January 11, 2010

The Bren Ten is coming back!

If you recall, it's what Crockett carried in Miami Vice in the first few seasons until the startup company that made the Bren Ten went tits up.  The Bren Ten was a heavily modified version of a CZ pistol, built around the then new 10mm cartridge.  Anyway, Vltor, which makes assorted accessories for ARs is producing them, and got the rights to the Bren Ten name.  Sweet.  I hope to hell this venture doesn't crash and burn like the others.  It'll come in the original 10mm and also in .45.

Ten bucks says Veeshir has the money set aside for one already. Heh. 

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January 02, 2010


I usually go for scotch, but I gave bourbon a go, bottle of Knob Creek, nice.  You got a favorite bourbon?  Make a suggestion.  Hell, if you've got a favorite scotch or other whiskey, or hell, anything else, let's hear it.

...keeping in mind, this is a moronblog, so Val-U-Rite is a given.

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