June 19, 2008

The anti-Spurlock or Jared 2.0?

I report...okay, Hotair reports, you decide.

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For every problem, there is indeed a solution

A businessman wanted to open up an ATV rental shop outside of Boulder, people living nearby complained about the noise and pollution the ATV's would create.  His business plan was rejected by the county planning commission.  So our entrepreneur did what anyone else would do, ditched the ATV plans, and decided to open up a porn shop named after the loudest whining neighbor.  Awesome.

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June 10, 2008

peeps in space!

Awesome.  The Adler Planetarium in Chicago launches balloons into the upper atmosphere, and decided to stick a Peep on this one.  I thought it would puff out more than it did, but very neat to see.  Here's the video,

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