September 14, 2007

Vegas Promoter Trying to Set Up Boxing Match With Tommy Lee And Kid Rock

The plan is to have them box until one of them KO's, winner takes home $1million cash.  He's planning to have the fight in his midget fighting ring, and have a little person who is a Britney Spears impersonator to be the ring girl.

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High School Drama Teacher Creates Tragedy

The creepy looking drama teacher had sex with two underage students, got one of them pregnant and took her to an abortion clinic to terminate the pregnancy.  He also sent pornographic photos of himself to the girls cell phones.  One of the girls he had sex with told her mother about what happened, and he's now being sought after by police, and is in hiding.   

Honestly, I'm more shocked by the fact that there is a straight male drama teacher than I am by his vile behavior, which is the most depressing thing about this story.

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September 13, 2007

Democrat Councilman Gets Case of the Vapors Over Squirt Gun Handout

The Albany Public Library handed out the toys as a reward for reading several books, as part of a summer reading program.  Sounds good, right?  Wrong, if you're a hyperventilating leftist like Councilman James Sano.  Says Sano,

"They must have been out of rubber knives and candy cigarettes that day," Sano said as he waved the toy gun during the council's caucus last week. "They couldn't give out books or bookmarks?"

Its easy to laugh about this, we all know that squirtguns are just a gateway weapon into bigger, more insidious weapons, it starts with squirt guns, then Super Soakers, they get hooked on it, and are soon buying Red Ryder BB guns, and after that they're collecting real guns and voting Republican!!!
Water Pistols are the match, SuperSoakers are the fuse, Red Ryders are the Bomb.

Anyway, lets see how he found out about this insidious neocon plot that our hero James Sano uncovered,

Sano said he took the water pistol from a 9-year-old boy while working as a lifeguard, and the child told him where he had received it.

"I was surprised and disappointed that this was a prize that was given away," he said. "We shouldn't send mixed messages to kids that we give a replica of a firearm."

Thank God we have patriotic leftists like Sano to act as our conscience and free us from the burden of private ownership of stuff he doesn't like.  Oh, and remember kids, if you're a liberal Democrat, you get to steal other people's stuff with impunity, just say its for the Common Good, and you'll be all set.
Found in another raid on an illicit Squirt Gun Handout: Note the corporate logo, pushing guns and corporations on our kids...sick bastards.

The rest of the article justifies Sano's ridicolous Nanny State behavior by noting two teens killed this year, and finishes off with a librarian profusely apologizing and groveling to keep their job, at least that's how I read it.  They think the squirt guns were part of a detective theme package they gave out.

The article also states that Albany recently assembled a Gun Violence Task Force...which I'm sure won't engage in dishonest demagoguery or encourage undermining constitutional rights with clumsy, ineffective legislation.  Of course, this fact and the two shootings are completely unrelated, but by God the paper is gonna try to tie them together.

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September 12, 2007

Tennessee House Judiciary Chair Rob Briley (D) Gets DUI...

***Hi again to my fellow AoS morons!

***I have my own copy of the video!

He tells the cop to take him in the woods and shoot him in the head, and he also called him a brownshirt and started singing "Springtime for Hitler" from The Producers!  This is after he led cops on a high speed chase, and failed field sobriety tests.  He pulled the Patrick Kennedy defense and blamed his meds, but I get the feeling his belligerent behavior will torpedo him...whatever, I love that song!

And some showtunes after the jump.


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September 11, 2007


 I'm like Ace, I wish I could mouth all the platitudes about unity, but I can't.   Read his piece, and I think he lays out what I'm feeling today.

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September 10, 2007

Break-in at Mitt Romney's Campaign Headquarters

The Boston Police do not believe it was politically motivated, a TV and several computers were stolen.  They believe it was a regular burglary because no files were touched, just the computers and a 32 inch TV.  This is apparently not the first time this has happened to presidential campaigns, both Chris Dodd and Barack Obama have had break-ins.  You can go to the link to read about those.

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September 08, 2007

I Need a Good Laugh

And I found it.  Remember the goofy 9/11 conspiracy theorist that did the chickenwire and cinderblock "tests?"  Me too, here's the link.  Too damn funny!  Question, which conspiracy nuts are funnier, the Truthers or the NAU people?

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Japanese Man Takes Picture of Tokyo Skyline for 35 Years, Makes Stop Motion Film

Too awesome.

Here's the clip,

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Cop Arrests Fast Food Worker For Giving Him Salty Burger

The officer charged the woman with reckless conduct.  I don't see what the big deal is, I imagine the officer could have washed it down with a liter of cola pretty easy, right?

Does that look like spit to you?

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Man Tries to Rob Karate School, Ends Predictably

**Hi, Hotair readers, you might like this story too.

He had a gun, but was disarmed and got his ass handed to him by a group of karate students.  He's in the hospital healing up some nasty bruises.  Seriously, how dumb do you have to be to try and rob a karate school?

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September 07, 2007

Children's Author Madeleine L'Engle Has Died

She is most recognized for writing the fantasy story A Wrinkle in Time, which won a Newbury Award for childrens literature (and I'm guessing most American students have had to read it at one point or another).   She received a National Humanities Medal in 2004 for her works. 

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September 06, 2007

Edgewater, Florida Councilwoman Won't Faces Charges For Exorcism

A councilwoman was in trouble for attempting some sort of exorcism ritual on her daughter.  Police found the girl with ripped clothes and covered in olive oil.  The girl was taken into protective custody, she told the police that her parents were "trying to get the demons out."  Her parents did the ritual because she was arguing with her twin sister.

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September 05, 2007

Big Brother Is Swabbing You

A top UK judge is calling upon the British government to create a database containing the DNA profile and fingerprints of every UK citizen and every visitor to the country.  The judge says that it would prove useful in conviction of criminals because you have the DNA of everyone there, and if you can get a DNA sample, you can easily convict, which is true, but that doesn't justify the incredible invasion of privacy and potential for government abuse that it poses. 

He says it should be "for the absolutely rigorously restricted purpose of crime detection and prevention."  If you trust any gov't to be that responsible, you are a fool.  This is insane, and exactly what happens when you let the Nanny State run wild, y'know like this...

By the way, this is a real poster, touting Britain's closed circuit television(CCTV) system, which is used by police to monitor spots throughout the city, an idea which receives 71% support here in the US.  Already, the Brits actually keep biometric samples from those simply accused of crimes, they once had to destroy them if the person was exonerated or charges dropped.

 This crackpot idea is getting pushback from civil rights organizations thankfully, and the Home Office has made a statement that they have no intention of establishing such a system.  I'll be curious to see if this idea gains any traction, the fact that they're even putting serious thought to it is alarming, of course, I find that the idea of putting surveillance cameras in US cities is supported at robust 71% in the US is alarming too. 
Some people may find all this concern over the Nanny State to be irrational, overstated or paranoid, but one need only look at the creepy intrusive overreach in Britain, and plans for further control to see that it is entirely justified.  Interesting to note, the Brits are leaving their homeland* in record numbers, and I can't say I blame them.


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September 04, 2007

Triumph of the Hill?

Allah has a video linked and thinks its serious, not satire, whatever it is, its ridiculous, if you're gonna do a Hillary dystopia, don't make it stupid.

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The Long War Journal

This looks like it could become an authoritative source for news in our war with Jihadists.  I'll be checking back on it regularly.

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Anti-Semitism On the Rise In Europe

Denis MacShane, a member of the British House of Commons, chronicles the disturbing rise in anti-Semitism in Europe and abroad, focusing on Anti-Semitism in Britain.  He led a large conference on the rise of anti-Semitism in Britain, the panel was made up entirely of non-Jewish people, and none were heavily active in the Israel-Palestinian conflict.  They found that British Jews are becoming nervous, and are seeing increased attacks, beatings, harrassment and vandalism.  Some are actually hiring out private security for larger gatherings like weddings. 

So where is this increasingly rabid hate coming from?  Islamists and Leftists, of course, particularly on campus, where they even try to shut down Jewish  or Pro-Israeli opinion where they can get away with it.  MacShane notes that among the liberal intelligentsia in Britain, any pro-Israel sentiment is looked down upon. 

We've seen a rise in this in the US too, I actually think its more pervasive in the US than we know, but its like socialism, in that liberals in the US won't say, 'yes, I'm a Socialist' because its a black mark to say it openly(even if its true,), "anti-Zionism" (straight up bullshit, its old-fashioned Jew hatred) is probably the same way.
MacShane points out that the Blair gov't and its looking like the Brown gov't will work to try and control the anti-Semitism bubbling up among the left and the Islamists.  Good luck fellas, I don't think you'll succeed.  I think this is well entrenched in Europe, and I think its getting there in the US.  The sad part is its even worse on the continent, with even higher violence, abuse and vandalism, and some politicians and papers making raw anti-Jewish statements and facing no condemnation.

He warns that the new anti-semitism in Europe has potential to become worse than previous forms.   I agree, for centuries the Jews were persecuted in Europe, ultimately culminating in the Holocaust.  Jews recognized the need for their own state, and created Israel.  Now again, it looks as though the Europeans are sliding into Jew-hatred, which could follow the Jews to their new homeland.  MacShane sounds like he'll fight it, but I'm not sure there are enough people like him in Europe.  I think there are enough here, thankfully.   If American Jews faced the kind of vandalism and abuse that European ones are getting now, I think there would be a huge outcry that would demand a strong response from authorities.  There's an uptick in that kind of thing, but not enough to demand a concerted response.

Looks like the Brits are doing a PR campaign to push back the Jew-haters.  Good luck guys, you'll need it.

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September 03, 2007

...And The Death Spiral Into Nanny-Statism Continues

You wanna see one of the natural conclusions of Nanny-Statism?  How 'bout here, this story about Edwards stating that health service would be mandatory under universal health care has been making the rounds.  

This is a natural extension of what Nanny-Statism is, and it won't stop at mandatory medical services, it'll continue into dictating how one should live their life, keeping them from engaging in 'risky' behavior, and then those liberties will be banned.   They'll ban smoking, alcohol (except for communion wine...until Big Brother can ban that bourgeois bullshit too), fatty foods and anything else they deem unfit to do. 

Then comes the question of treatment life threatening problems, such as cancer.  Inevitably, the gov't will find itself in a position of wanting to resort to euthanasia or abandoning treatment to cut costs, whether the victim patient under the Imperial Health System wants to fight it out or not. 

On the flipside, we'll see the government wanting to resort to infanticide for those babies born severely retarded or major physical disabilities.  I believe we're already seeing this springing up in Europe.  

So under Imperial Health Care, we'll see the government deciding what's healthy for you and decide whether you can engage in said activity or not,  whether you get to live or die.  If that doesn't scare the hell out of you, it should.

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