March 22, 2010

Doing very bad things

We all have things we like to do.  Fun things.  Fun things that aren't necessarily good for us, or are looked down upon by our liberal/statist betters.  It might be drinking, eating greasy unhealthy food, smoking, shooting guns, gambling, driving a gas hog of a vehicle, owning a boat or flying a plane.  It might be something like hiking, ATVs, hunting, snowboarding, skateboarding, or surfing.  You should do those things.  More than you used to now, and announce it to the world.  And encourage others to join in on the fun. 

One of effects of statism, and in particular a state that has seized the health care system is staleness and mediocrity, because state isn't interested in giving you good health care services, it's interesting in expanding its power over you.  To do that, they have to minimize your ability to take risks and do things that can lead to injury or illness, which will cost the state money.  This is part of the reason the Nanny State in Britain has become what it has become, they can't afford to have you doing fun shit that'll get you hurt, because it'll cost them money, and, well, can't be letting you think you're too free, after all.  The left is going to have to start suffocating personal liberty in order to control costs for this shit, it is our job to make crushing liberty in America an impossible task. 

Do note, the left won't gut all personal freedom, the Commies after all encouraged people to drink themselves into a stupor with gutrot vodka, but they will destroy a lot of it if we let them.  If we let them.  It is not only in our interest to live life and enjoy the finer things in life and to defend them, but to introduce those finer things and that same passion for personal liberty to others.  They're gonna have a much harder time lording over people if people have a liberty they're willing to fight for.  We not only need to fight these people on the political front, we have to fight them on the cultural front as well.  Aim to misbehave.

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