the problem is created when cases are filed in the legal system that should never be filed, and the results are years of litigation and costs that are incurred by the health care provider that should not have been incurred," Edwards said. "A lot of that responsibility goes to the lawyers."

He wants to require two medical professionals to sign off on any claim before it is filed, I imagine this gets squeezed into the schedule with the mile long line of people getting their mandatory government dictated checkup.  Oh, and of course he says this...

"I do want to push back some on what I think is mostly insurance company-driven hysteria because I think the reality is that the cost associated with legal cases is well under 1 percent of our legal system," the former North Carolina senator said.

Yeah, and what is the percentage of cost to the medical field, Silky?

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Whiny Eco-Nannies Bitch To EPA About Air Fresheners

ConservativeBelle sends a story our way about a bunch of environmental wackos who want the EPA to ban air fresheners.  Really there's not much to add to what she wrote, other than this is proof yet again that hippies are a smelly lot of bastards who hate anything that will make them smell like anything other than ass, potsmoke, patchouli or Doritos, or some combination thereof, so go over and read her post and the article.

 Oh and she's got a great youtube ad linked that you definitely should watch.

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September 23, 2007

Dexter: Season One

Dexter is a show on Showtime, with a second season starting fairly soon(though two episodes from season 2 have been leaked and are all over the internet now).  I did a marathon watch of the first season on DVD.  It came recommended by a family member, and I'll echo that recommendation, Dexter is an excellent show.

I should note, its not one for kids, beyond the language, violence, gore, sex and nudity, Dexter is an extremely creepy, dark, gruesome, but ultimately enjoyable show. 

Michael C. Hall stars as Dexter Morgan, a skilled serial killer who murders only serious criminals, usually other killers.  Dexter long held the impulse to kill, and as a teenager was caught killing and dissecting animals by his foster father, a police officer named Harry Morgan (get it?).  His father recognized that Dexter was destined to be a killer, and set boundaries for his son, to only kill those who were serious criminals and deserved to die.

Dexter works as a forensic investigator with the local police department, and is a masterful blood spatter analyst.   He is an interesting character, completely empty and distant, he tries to pretend he has emotion and is capable of connection to blend in, sometimes, he doesn't get it quite right, and it produces some awkward, uncomfortable, and often amusing moments in the show.  You can hear Dexter's internal voice, his mind's voice is flat, detached, which can sometimes be very funny.  Dexter is an interesting killer, its obvious he likes to kill, but he does it in a very creepy, dispassionate, meticulous way. 

The main plot of the first season revolves around another highly skilled serial killer, and an amazing game of cat and mouse between Dexter and the serial killer.  Its a really interesting story, and if the very dark and gruesome nature of the show doesn't repel you, its very well acted, and will probably pull you in, I think you'll really enjoy it.

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September 22, 2007

Don't Tase me, Bro! Remixed

Its obligatory at this point, Allah's got a thread up, as does everyone else, I usually strive for things no one else is covering, but this is too fun to pass up, head on over, I love this YTMND bit, someone linked it in the thread.

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September 20, 2007

How The Gingrich Stole the '08 Primaries?

Here you go Newt Fans, he wants 30 million bucks by November and he'll consider it, get crackin', you only need one kidney, really.

It would be interesting from a political junkies' standpoint to see what would happen if Newt threw in.  The guy is smart, and strategically, declaring late in the primary game is probably a good move for someone like Newt who has a lot of street cred among conservative primary voters. 

 Doing that, he avoids the tedious primary process that has been going on for months.  Fred Thompson tried to have it both ways by announcing in a wink/nudge way his intent to run, but not actually throwing in and doing the actual campaigning.

It came off as teasing voters and hurt his bump in the polls, he oughta be in first place nationally, but he's stuck in second as far as I can tell. It ultimately worked, but not nearly as well as it should have.  Newt, by just not indicating he'll do anything has avoided that, but the question is whether his conservative cred would carry him as he throws together a slapdash campaign operation in the short time he has. 

The problem with Newt is, the media has put on a ton of effort in the past to slap him around and drag him down with his own skeletons, and he hasn't been left unscathed.  I know that will get me some wrath, but really, alternate media has a small effect, the MSM still ultimately has the big clout when it comes to the daily news cycle, and it will be a liability for a Newt run.

Beyond that, Newt is a cocky bastard(and not in the likeable Rudy Giuliani sense), and a lot of people don't like cocky bastards, as indicated by his personal poll numbers, which I admit are probably skewed by the fact that a lot of people say they don't like him who have no idea who the hell he is, just that they've heard he's a bad guy.

So the real question with a Newt run is less could he win the primary, but can Newt win in a general election against Hillary?  I don't know the answer.

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September 19, 2007

Lizard Removed From Lizard


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Ahmedinejad Wants To Visit Ground Zero UPDATE: *REJECTED*

Its sounding like it might happen too, they're in negotiations with US diplomats, NYPD, and the US Secret Service.  He wouldn't be permitted to go onto the grounds, but along the outside of them.  They don't know why he wants to go, but it could happen on Monday or Tuesday if it does.  I hope we don't let the slimeball near the WTC, he doesn't belong there.  It would be an insult to all those lost on 9/11 and those who have died fighting the Jihadis.

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Merry Christmas!

Alejandro Valencio, claiming to be a woman's boyfriend, decided to surprise her by climbing down the chimney of her rented home at 3 AM...problem for Valencio was he got himself stuck, he was freed after the local fire department broke out a wall in the house and ripped away the bricks from the inner wall of the woman's home. 

You won't be surprised to find out, alcohol was involved, said Alejandro,

"Because I want to feel like Santa Claus," Valencio told Evansville television station WEHT. "I was just drunk -- I live here; she's my girlfriend."
We make you do silly things!

The woman said she knew him, but he was not her boyfriend(hell, she could just be too embarrassed to admit she was with the screwball for all we know), she had to be forcefully moved by police to let the fire department bust open her fireplace, because she didn't want her brickwork destroyed.  She told them to let him die in there.  

The kicker, she was given citations for disorderly conduct and interfering with the firemen.  Valencio got nothin'.   After the incident, she went to bed, and he came back.  She chased him out, throwing beer bottles at him.  There's video, if you can get it to work, I can't there, but I could get it to work here

You were thinking it too...

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September 18, 2007

Boomers, Can We Say Projection?

How many obnoxious Boomers are running around demanding more aggressive controls on the yoots of today?  How many of them want to place bans on smoking, increased controls on drinking, unconstitutional bans, restrictions, and regulations on gun owners, teenage driving, censorship of violent or sexual content in TV, movies and video games?  A lot of them, too many in fact support the Nanny State.

 But what have we here?   A little article by a Mike Males that shows that perhaps this poisonous brand of thinking is a wee bit of projection on the part of the Boomers. 

The piece starts off by pointing to several studies where psychiatrists suggest that we should increase the age that people should be allowed to consent to certain activities, trying to use their studies to shape policy, one suggesting that voting and drinking ages should be raised to 25, and another suggesting we should raise the age of consent to join the military.  Then Males lowers his main guns for a broadside...

Why, then, do many pundits and policy makers rush to denigrate adolescents as brainless? One troubling possibility: youths are being maligned to draw attention from the reality that it’s actually middle-aged adults — the parents — whose behavior has worsened.

Oh, this is too sweet.   But it gets even better! 

Our most reliable measures show Americans ages 35 to 54 are suffering ballooning crises:


18,249 deaths from overdoses of illicit drugs in 2004, up 550 percent per capita since 1975, according to data from the National Center for Health Statistics.


46,925 fatal accidents and suicides in 2004, leaving today’s middle-agers 30 percent more at risk for such deaths than people aged 15 to 19, according to the national center.


More than four million arrests in 2005, including one million for violent crimes, 500,000 for drugs and 650,000 for drinking-related offenses, according to the F.B.I. All told, this represented a 200 percent leap per capita in major index felonies since 1975.


630,000 middle-agers in prison in 2005, up 600 percent since 1977, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.


21 million binge drinkers (those downing five or more drinks on one occasion in the previous month), double the number among teenagers and college students combined, according to the government’s National Household Survey on Drug Use and Health.


370,000 people treated in hospital emergency rooms for abusing illegal drugs in 2005, with overdose rates for heroin, cocaine, pharmaceuticals and drugs mixed with alcohol far higher than among teenagers.


More than half of all new H.I.V./AIDS diagnoses in 2005 were given to middle-aged Americans, up from less than one-third a decade ago, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

What experts label “adolescent risk taking” is really baby boomer risk taking. It’s true that 30 years ago, the riskiest age group for violent death was 15 to 24. But those same boomers continue to suffer high rates of addiction and other ills throughout middle age, while later generations of teenagers are better behaved. Today, the age group most at risk for violent death is 40 to 49, including illegal-drug death rates five times higher than for teenagers. (emphasis mine-doubleplusundead)

Oh, snap!  Y'know,  I'm tired of getting the "yoots these days" crap from the generation that wallowed in the free love and drugs of the 60's and 70's, immediately followed by a call to impose some abusive Nanny State regulation that would first and foremost people in my age group.  I'm gonna get a lot of use out of this piece. 

And this isn't to say that I revel in the suffering or shortcoming of Boomers, I don't, but I do revel in smacking some of the arrogance out of certain ones.  Many of them fall into the Nanny State trap, even otherwise smart conservatives, find themselves wanting to impose stupid regulations, by the behavior of the reckless yoots, hopefully this type of thing will knock some sense into them and make them realize statistically, they need to impose self-discipline, and get their own self-absorbed houses in order.

 Males finishes it up nicely,

Commentators slandering teenagers, scientists misrepresenting shaky claims about the brain as hard facts, 47-year-olds displaying far riskier behaviors than 17-year-olds, politicians refusing to face growing middle-aged crises ... if grown-ups really have superior brains, why don’t we act as if we do?


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Creepy Guy Threatens Former First Lady Barbara Bush

Some hobo who lived under a bridge was logging onto a local college's computers and sending emails threatening former First Lady Barbara Bush

This is seriously creepy, and exactly why we have the Secret Service, to keep an eye on cranks like this.  Here's what the crazy hobo says in his email;

"It is my clear, unequivocal, unabashed desire to place a plastic bag over (Barbara Bush's) head, tape it to her neck, and slowly strangle her to death," read one of the messages, which according to court papers, Dees sent to U.S. Secret Service agent Keith Saunders.

Yikes, glad they caught the guy.  And of course this just makes you cringe.

While nothing in the record suggests Dees ever posed a direct threat to Bush, court papers say he's been arrested several times for allegedly carrying a concealed weapon.

Anyway, the guy was sending these emails to a Democrat congressman in Vermont for some reason.  At his court appearance, he went into a rant, saying that he was being conspired against by the government.  He's being held without bail, thankfully.

*ConservativeBelle pulls an excerpt from his Yahoo! profile in comments, really creepy.

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September 17, 2007

Scavenger Hunt Ends in Explosion

A group of teenagers put together a scavenger hunt for a friend's birthday party, one of the clues was a briefcase taped to the undeside of a slide at a playground at an elementary school.  A teacher's aide saw the odd package, and it was reported to police, the school was evacuated students sent home, and other schools were checked for odd packages as well.  The police called in a bomb squad and had the briefcase detonated. 

The teenagers were initially afraid to tell the police what happened, but eventually came forward.  The teenagers weren't charged with anything as there was no malicious intent.

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September 14, 2007

The Obligatory Mr. Streisand Truther Post

Here's the sick truther bastard cheerily saying Happy 9/11.

Happy?  You sick fuck!

Whatever, he needs one of these

and these.

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Bullies Get Smacked Down In Fabulous Fashion

A new freshmen student at a school was harrassed, called gay and had a group of guys threaten to beat him up for wearing a pink shirt.  Two seniors at the school caught wind of the bullying, and quickly set up a campaign online to get everyone at the school to wear pink clothes the next day, passing out pink tank tops and other pink clothes to everyone to wear. 

They got about half the student body to wear the shirts and other pink clothes.  The group who harrassed the new student were pissed, one going so far as to start throwing chairs around in the cafeteria.  The bullies are still mad, but they know that the students are entirely against them.

Honestly, we need to see more of this, most schools are entirely impotent and/or incompetent when it comes to controlling the bullies wandering the halls.  Sadly, many school shootings are triggered or fuelled by bullying or harassment that has gone unpunished or unstopped, which is something I and everyone else at my school learned the hard way(thank God it was a minor one and no one was killed).

The only way that bullying in schools is going to be stopped anytime soon is if students do it themselves, so cheers to the students at Central King's Rural for standing up and doing what's right. 

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