September 30, 2009

The Twat gets told twice

Eddie linked this in comments, but there's nothing quite so deserving of its own post as David Frum having his nose rubbed into his own failure.

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Yeah, it's old

New to me though,

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Rabid, Racist, Rightwing, Bitter Clinger Lashes Out At Obamacare

Oops! I must have made a typo. I should have written "Obama Voter Lashes Out At Obamacare." Silly me. In fact, this Obama voter sounds almost *gasp* conservative in her views.

But if we with the "Cadillac" health plans have to start paying taxes on our benefits, that's a huge middle class tax increase, and we were promised that wouldn't happen. Rebalancing the pay package doesn't save us from that tax hit — even assuming our employers would reshuffle things. Plus we love our great health benefits, and we were told if we liked them, we'd get to keep them. How is it fair to change the rules on us after we worked so hard to get what we have? The Democrats, including Obama, got elected by saying "middle class" over and over again. They never said they were going to provide for the less fortunate at our expense, and I don't see how they would have gotten elected if they had.

Sigh. If the consequences of an Obama Presidency weren't so disastrous, I would savor mocking people like the good Professor. But I can't, since it was people such as her who swore up and down that Obama was a different breed of cat. And now, we are stuck with this shitheap until 2012.

Thanks for nothing, Professor.

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Sully is probably weeping into his cosmopolitan

Sarah Palin's book is number one on Amazon right now, it was in second place when I left for work.  I'll be curious to see if she stays up there.  I hope she sells five million, then starts filling stadiums with crowds again.

Comment of the day, at Hotair,

I’m not pre-ordering a copy. I just can’t deny myself the satisfaction of going to a B&N in downtown L.A. and plopping it down on the counter in front of some Lib. If I don’t get a dirt eye roll or a sigh out of someone I’ll be let down.

Ampersand on September 30, 2009 at 8:33 PM

Heh.  Of course, given the deranged reaction liberals have to her, in a socialist hellhole utopia like LA, leftists may just steal all the copies of the book like leftists on college campuses steal conservative newspapers and newsletters.

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Getting taken for a ride

I can't stand people who talk on their cell phones or send text messages while they're driving, but do we need to make a Federal case out of the issue?

Apparently, yes...

Democratic Sens. Charles E. Schumer of New York and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota spoke at the event to promote a bill they are co-sponsoring that would require states to implement a ban on texting while driving or lose 25% of their federal highway funds.

"We need every state to put safety first," Schumer said. "We need a ban on texting while driving in every state across the country and we need it now."
If the states want to ban this sort of behavior (like mine already has) that's their business. But why does the Federal government have to butt in and dictate how people behave while they're behind the wheel? Is that even constitutional?

That last question has, sadly, become more or less rhetorical.

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The Left Must Really Want Somebody To Get Hurt

Sorry for the NYT Link, but Thomas Friedman just proved he is the latest lefty ghoul to be pining for politically charged violence directed at the President.

Others have already remarked on this analogy, but I want to add my voice because the parallels to Israel then and America today turn my stomach: I have no problem with any of the substantive criticism of President Obama from the right or left. But something very dangerous is happening. Criticism from the far right has begun tipping over into delegitimation and creating the same kind of climate here that existed in Israel on the eve of the Rabin assassination

My response?


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Let me retort

Please note that I am not responsible for the sudden increase in Rage and blood pressure upon watching this:

Congressman Alan Grayson - on the floor of the House - stated that Republicans want you to die quickly.

Well, Congressman, since you believe that I do want you do die, let me retort.  I shall provide you with the same level of grace and dignity that you provided in these comments.

Fuck you.  Fuck you with the barbed cock of Satan.  Fuck you sideways with a chainsaw.

Look, you ignorant sack of puss, if you really believe this, then pass a bill to make being a Republican illegal.  I mean, the logical conclusion to the idiotic idea that your one firing synapse developed is that Republicans are guilty of pre-meditated murder.  No.  Seriously.  It is.  Grow a pair and do it.  Make being a Republican fucking illegal.   I beg of you.

You ignorant fucking toad, I hope if your mother is alive she doesn't see that so she doesn't die of shame that her child would open his mouth and prove that he's such an ignorant piece of shit that he makes Al Gore look like a genius.  If she's passed, then I hope she haunts you. 

What the ever loving fuckity fuck is WRONG with people?  I am so fucking sick of hearing how the Republicans are so angry and so mean.  Gee.  Huh.  Why the hell would I be angry at being accused of wanting people to die?  It's a mystery!

No points.  No mercy on your soul. 

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Things that make you go "Hmmmmmmmm..."

What did authorities in the Philippines know, and when did they know it?

INSIDE JOB!!!11!!1!!!eleven!!

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Once Again, Proof That A Disarmed Populace Is A Vulnerable Populace

Folks, this story right here is one of the reasons why I am armed.

As his pregnant girlfriend was dragged upstairs, he begged them not to harm her, but one of the men hit him with the butt of the gun.

He told Crimewatch: 'I pleaded, I was shouting, "She's pregnant, she's pregnant, leave off her, tell me what you want".'

The three men left in the Audi after grabbing property including a mobile phone, iPod, cash, debit cards and a laptop.

Police decided to offer the reward after failing to trace the gang. They have released images of three men caught on CCTV at a nearby shop a few minutes before the attack, whom they wish to question. 

Sadly, why is it I have the feeling that if the victims had fought back, they would be the ones arrested?

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September 29, 2009

Banned in Boston

This new rule raises a number of important questions.  For instance, how do you enforce it?  Whatever happened to the age-old tradition of a necktie or sock tied around the doorknob?  And, most importantly, what if he or she likes to watch?

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The Moron-in-Chief is on Twitter, as is Johnny Coldcuts.

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Let me be the first to say ha HA!

Rather's suit against CBS got tossed.

Not just tossed, oh no, this is the tossed as in wtf were you thinking even filing this tossed.

Mmmmmmmmm.  I like my schadenfreude all fried like that.

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Who Knew Kentucky Politics Could Be This Awesome?

I wonder if this guy will regret making these comments.

Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo used profanity as he criticized Gov. Steve Beshear and his support of Mongiardo’s U.S. Senate candidacy in a recording posted last week on the Internet.

In the recording, which was placed on YouTube by someone using the name “senrace2010,” Mongiardo is heard saying he is so frustrated with Beshear that he is “close to saying f— it all. I do not need this job. I do not need the U.S. Senate.”

Mongiardo is also heard saying that Beshear, who has endorsed Mongiardo, will be remembered as the state’s “worst” governor and that a “blowup” is coming.

Heh. Oh, and here is the audio (Warning! Naughty language)


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St. Andrew is Piece of Shit

Once again, he can't openly state what he believes so he publishes an e-mail that manages to insult Palin's intelligence and push a ridiculous conspiracy theory at the same time.

I'm sure I'm not the first to think of this, but those 400 pages probably surprised everyone.  I'd bet there are whispers in Alaska that she didn't look like she had been writing non-stop for months.  The question on everyone's mind but that everyone's afraid to ask openly is, did Bristol write Sarah's book?


Wow, this may be the last post I write about anything he says because I find myself censoring every response I have to this degenerate lunatic.  And if I'm self-censoring, I'm thinking of writing some very fucking nasty shit.

For the last time, Sarah is Trig's mother, vastly more intelligent than you and unimaginably more humble and good as a person.  Oh, and those rumors you love so much from Alaska seems to be almost universally bought and paid for.

Enjoy your AIDS, you fucking bastard. 

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Someone's going to hell

At, via @TheAnchoress

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Well, this is fucking disturbing

I was doing my morning surfing for shoe news (yes really) and got as far as typing "sho" when Google Suggest brought up this...

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Put yer nerd goggles on

It's early enough in the morning, I'm betting very few of you are too drunk to understand this, unless you're still recovering from last night.

The survival probability of immobile targets annihilated by a population of random walkers on inhomogeneous discrete structures, such as disordered solids, glasses, fractals, polymer networks, and gels, is analytically investigated. It is shown that, while it cannot in general be related to the number of distinct visited points as in the case of homogeneous lattices, in the case of bounded coordination numbers its asymptotic behavior at large times can still be expressed in terms of the spectral dimension d-tilde and its exact analytical expression is given. The results show that the asymptotic survival probability is site-independent of recurrent structures (d-tilde <=2), while on transient structures (d-tilde >2) it can strongly depend on the target position, and such dependence is explicitly calculated.
If you are too drunk, here's a simpler explanation.

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Co-founder of Women Overseas for Equality angry at Swiss for detaining child rapist

Yes, a co-founder of a feminist group, Outraged!TM, that the Swiss seized Roman Polanski for drugging a 13 year old girl, then forcibly raping and sodomizing her.  You read that right.  Dingbat posts this shit at HuffPo, the odd thing though, if you look, most of the commenters are saying they're glad the fucker has been detained.  So there may even be a disconnect between the leftist elite and run of the mill leftists on this one.  Interesting.

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BrewDog offers up big fuck you to UK prohibitionists

Win barely edges out the FAIL Britannia tag.  BrewDog is a brewery in Scotland...something's missing, ah,

What can I say, part Scot, I gotta have more cowbell bagpipes, and Scotland the Brave is kickass.  Anyway, BrewDog is a brewery in Scotland, and they created a particularly potent beer, which is about 18% alcohol, or about 36 proof, which is very high for beer.  Anyway, a bunch of UK nannies threw a shitfit, made a big stink about it, won't someone please think of the children, etc, ad infinitum.  The folks at BrewDog did exactly the right thing, put out a 2 proof beer (1.1% alcohol), and named it Nanny State.  Of course this is the response from the dour, humourless fucktard Nanny Staters,

Jack Law, chief executive of Alcohol Focus Scotland, said of the new Nanny State beer: "This is a positive move which proves that low strength doesn't compromise quality.

"However the name of the beer proves that once again this company is failing to acknowledge the seriousness of the alcohol problem facing Scotland."

It must be hell being this guy, probably stays up at night having absolute panic attacks over the thought that someone, somewhere is enjoying life.

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September 28, 2009

I Guess It Was OK, So Long As They Didn't Burn Those Crosses

Wow. I knew that Sudan was so fucked up, basket cases call up to tell them to straighten their shit out. But this is fucking ridiculous.

Marauding bands of guerrillas have "crucified" seven Christians during a series of raids on villages in Sudan, with one man tied to a tree and mutilated while six other victims were nailed to pieces of wood and killed.

Villagers who found their bodies near the town of Nzara said it was like a "grotesque crucifixion scene", the Catholic Herald reports {as opposed to a clean one?-ed}.

Bishop Eduardo Hiiboro Kussala of Tombura-Yambio is appealing for international help to stop the cycle of violence and attacks by members of the Lord's Resistance Army, saying the government at home appeared powerless against it.

No, Bishop. I hate to say it, but I get the feeling that the "government" of Sudan, as awful as it is, probably condones, or will at least look the other way, as this savagery happens. And you know what is odd? Suddenly, leftarded Hollywood types don't seem too interested in Sudan anymore. It's almost as though something happened within the last year or so to change their minds.

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