April 30, 2008

spitzer's hooker's lawsuit against girls gone wild falls through?

Eliot Spitzer's hooker was featured in a Girls Gone Wild video.  She claimed she was 17 and never consented, then filed a $10 million lawsuit.  Unfortunately for her, Girls Gone Wild has produced a video clip of her consenting in order to be filmed, using the false name Amber Arpaio, and showing a bogus ID, which claimed she was in her 20s.  So I'm guessing that one isn't gonna work out for her. 

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detroit still hasn't thrown out this stupid tool?

I mean, it is Detroit, but still.  How Kwame Kilpatrick is still in city hall is baffling.  Seriously, every time you think you've hit the lowest depths of his stupidity, you go even further.  No wonder Detroit looks like its been under prolonged artillery fire...

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fred now campaigning for mccain

McCain is going to need that help.  What might help McCain even more is if he took a cue from Fred and got into a good habit of not throwing rhetorical grenades at the conservative activist base. 

This is something that McCain needs to learn if the Democrats get their shit together enough to give him a fight, or he'll get his ass handed to him.  Look at how absolutely hated McCain is in the dextrosphere at large.  For every RWS there is, I'm guessing there are thousands of people(tens of thousands?) who despise him, and are at the very least unenthusiastic about him. 

Most people in the dextrosphere aren't for McCain, they're strongly opposed to Obama or Hillary.  The problem is that a lot of the people that are pissed off or unenthusiastic about McCain are low to mid-level activists, volunteers, and donors.  To make an analogy, a lot of them are like the NCOs of the GOP's political machine.  They're often the ones who are true believers in conservatism, who work phone banks, work campaigns, knock doors, donate, try and convert others to the cause, and work rallies. 

Every time McCain decides to frag his own side, like he did the NC GOP over their Rev. Wright ad, it pisses off those activists, and makes his already weak campaign even weaker, because he faces yet more abandonment from those activists.  One can simply look at the pitiful amount of fundraising he's doing as proof of this.  I'm guessing he's probably got a weak ground game at this point too, and it will likely remain that way if he doesn't get his shit together and quit pissing off the people he needs to run a successful campaign.

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who knew pigeons were into steve martin?

Nah, not really, someone has been shooting darts at pigeons with a blowgun.  Seriously, look at the picture of the pigeon in that article and tell me you don't immediately think of this,


There are now a couple of pigeons walking around Seattle with darts stuck through their heads.  The darts went through a space on the pigeon's head that exists between the pigeon's eye and brain, so that the dart do any damage to their brain.  However they could die of infection if the darts aren't removed and the wounds cleaned. 

While it is abusive to shoot these pigeons in a way that kills them in a slow, painful and inhumane way, the PETA whining is unbearable. 

"This is just a horrifying case," she said. "Someone who would do this to an animal is a short step away from doing this to a human being."

I really despise PETA.

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okay, this is pretty awesome

Bill Geerhart at some point decided to start mailing letters to famous people, in the guise of himself as 10 year old Billy Geerhart.  He'd write asking them different questions and advice, and interestingly enough, a lot of them responded back.  Be sure to read the whole thing, it really is a neat piece.  Of particular interest are the letters he received from serial killers giving advice on whether little Billy should drop out of school, the Charles Manson one is something else.  Some of the ones to politicians and government officials are good too, I like the one where Billy asks Clarence Thomas what his favorite McDonald's food item is. 

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stash wanted me to send his thanks

Stashiu and I have been exchanging emails since I saw his post this weekend. He's been thanking everyone who has sent him a donation, prayers and best wishes.  He asked me to put up a thank you on his behalf, he says,

I don't want to go overboard with thank yous at my site because it will start to sound like the stewardesses (sorry, Flight Attendants, heh) at the end of a flight, "Thank you for flying with us. Thank you, have a great day.  Buh bye.  Thank you for flying with us. Thank you, have a great day.  Buh bye.  Thank you for flying with us. Thank you, have a great day.  Buh bye.  Thank you for flying with us. Thank you, have a great day.  Buh bye."

I'm sure those FA's are just as sincere as I am, but after a while it starts to sound rote and I don't want anyone to feel taken for granted.

Stash says in the email that he didn't realize what a burden the costs really were until he started getting donations, he had become used to carrying the burden himself.  He's really been blown away by the support you guys have given him, in spirit, support and generosity. 

I also know Stash's wife was shown the donations, and some of the well wishes and posts, and was shocked by the amount of support they've received.  So thank you to all who have prayed and offered your best wishes, and a very special thanks to all of you who have donated.  The Moronosphere has done great, and this has only been day three, let's see how far we can go to help Stash out.  Really, if there is one thing to be taken away from this situation, its this,

The Moronosphere fucking delivers, baby!

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Again, if you haven't offered best wishes to Stash, be sure to drop him a nice note, if you have a few shekels to spare, that would be awesome.  He's very grateful for the help he's received already.

Let's get to the links!

bmac revisits the story of Chris McCandless

Steamboat McGoo has a fun photo gallery...no, this isn't a smut link, you'll have to find that when you're over there.

Baghdad Jim McDermott (D) pays up his $1 million in damages to John Boehner, McDermott still claims victory

The UN continues to be worthless (unless you're a tinpot dictator), more at 11.

Global Warming will cause AIDS

The GOP elite remain worthless and continue their efforts to lose elections, film at 11.

Microsoft launches a bunch of new stuff that my crusty old computer probably can't use and I'm too much of a Luddite to learn to use, hopefully it works better than Vista, for all you poor bastards who have it.

The key quote from Obama's Wright speech yesterday, and a hat for Obama.

Funny 'shop and good post by Slublog.

B-b-b-b-but, the Brady Campaign told us it would be Wild West Shootouts everywhere!!!

McCain might have an easier time taking Pennsylvania in the election.

You can buy a mini arsenal for your LEGOs.

Albert Hoffman died yesterday...trippy.

Okay...this is weird.  On a somewhat related note, The second Flash is making a comeback.

A good dose of bureaucratic FAIL

TSO comments on the video that is going around showing the abysmal conditions of an Army barracks

Democrat acts like Democrat, I wonder if there are any reservations in Virginia?

A reminder of why Hillarycare is a very bad thing.

Liberty wins again!

CB has a quick list of links, the last one in particular is alarming, if you're a gunowner in the Soviet of California, you may wish to call your representative and try and stop this bit-o-fascism from happening.

Russia's nuclear subs not combat ready?  I wouldn't mind hearing geoff's take on this.

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April 29, 2008

they call him the streak

Just for the record, I really, really despise myself for making that reference in the title.  Anyway I'm obliged because this is a PA story, the captain of the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins, a minor league hockey team, was taken in by police for running naked through the streets of downtown Scranton.  A teammate was busted for public drunkenness for the second time this hockey season. 

H/T Stash

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too funneh

Some of you may remember Kier O'Neil, the Democrat tool who created the Nazi Skinheads for McCain site?  Yeah, he's trolling at Nice Deb's.  Play nice.  Or not.

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Be sure to offer Stashiu your best wishes, and if you have a few spare shekels to give, that would be awesome, or a post to give some attention to Stash's situation would be great and appreciated.  Stash served this nation in the Army for 24 years, and is now having to spend a king's ransom to fix his first lawyer's screwups while processing his daughters' adoptions.  Here's my post on it, feel free to use it as a template.  A lot of you have already posted it, but I know there other Morons who haven't seen it yet, and I'm sure are ready to help. 

Now that the serious business is taken care of, the links!

Hillary asks for over $2 BILLION in earmarks this year.  Yes, BILLIONS.  Unfortunately I lack Slublog or Weasel's mad photoshop skillz...eh, close enough,


Chihuahua in scuba gear!

Nice Deb has some Wright reactions from the professional punditry, and the impotent attempts by the GOP officials to capitalize on it.

Eggman has the latest on the our crappy border situation, and this time, one of our soldiers is sitting in a Mexican jail.

Cuffy on watching Rev. Wright destroying Obama's campaign prospects, and the hopey-changey post-racial nonsense.

Shoebox @ the Eggman's place says time to declare Operation Chaos a success and bring it to a close.

Be sure to check out Brian's Daily Dictator series, offering the best propaganda from dictator run-news services.

Two different opinions on the Miley Cyrus photo controversy.  Wyatt thinks its way overblown, and has the picture up in the post.  I dunno, maybe the anger was a bit much, but I think the feeling that this is exploitative isn't that off base.

Old Iron thinks Rev. Wright is applying for a Jackson/Sharpton style race hustler job.  I think I might agree, and really, sabotaging Obama's campaign works in his favor, he can just blame it on racism.

I really, really fucking hate journalists.

Geoff, on behalf of all of us evil whities, welcomes the Chinese into the Nothing You Will Ever Do Will Be Right Club.

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April 28, 2008

a friend in need

***Update!  Here's a direct link to Stashiu's donation account, more than legal help, he needs help with the costs.  Stash sends his thanks to all you morons for all your best wishes, advice and donations***

On Sunday I asked for your prayers for a friend, noting that I would likely have more details in the week, and indeed I do.  As I'm sure most of you know, I watch over the Moronosphere with a close eye, and was shocked to see this post at our friend Stashiu's, early this weekend.

For a little background on Stash, he served honorably in the Army for 24 years, most of that time was spent as a psychiatric nurse, some of you may remember Stashiu's multi-part interview at Patterico's Pontifications, where he spoke about his time as a Psychiatric Nurse at Guantanamo Bay.  He's always been a good source and unique perspective on issues of terrorist detainees and detention policy, particularly with Guantanamo.

Stashiu is the proud father of two adopted daughters.  Unfortunately, Stash later found that the lawyer who was supposed to square away all the legal paperwork for the adoption didn't quite get it right, so he has to now backtrack with new lawyers to get things right and finally seal the deal.  The process is costing Stash and his family a king's ransom. 

The tough financial situation and worry over the prospect of losing his two daughters is unsurprisingly starting to wear him down and take a toll on his health.  Several people have been in contact with him over the weekend and suggested he start up a donation account.  Stash now has an Amazon account, the Amazon widget should appear on his right sidebar, if you can help, it would be a wonderful thing.  Even if you don't have the financial means to offer any any help, offer him your prayers and best wishes.  Stash is a damn good guy, a good father and has given over two decades of service to our nation, let's see what we can do to can help him.

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new york may be moving toward collecting cigarette taxes on reservations again

Here's what I don't get, things got nasty when Pataki tried to collect these taxes, and the state of New York caved and quit collecting, so why the hell are they going to try this again?  Is the state going to do whatever is necessary to collect these cigarette taxes?

I doubt it, they'll probably cave like last time, because they aren't going to have it in them to take the reservations on.  The folks on the reservations know that, why New York is trying to collect these taxes is beyond me, this'll only end in embarrassment for the state. 

New York is losing a ton of tax money on tobacco products because people who smoke found a way to beat the system in the form of tax free tobacco from the reservations.   So here's what I don't get, why doesn't New York try lowering the taxes on tobacco instead of trying to take on the reservations, which will only lead to embarrassment? 

Oh, I mean I get it, the demagoguery, shrill screeching and "Won't someone pleeeeease think of the children?"-ing would be more than anyone could bear, but I still don't get it.  Maybe by offering a slightly less obscene tax on tobacco, the state might get some people back to buying from their 7-11 instead of going through the hassle of buying from a reservation.  In any case, sounds like they didn't learn their lesson from last time. 

New York can't have it both ways, they either need to definitively crack down on the reservations and enforce the tax, or admit they don't have it in them to do that and lower the tobacco taxes to make the hassle of going to a reservation not worth it.  Or they'll continue to flail around haplessly and incompetently as they are now.

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Bread, land, peace and power to the Soviet!  The Marxist black supremacist Black Panthers celebrate their 40th anniversary.  Check out their list of goals, the sounds like they took the old Bolshevik slogans and modified them.  Barack Obama's campaign celebrated by posting a congratulations, then promptly taking it down when conservative blogs catch wind of it.

Ah, this is interesting.  Handy how a corporation can pay Obama as a legal consultant, then soon after, Obama starts using his position in the Illinois Senate to try and get them state grants and earmarks.

Steven Seagal is...written about here.

Some of the search terms people find sites with...anyway, wish Malor the best on his lawyer-y test dealies, then goof on him a bit.

Yeah, probably.  In any case, I hope things are made right, this guy is clearly the victim of abuse of power.

Ronbots making some progress in their efforts to hijack the GOP Convention. 

What is crazy Rev. Wright's game here?  He has to know he's undermining Obama here.

The Soviet of Philly is a God-forsaken hellhole, part 5,103,868,023 of a continuing series.  I guarantee Philly starts screeching for more fascist gun control laws in response.

An interesting comparison.


Is there some reason why we can't seem to keep our military facilities in decent shape?  Seriously, first Walter Reed, now this.

Funniest pic you'll see all day.

The latest on the not so peaceful peace movement.

Geoff offers a very compelling reason to vote for the obnoxious dickhole McCain.

Here's a way to let people know you'll be supporting the bastard, but not liking it at all.

otcconan has a post from his brother, who is in Iraq

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it was predictable, but this is horrible

Miley Cyrus moves into the slutty jailbait phase in the teen pop star career track.  It wouldn't be postworthy normally, but this is uniquely unsettling.  She did a topless shot that is supposed to appear in Vanity Fair.  She's FIFTEEN.  What the hell were her parents, agents and handlers thinking? You don't do topless shoots of fifteen year olds.  Ever.  EVER.

They need to send this guy in to have a word with all the people who thought this was a good idea,


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April 26, 2008


Weekend edition, some of this was started on Saturday, but I didn't bother to finish it till today.

In any case, I'd ask you to to offer up prayers for a friend if you could.  I'll likely have more on that later.

Cranky got some pics of a B-2 Bomber.

I've said it once, and I'll say it again, you don't try and rob WWII vets, they'll just kick your ass or run you off.


Jen rants about the horrendous Sandra Lee, and yes, Sandra Lee is terrible, but Rachel Ray is still the Antichrist.

Aye carumba!


An engineer's guide to cats

This is what happens when you disrespect the Rickroll, Mets.  You lose to the Nationals.  The intarwebs have now cursed you to with EPIC FAIL.

It is always funny when a Democrat tries to quote scripture.  I rarely quote scripture unless I'm quoting from Pulp Fiction (I'm joking, I'm not quite that bad).  Quoting scripture in public (outside of a church or synagogue) is a tough thing to do, because you walk that thin line between sounding like you have no clue what the hell you're saying and sounding like a religious crank.

Saudi blogger freed.

Yet more on the disaster that is ethanol.

Seattle leftists on homeless shelters:  NIMBY!


Funny thing, there used to be a Chinese restaurant here in town that a similar thing happened.  Cops got a call that the owner was chasing one of his employees around the the parking lot with a big knife, shouting (presumably obscenities) at the employee in Chinese.

Interesting...Hillary takes on Newt's debate idea, and wants to do a Lincoln-Douglas style debate with Obama.

Ron Paul's crank supporters trying to subvert the convention, and who can blame them, He's the Only Man Who Can Save America!TM in their fevered little brains.

bmac had it right, Morgan Spurlock is a crappy Michael Moore wannabe

Obama really effed up in PA, even in his Philly stronghold.

Check out this picture.


A profile of Stern Pinball, one of the last of the major pinball machine producers.

I really hate the elite of the PA GOP.  Worthless sellouts and corrupt tools, the lot of them.

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April 25, 2008

more misery with mccain

As I'm sure you know, McCain decided to trash Bush for the handling of Katrina.  Cuffy says Rush is going apeshit about it.  Cuff also argues McCain might have to do this, politically speaking, because whether people like it or not, McCain has to distance himself from Bush, and smacking him for Katrina is an easy way to do it because the "Bush's fault" narrative is pretty much set in stone, unfair as it is.

Conservative Belle, being from Mississippi, is kinda pissed with McCain's comments about Katrina.  Mike isn't real happy with it either. 

To an extent, I agree with Cuffy, as much as I really, really hate saying it.  McCain does have to separate himself from Bush.  Any Republican candidate would have to do it, Bush is unpopular, like it or not.  Beyond that, as unfair as it is, the narrative is written about Katrina, so there are probably some worse things to go for.  However, McCain never once criticized the failures of the incompetent reactions of New Orleans mayor Nagin or former governor Blanco.  If he had done that, there may not be this level of anger about his statements about the Katrina response.

Where the real problem is that McCain isn't content with doing the bare minimum when it comes to doing things that piss off conservatives. When it comes to dealing with conservatives he disagrees with, McCain uses grenades to clear brush that could be dealt with by hedge clippers. 

The NCGOP ad is a perfect example of this.  No one complained or had a problem with this ad except McCain.  McCain could have simply called the NCGOP *himself* and politely ask the NCGOP not to run the ad.  Did he do that?  No, he called a damn press conference and trashed the NCGOP. 

McCain better get it through his thick skull that he's playing a dangerous game, he can only kick so much sand in the faces of conservatives before they decide they've taken enough abuse and abandon him completely.   Some have, and I'm guessing more will if he keeps doing this.

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well hopefully this is one less seat to defend

Al Franken is clearly getting nervous.  His accountant is now sifting through his financial records to make sure he hasn't been negligent in paying his taxes.  The claim is that he has avoided paying taxes on his earnings in California.  If it turns out he's been evading taxes, you know he'll be claiming his tax evasion was unintentional.  Let's hope that the voters of Minnesota realize what a shady character Franken is. 

Seriously guys, you made this thing, Jesse "The Truther" Ventura your governor, you can't embarass yourselves like that again.

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Atlantic City casino industry commits suicide, Nanny Staters act as Dr. Kevorkian.

GTA4 leaked.

Up up & away in my beautiful balloons.


Famously incompetent Howards.

Tough old lady.


Are you ready for Huck's new book?

Ask a Moron.

Ethanol is a disaster.  We knew this of course, but it bears repeating.

Reid considers getting tough and going the UN route with the superdelegates.

Bear trainer gets Treadwell'd.


This may warrant a longer post later.  Basically, the gun dealer who sold firearms to both the Vtech and NIU shooter is offering a major discount to students.  I agree with him in principle, that the right to carry is the best chance we have at limiting or stopping these sorts of attacks.  I still don't think he should have done it, because of precisely what is happening.  It doesn't matter if it is100% unfair to the dealer, the connection he has to those two events is going to make most people queasy, and the fascists in the media, the Brady Campaign and the VPC are all seizing upon it.

Funneh pic.

Reporting on white athletes.

Democrats down on Dean?

I'm really tired of the protectionist demagoguery the left is engaging in with this Colombian trade deal.

Brits cancel St. George parade, despite no complaints.

Funny how this works, it takes youtube forever to remove jihadi propaganda, yet Mark Bunker has his account suspended immediately, not to mention all the abuse anti-jihad and conservatives get there.

PattyAnn requests this video for the Moronosphere Links, doubleplusundead delivers.

McCain works hard to gain support from the conservative movement.  And the GOP follows suit...maybe McCain is the party standardbearer?

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April 24, 2008

you know what? screw mccain

So we've all seen or at least heard the NC GOP ad, but here it is anyway,

Yeah, I'm posting it, suck it, McCain!

McCain, as we all know, decided to attack the NC GOP for this ad.  Well, screw McCain.  First, as Sean Hackbarth asks, why is it fine for McCain to take swipes at Obama because of his relationship with crazy Rev. Wright on ABC, but the NC GOP can't take swipes at Obama and Wright in their own ad?

I hope the NC GOP sticks to their guns, tells McCain to get bent and plays that ad over and over.  I'd love for the NC GOP Chair to go on TV and tell McCain to get bent, that they're playing the ad, and try attacking a liberal for once in his life, who knows, he might like it...or not, it may feel to much like attacking himself.  Then wave a fat stack of Benjamins and say, "See this? This is donation money.  This is what happens when you don't treat your natural base of support like garbage...oh, but you wouldn't know about that.  Enjoy the federal funding and unmotivated volunteers, sucker."

Know what? We conservatives have no presidential candidate to support, so we're having fun kicking around the Democrat candidates and their nutty supporters...and a hell of a lot of fun we're having!  That we have no candidate is enough of an insult, but I'll be damned if I'm going to be denied my fun kicking around Democrats by McCain.  Particularly by McCain, it is insult enough that he's the GOP nominee.  Screw McCain.

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another round of name! that! party!

Our Democrat this time is the now former Ohio State Representative Matthew Barrett...hmm, something about Barretts and politics don't seem to mix well.  Anyway, he was supposed to do a barrel roll presentation on civics for a group of high school students.  Well, he must paid a visit to Steamboat McGoo's and forgot to clear his thumb drive of his daily smut dose, because when he put in the drive, a naked lady appeared on the projector.  One of the school tech guys noticed that the drive had a good bit more where that came from.

Not once do they say what party Barrett is, they say the Democrat leader calls for him to resign, but not once do they mention his affiliation.  You have to check the previous article to find out he's a Democrat...or if you're like me, notice they don't mention his affiliation in the current article.

Ohio House Democratic Leader Joyce Beatty called for the resignation of State Rep. Matthew Barrett after a racy photo incident.

Check the pic of this guy,


I dunno why, but it make me think of,

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