October 23, 2010

Okay Eddie, you won!

As some of you might have noticed, Eddie's on occasion made reference to firing up a cigar and smoking it furiously before starting up some of his more epic rants.  Eddie knows his cigars, as many Morons can attest.  Eddie's has been hounding me (okay, not really hounding, but insisting, as any good enthusiast does) in emails and chat that I give Arturo Fuente's Opus X cigars a try for a few months now.  It was kinda a yeah, yeah, I'll get to it kind of thing, given my fairly recent infatuation with smoking pipes, I had other sorts of tobacco-y goodness on my mind.


So, anyway, had a friend that'd had a really shitty week, so me and another of our friends decided to treat him to some good grub at a place we knew of.  He's also a cigar guy, so we thought we'd get some kickass cigars for after, visited our local Merchant of Death (no, not a gun shop, the other kind of Merchant of Death).

Stepped into the humidor, took a look around, gave my other friend (he knows what a good cigar is when he's handed one to smoke) some basic pointers as far as choosing cigars, and saw them...Opus X.  Perfect

And if you're gonna buy a cigar for someone who's had a shitty week, you get a fucking cigar, Double Coronas, accept no substitute. 

The pic here doesn't do justice, the Double Coronas are big cigars.

Dear God what an amazing friggin' cigar, and were very much enjoyed by all, and definitely gave our friend a needed boost in spirits (bit of Chivas helped on that front too).  Easily the best I've had.  Strong too, I can handle a stout smoke, but my knees were wobbly for a good bit afterword.  Eddie, you were absolutely right, a bit of a bankbreaker, but when you need something special, Opus X is the cigar.  Thanks, Eddie!

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October 12, 2010

Do I know what a rhetorical question is?

I saw this in Ace's sidebar headlines, he saw it in the comments by Lady in Black.
The guy in Mexico who's investigating the shooting of a guy on a jet ski on a border lake was beheaded.
The guy and his wife were cruising in the Mexican part of the lake when some guys came out in boats and shot him and chased her. They never found his body, she said she tried to go back but they kept firing and went after her so she had to run.

I have to say, but I might get the answer to one of my stock rhetorical questions.
When people talk about Israel blowing up terrorist nests in Gaza or the West Bank I ask, "How do you think America would react if Mexicans started lobbing rockets at Arizona because they wanted Texas and California back?"

It's obviously not the exact scenario, but I don't think we can allow them to get away with killing an unarmed, jet skiing tourist via beheading the investigators.
Maybe we should export some guns to Mexico for real, we could send some Marines to watch them and make sure they shoot the right people.
I put this in LLAPH because I couldn't figure out where it went and I can't figure out what LLAPH means, so it seemed like a fit.

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September 30, 2010

Stony Curtis, we'll miss you

That was my first exposure to Tony Curtis and I liked him from that day on.

He was da man.
I loved him in Operation Petticoat. That was probably his best role, if not his best movie.
RIP Tony.
I hope you're having a foursome with Marylin Monroe, Rock Hudson and Doris Day wherever you are.

Update, I must have still had that previous vid on my clipboard, sorry.

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September 26, 2010

Even more heartbreaking

So Cowboys aren't crying and Giants are. That's a bad day in the Veeshir household. The dog is hiding under the get (update: "bed", eh, you try drinking two bottles of Delirium Temens and then spell all words corectly)  and I'm searching Korean sites for the recipe for kagogi. That'll learn 'im.

The worst part was the way the Giants beat themselves by coughing up the ball and losing their cool.
In one perfect example, a Titan smacked a Giant in the helmet.
The Giant retaliated and the Titan fell to the ground with great histrionics.

If the Giant had been a whiny bitch, he could have done the pussy thing and had the 15 yards go his way instead of the other.
And Jeff Fisher was proud. Punks. Low rent, second rate punks

Oh well, there's a reason Sidney Crosby gets paid millions of dollars a year.

I put this in L.L.A.P.H. because I have no idea what the hell that means.

Another update.
Even more heartbreakingly heartbreaking, I'm getting my ass kicked by a chick at fantasy football.
If she is a chick. I still haven't seen pics.

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July 22, 2010

You Want Profanity? I'll Give You Profanity.

Just get me talking about Congress.

Fuck anybody who supports this fucking shit. Fucking fuckrock them fuckalanche style with the fuschiafucked fucking fuckwhip of fucked up fuckitude and fuckingly fuckity fuck fuckjackery through their fucking fucksider's fuckdropping soaked fuckhole from the fossilized fuckbone of Fuckasaurus Rex. Fuck them for fucking ruining my daughter's fucking future for a fucking hope of avoiding the fuckfury of a few fucking fazillion fucking angry as fuck fellas who are so fucking furious at the fucking loss of freedom and opportunities the Democrats have fucking promised them for the last 20 fucking months, they may vote "Not Obama" and send his enablers to a fucking roadhouse, so that they can fucking see their fucking lionfucked fuckholes after all this fucking time.

So fuck you Democrats. Fuck your enablers. Fuck you for the damage to my daughter's future. Fuck you for making her life difficult. And fuckingly fuck you forever with the fucking fetid fuckhump from a camel for telling me I am an uneducated rube for disagreeing.

Fuck off, lefties, and get fuckingly fucked proper style for fucking trying to hurt my daughter's future. Get fucked, and fucking leave, you fucking fuckpoles of fuck.

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July 08, 2010

Rapid response

A group of plaintiffs has already filed a lawsuit against the new gun law that  Chicago's municipal government hastily cobbled together and then unanimously passed after their previous law was deemed unconstitutional (or, as the Tribune would have it, was "gutted") by the Supreme Court.

I'm no law-talkin' guy, but seeing as how they rushed this through just days after the previous statute was struck down—in other words, without much of any legal review—I'm guessing there are a bunch of provisions in it that could potentially be struck down by the courts.

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May 19, 2010

Technology is evil


These two articles make me want to unplug my computer.

I'm *certain* this was accidental...

Authorities on both sides of the Atlantic on Monday moved towards investigating Google  following the internet group’s disclosure that it had recorded communications sent over unsecured wireless networks  in people’s homes.

This will never be abused.
Microsoft today announced plans to share pre-patch details on software vulnerabilities with governments around the world under a new program aimed at securing critical infrastructure and government assets from hacker attacks.

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March 22, 2010

Doing very bad things

We all have things we like to do.  Fun things.  Fun things that aren't necessarily good for us, or are looked down upon by our liberal/statist betters.  It might be drinking, eating greasy unhealthy food, smoking, shooting guns, gambling, driving a gas hog of a vehicle, owning a boat or flying a plane.  It might be something like hiking, ATVs, hunting, snowboarding, skateboarding, or surfing.  You should do those things.  More than you used to now, and announce it to the world.  And encourage others to join in on the fun. 

One of effects of statism, and in particular a state that has seized the health care system is staleness and mediocrity, because state isn't interested in giving you good health care services, it's interesting in expanding its power over you.  To do that, they have to minimize your ability to take risks and do things that can lead to injury or illness, which will cost the state money.  This is part of the reason the Nanny State in Britain has become what it has become, they can't afford to have you doing fun shit that'll get you hurt, because it'll cost them money, and, well, can't be letting you think you're too free, after all.  The left is going to have to start suffocating personal liberty in order to control costs for this shit, it is our job to make crushing liberty in America an impossible task. 

Do note, the left won't gut all personal freedom, the Commies after all encouraged people to drink themselves into a stupor with gutrot vodka, but they will destroy a lot of it if we let them.  If we let them.  It is not only in our interest to live life and enjoy the finer things in life and to defend them, but to introduce those finer things and that same passion for personal liberty to others.  They're gonna have a much harder time lording over people if people have a liberty they're willing to fight for.  We not only need to fight these people on the political front, we have to fight them on the cultural front as well.  Aim to misbehave.

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January 11, 2010

The Bren Ten is coming back!

If you recall, it's what Crockett carried in Miami Vice in the first few seasons until the startup company that made the Bren Ten went tits up.  The Bren Ten was a heavily modified version of a CZ pistol, built around the then new 10mm cartridge.  Anyway, Vltor, which makes assorted accessories for ARs is producing them, and got the rights to the Bren Ten name.  Sweet.  I hope to hell this venture doesn't crash and burn like the others.  It'll come in the original 10mm and also in .45.

Ten bucks says Veeshir has the money set aside for one already. Heh. 

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January 02, 2010


I usually go for scotch, but I gave bourbon a go, bottle of Knob Creek, nice.  You got a favorite bourbon?  Make a suggestion.  Hell, if you've got a favorite scotch or other whiskey, or hell, anything else, let's hear it.

...keeping in mind, this is a moronblog, so Val-U-Rite is a given.

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December 14, 2009

In my 2009 Christmas stocking I want, part 7

Nancy Pelosi Christmas cards.

I'm going to make you click over and look at them, as the last time I posted that pic of Botox Nan I was accused of purposely giving youse guys nightmares.  And that's not the sort of gift I want to give this holiday season, is it?

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December 12, 2009

In my 2009 Christmas stocking I want, part 6

A heifer animal.  From the Bing search results.


I hope that anyone contemplating giving a heifer for Christmas actually knows that a heifer is an animal.  And I hope that at least one person gets one of these for Christmas as a result of their buddy's drunken Christmas shopping.  And I hope that Heifer International has a liberal return policy.

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In my 2009 Christmas stocking I want, part 5

A Lego nativity scene.  I'm not gonna steal the pictures because you should really go check them out, but the camels look like at-ats.  Unfortunately there's not a completed picture there.

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December 11, 2009

In my 2009 Christmas stocking I want, part 4

Ho ho ho boxer shorts. Because you really need a laugh cue card when taking off your pants.


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In my 2009 Christmas stocking I want, part 3

Willy wear.  Because I haven't humiliated and embarrassed my husband enough this year.


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In my 2009 Christmas stocking I want, part 2

Lucky Christmas poo.  Which comes with a festive red and green cardboard backing.


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In my 2009 Christmas stocking I want, part 1

I realized last night that I hadn't started posting these again.  I hope these aren't too late to help you with your holiday shopping.


A holiday poster of David Hasselhoff.  Complete with a facsimile of his handwriting, probably because his real handwriting is too shaky from the DTs for him to sign the posters.

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September 11, 2009

Courage remembered

More pics below the fold for bandwidth control.

Tomorrow I will be writing a screed on leaving political commentary out of memorial speeches.  Today I choose to remember the heroes of Flight 93.



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August 19, 2009

Least Ironic Story of the Day: New Orleans Rapper C-Murder Arrested For...


In other Rap-related news...

  • Dr. Dre commended for quadruple bypass surgery.
  • Snoop Dogg reprimanded for shitting in the park.
  • Ice Tea found refreshing and delicious on hot summer day.
  • Ice Cube embarrassingly found in Ice Tea.

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July 16, 2009

Litmus test

Single guys and gals, show this clip to your dates. (I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt here and assuming that you manage to slip some poor unsuspecting soul some roofies, tie him/her up, drag him/her to your basement, and pretend to have a date, at least once a year.) In three minutes and seventeen seconds, you'll know whether it's worth kidnapping them again a second date by whether his/her head explodes or he/she starts applauding.

(h/t IOwnTheWorld)

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