February 28, 2009

The Memory Hole

Thanks to some very generous help from very talented people (check out the logo by the Unrepentant Geek), The Memory Hole is coming along nicely.  I'm 90%+ of the way to pulling down full copies of websites and will be able to have archives of www.whitehouse.gov and www.recovery.gov in a few days.

From then, I'm going to work on allowing people to track changes to "watched" web pages.  Also, people should notify me of places where people are disappearing things.

That is going to be the goal of the affiliate site. 

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...Good day.

RIP, Paul Harvey.

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Revenge of the Shoeblogging

I'll take one of everything in the picture please. 

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The most offensive song EVAR

I would put it under the fold, but it's one of those videos that they won't let you embed, so I'll just link it instead.  But be warned, it's deeply offensive.  Not just because of the lyrics, which are, to be sure, foul.  No, it's also incredibly offensive to think that professional musicians actually spent time working on it.  A songwriter actually had the idea for it, and composed the song.  Someone directed the video.  Money was spent on it.  People got paid to do this.  Just thinking about it is enough to crush the human spirit.

Oh, and it's also quite catchy.

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WTF Is Wrong With Wisconsin?

The local Milwaukee weatherman does something awesome, apparently on accident.

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Some Unsolicited Advice For Going To Funeral Homes

If you go to the funeral services for a co-workers wife, at least make sure you show up at the right room for the prayer service.

Just sayin'.

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Will Obama Try To Keep "Seniors" From Owning Guns?

Who knows. But The Man of Substance sent me this. Since I don't have a link, I'll put the text under the fold.

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Leva responds

So, if you missed out on this whole thing, Todd Leva, a sometime columnist for the Holland Sentinel had a lengthy discussion with some of us morons over a column where he was critical of Rush's "fails" comment.  Leva has a new column up, which is worth checking out

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February 27, 2009

Where's your Messiah now?

I'm actually cautiously optimistic about Obama's plan to draw down troops from Iraq, a feeling which is partially reinforced by the gnashing of teeth that we're now seeing from certain people:

President Barack Obama's plan to pull US combat forces from Iraq by August 2010 have drawn fire from his Democratic allies who expressed concern the withdrawal was not quick or complete enough.

"I support President Obama for taking a step in the right direction in Iraq, but I do not think that his plan goes far enough," said Democratic Representative Dennis Kucinich.

"You cannot leave combat troops in a foreign country to conduct combat operations and call it the end of the war. You can't be in and out at the same time," said Kucinich, an early opponent of plans to invade Iraq.

If Obama's plan is pissing off people like Kucinich, there's got to be at least some merit to it. But it's going to be mighty interesting to see if the MoveOn and Code Pink types start turning on him.

If this plan is a success (and we all hope it is) it will have a twofold benefit: leaving Iraq a stable country allied with us and pissing off stupid hippies.  And also maybe, just maybe, someone else's base will be sitting at home in 2010.

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How are we supposed to tell the difference?

I don't generally pay much attention to the world of high fashion, but this caught my attention:

But there was an intentional dark side – worn boyfriend jeans with leather suspenders hanging down below the hip, patched leggings and other battered looks that were shocking for their lack of finish and still quite cool. Like we said, hobo chic.
Now, that's just plain dangerous.

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Initial Reports From St. Louis Tea Party

My wife and daughter went down to the Archgrounds today to participate in the local "Tea Party", along with my wife's twin sister and her two sons. It was cold and dreary, but a lot of people showed up.

Hell, it must have been a success if even the liberal local media mentioned the larger than expected attendees.

Louanne Patterson calls the cure worse than the disease.

   "Our children, my son, my grandson's future -- they're mortgaging it,"  she complained as fellow protestors nodded in agreement.  "They say we're going to get back $400, $800 on our taxes but with the deflation (the stimulus package) is going to cause, that's going to be worth nothing."

   Organizers were stunned by their own success -- they expected 50 to 100 people to come out on a chilly workday but the crowd swelled to 1,000 or more.

Sadly, my family members didn't stay the whole time because the little ones were getting cold and cranky. Instead, they went up the arch.

UPDATE! Here is a video from a local TV Network.

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So Wait! Is Obama A Lightworker Or A Zen Master?

Seriously, the cultish behavior of his followers is no longer comical, scary, but rather sad.

The conundrum is obvious and compelling and, as always, deeply enhanced -- if not wholly solved -- by vodka.

It goes something like this: Do you allow yourself, even now, to feel any sort of ongoing, relieved, merciful joy that Barack Obama actually is sitting in the Big Chair in the White House? That this elegant, articulate, Zen-like man whose integrity is rock-solid and whose ideas, while certainly not in perfect alignment with every ultra-lefty vision on the planet (clean coal? Please), are astonishingly ambitious and brave, is leading this nation during one of the worst economic times in its short and paroxysmal history?

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Great Name for a Blog

I was over at Mark Finkelstein's new blog, checking out his latest posts and I saw this blog from one of his commenters.

Ha! I wish I had thought of that one. So how long before we have the acronym - HTOVWOFY? This should now become a regular part of our vocabulary on this moron blog. All in favor?

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I'm Going To Steal The "Presented Without Context" Line

"Off the charts weird".

He often brought drugs or alcohol to work and sometimes had sex with women.

At least three of those women were dead, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said Thursday.

But if Douglas is to be believed, he could have had sex with as many as "over a hundred" bodies in the 16 years he worked as night attendant at the Hamilton County morgue.

"I am sure there are more (victims). I'm certain of it," Deters said Thursday in announcing new indictments against Douglas.

"This guy's just a pig. I can't explain why someone would do something like this. ... This is off-the-charts weird."

Douglas, 55, of Westwood, already is serving a prison sentence after he pleaded guilty last year to abuse of a corpse. He admitted he had sex with the nearly beheaded body of 19-year-old murder victim Karen Range in 1982.

Thursday, Douglas was indicted on two more counts of abuse of a corpse after DNA evidence, Deters said, showed Douglas' semen was in the bodies of two women who were killed in 1991 and stored at the morgue awaiting autopsies:

Charlene Edwards, also known as Charlene Apling, who was six months pregnant.

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Denver Tea Party!

I'm about to head to the Denver Tea Party, will be twitting and photographing the event.  If you're really super bored, follow me.

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Down the Memory Hole

So, I was reading Instapundit this morning and this post motivated me to register the domain www.thememoryhole.us

The service I want to provide is taking daily or weekly snapshots of high-profile websites like www.whitehouse.gov and keeping an archive that will allow us to easily yell gotcha when they disappear a statement that is inconvenient to their current policies.

Now, I just need help with understanding how web-crawlers work and how I'd be able to pull that data down.  The rest of the presentation won't be a problem.

Anybody want to help?  Alice H., I'm looking in your direction.

Update: Okay, something is there.  I'll be putting it together in my very limited spare time this weekend.  Basically, I figure I'll use a webcrawler to scrape the pages at various websites* of interest and then archive versions of the pages by date.  That'll be all it does initially but eventually we could even have a tool that locates differences in websites over time.  That would save having to hand-explore them. 


* - I will need to look into the legality of doing this for private/corporate websites.  I imagine anything political or governmental is pretty much fine under fair use laws but I'm not a lawyer. 

*ahem*.  I'm not a lawyer...   ...

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About those "Chicago Tea Parties"

Um, you might not want to schedule one for the National Mall in Washington or in Times Square...


Displace yourself "with despatch," you asshole. It turns out that our "truly unforgivable mistake" was that we didn't "intervene on a timely basis" to crack your fucking skull earlier. Oh, and Hope and Change.

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Haste makes for a bad aftertaste

I was all out of Val-U-Rite vodka (as is wont to occasionally happen), so I went to pick some up on the way home from an appointment. Apparently, I didn't look closely enough at the label, because when I opened it and took a drink, it tasted wrong. Actually, it didn't taste wrong initially. It had an aftertaste I can only describe as Lemon Pledge-y.* In my haste, it turns out that I picked up the "Citron" version, which also turns out to have a lesser alcohol content. Damnit. And since I opened it, I can't take the stuff back.

*And, no, I've never actually tasted Lemon Pledge. It's one of those things where you go, "I can tell how that would probably taste based on the way it smells."

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February 26, 2009

The road to ruin

For every self-described "conservative" who voted for Obama or who is going along with his plans to spend our way into oblivion (I'm looking at a certain three Senators, here), the first paragraph of this NYT column should serve as a wakeup call, while the second should show them just how goddamn stupid they've been:

The budget that President Obama proposed on Thursday is nothing less than an attempt to end a three-decade era of economic policy dominated by the ideas of Ronald Reagan and his supporters.

The Obama budget — a bold, even radical departure from recent history, wrapped in bureaucratic formality and statistical tables — would sharply raise taxes on the rich, beyond where Bill Clinton had raised them. It would reduce taxes for everyone else, to a lower point than they were under either Mr. Clinton or George W. Bush. And it would lay the groundwork for sweeping changes in health care and education, among other areas.

The so-called "rich" already pay the majority of taxes in this country to begin with, and they also create most of the jobs. As Larry Elder used to often ask on his talk show, "When was the last time you got a job from someone who was poor?" And guess what? When you start soaking them with this class warfare bullshit, they're going to spend less of their money on hiring people, buying things that employ people (the people who work for the companies that manufacture private jets must be scared absolutely shitless right now), investing their money (how's the Dow doing, Barack?), and giving to the kind of charities that help people in tough economic times. Meanwhile, a dog park gets built here or there and most of us get thirteen bucks. What a fucking awesome tradeoff.

Anybody who considers themselves "conservative" and still voted for this fucking socialist dumbass or finds ways to rationalize his plan to wreck our economy is fucking dead to me.

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Obama Must Get Tax Breaks For Employing Retards

That may explain why he keeps Biden around.

Just a thought.

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