July 22, 2010

You Want Profanity? I'll Give You Profanity.

Just get me talking about Congress.

Fuck anybody who supports this fucking shit. Fucking fuckrock them fuckalanche style with the fuschiafucked fucking fuckwhip of fucked up fuckitude and fuckingly fuckity fuck fuckjackery through their fucking fucksider's fuckdropping soaked fuckhole from the fossilized fuckbone of Fuckasaurus Rex. Fuck them for fucking ruining my daughter's fucking future for a fucking hope of avoiding the fuckfury of a few fucking fazillion fucking angry as fuck fellas who are so fucking furious at the fucking loss of freedom and opportunities the Democrats have fucking promised them for the last 20 fucking months, they may vote "Not Obama" and send his enablers to a fucking roadhouse, so that they can fucking see their fucking lionfucked fuckholes after all this fucking time.

So fuck you Democrats. Fuck your enablers. Fuck you for the damage to my daughter's future. Fuck you for making her life difficult. And fuckingly fuck you forever with the fucking fetid fuckhump from a camel for telling me I am an uneducated rube for disagreeing.

Fuck off, lefties, and get fuckingly fucked proper style for fucking trying to hurt my daughter's future. Get fucked, and fucking leave, you fucking fuckpoles of fuck.

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July 08, 2010

Rapid response

A group of plaintiffs has already filed a lawsuit against the new gun law that  Chicago's municipal government hastily cobbled together and then unanimously passed after their previous law was deemed unconstitutional (or, as the Tribune would have it, was "gutted") by the Supreme Court.

I'm no law-talkin' guy, but seeing as how they rushed this through just days after the previous statute was struck down—in other words, without much of any legal review—I'm guessing there are a bunch of provisions in it that could potentially be struck down by the courts.

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