December 31, 2007

Happy New Years, Morons!

And non-morons who stumble onto my blog.  Let's hope 2008 is even better than 2007.

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Environmentalists Win Another Battle in The War For Attention

I'm starting to wonder if these clowns do this for the attention and affirmation more than anything.  Now, when you read this article, you see they're doing LEDs for the New Year's Eve Ball at Times Square.  LEDs, objectively speaking, are awesome, they're efficient and super bright.  You may remember LEDs from earlier in the year when those two hippies ("that's not a hair question") were doing ads for Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

The problem isn't the LED lights themselves, its going to be the annoying flogging of the teachable moment that's going to the problem.  Seriously, they can't let it friggin' rest,  they try and use Christmas as a teachable moment, and now its going to be the New Year celebration.  Oh, and lemme remind you the damage they're doing to brewers.  So its not just your champagne buzz they're working on killing...

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December 30, 2007

An Old Favorite

Some dumbass stoner called the police to report his weed stash and PS2 got taken by gunpoint.  Poor bastard got smacked with the pistol the thief was carrying. 

I love when people complain to police that their illegal drugs were stolen or someone didn't give them their drugs (or sex) they paid for for.  What's even more amazing is how often it happens, I see headlines like this all the time, its bread and butter for wacky news stories.

Sorta related:  Two guys go to the police station because one was trying to claim money he had confiscated from him during a drug bust a few months back, they go to the station in a stolen car with a pistol on the dash and a about a half pound of some seriously skunky weed.  Cops could smell it the second the doors were opened, and they were immediately arrested.

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Is There a Reason We're Doing This?

This makes zero sense, why the hell is the DoD trying to work with muslim groups that have questionable ties, most notably groups with possible ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a known Jihadist organization and a movement that advocates and supports suicide bombings on civilian targets in Israel and other terrorist activity?

One of my biggest criticisms of Bush is that its obvious he doesn't have his house in fucking order and can't seem to move towards achieving something, or if he can't get his house in order, he's made insufficient efforts to try and get it in order.  Does he even know this is being done?  I guess he probably does now.

I don't understand it, we've started two separate military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, we were taking a hard line with Hamas, why this change? 

And why have we resumed the perpetually failing peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, I thought we were done engaging in stupid fruitless diplomatic theatrics in Israel?  We all know that the only thing the Palestinians are going to be happy with is if the Israelis get pushed into the sea, and we're not gonna let that happen, at least, we better not let that happen. 

Has Bush gotten soft, lazy, stupid, losing control?  I just don't understand it.  A hard line seems to be producing results, we're putting a lot of hurt on terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan, and things seem to be getting much more stable in Iraq, so why not take a strong approach on the rest of them, I'm not saying expand our military efforts, but I see no reason for us to take all of these soft approaches we're seeing from DC all of a sudden.

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December 29, 2007

Do They Have Joust for Cellphones Now?

This guy claimed a pterodactyl attacked him, which caused him to wrap his car around a light pole.  Surprisingly, he didn't have a lot of alcohol in his system.  Question, does he get rewarded points for creativity, or was he high on something?

Geoff says he mighta entered Bat Country

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December 28, 2007

Netscape Users Better Start Looking Elsewhere for New Browser

AOL bought Netscape a while ago, and are going to officially end it in February 2008.  Basically, the handful of people who were working on Netscape were just developing a Netscape skin for Firefox, so if you're a Netscape user, I'd probably just go with Firefox. 

At this point, Netscape only had about half of one percent of the browser market, so this was inevitable, really.  Oh, and as an aside, IE has about 77% and Firefox has about 16%.

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December 27, 2007

NRA Searching for Gunowners Who Had Firearms Illegally Seized by New Orleans Police After Hurricane Katrina

They've gone ahead and hired PI's to try and track down approximately 300 gunowners who had their civil rights violated when the New Orleans Police Department seized their weapons illegally.  The NOPD claims they were abandoned or stolen...

I think you're lying, in fact, I know you're lying, the NOPD took firearms illegally, maybe you forgot, so here's a report about you assclowns seizing firearms, (h/t CB)


The NRA has asked the court to give them an extension on the court date so that they may find more of the people who had their rights violated by the NOPD.  People have become scattered since the storm, and its been very difficult for them to track.

I hope the NRA and the gunowners who the NOPD denied civil rights to win their case, and other city officials across America inclined to engage in such abusive behavior take pause before trying a stunt like the NOPD did.

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Fred Thompson Bleg *They Got It!

If you're a Fredhead, Fred is trying to get funds for a set of commercials in his campaign push in Iowa, he needs $250K by 6PM Friday, right now, he's at about 103K, so this can be done.  So if you can, do send some help Fred's way, he's the only conservative running this campaign season and the only shot we have at having a conservative president in 2008.

*As of 1:13 today, he's at about 182K, if you've got a little to spare for Fred, send it his way!

*Its a bit before 5, and he needs just 10K to meet his goal!

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Gaia to Smite the Unfaithful Neocons In a Great Flood, so Sayeth Some Random Liberal Dumbass

This is great!  The impotent, self-important rage, mindless liberal talking points and Gaia worship make it seem like someone distilled a DU thread into a small article...of course, when you read the profile of the chump who wrote it, its no surprise that he put forth such crazy in such a limited format. 

Our chump starts off by lamenting that we're doomed to a catastrophic disaster because of Global Warming, but then notes a "silver lining."  At this point, he declares that the neocons shall be swept from the South by a glorious flood, and that the heartland shall turn to dust, essentially destroying the red states.  He then says they should welcome the neocons driven out by the Great Flood, but to make sure they have no political say, how progressive of him...

Question for the liberal chump, how do you think you're going to get these people to go along with losing their political voice should your mythical flood happen?  You do realize one side has all the guns (hint: its not yours), right?

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December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas, Morons!

And to any other unfortunate soul who stumbles upon my crapblog, Merry Christmas from doubleplusundead!
Hail Satan!

I had to, Woodland Critter Christmas was probably the most delightfully messed-up South Park ever.  Its oh so wrong, but hilarious, consider this a content warning.

and because its Christmastime a clip from the only Christmas movie that matters,

Here you go, the perfect game.

And on a serious note, here's a great Christmas...I hesitate to call it an ad, message?  from Fred, its really great, and definitely stands in contrast to the most of the other Christmas ads from the other campaigns, if it didn't say Fred Thompson at the end, you'd never know.

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December 21, 2007

Hey, Isn't This Supposed to Tell Me Who Killed Laura Palmer?

And there's supposed to be a dancing midget in a red jacket, not an annoying presidential candidate in a red, even if it did, Huck would just commute the sentence.

(h/t HA)

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End Game

My first exposure to Mike Huckabee was after he performed well at a debate, and my second was that proof that he was a no good Nanny Stater, and wanted to impose Nanny smoking bans.  Over the next few weeks, as the Huckaboom started, I learned that the Nanny Stating was just the tip of the iceberg.  As it turns out, the guy is a Democrat with a Bible and Rifle.

Now we have Mitt declaring he's gonna impose a Nanny Regime on Violent or explicit games.  Sorry, Mitt, you were my second choice if Fred didn't win, but at this stage, I'm ready to stay home if its not Fred.   A comment I made earlier, but I like it, so I'm using it....

I said it before, and I’ll say it again, Mitt is the candidate of the surburbanite and soccer mom. He’s got all the sensibilities of the suburbanite, not a strong war on terror guy, definitely pro-business, and has a suburbanite sensibility with liberties.

Seriously, gun bans, demonizing video game developers? This is the kind of crap that appeals to spastic suburban housefraus sent into panics by breathless alarmist media telling them their precious little snowflake is gonna get mowed down by the weirdo goth kid at the school. Its complete and utter demagoguery.

I've seriously had enough of the RINOs in the GOP.

Oh, and another thing, way to alienate younger voters, genius!  We have enough of a problem getting voters my age already!

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Rush is Right on Huckabee

I think he's pretty much laid out all he can about Huckabee, he's not a conservative, and he'd be poisonous to the movement, and if Rush can't set you straight on Huck, no one can.  He also makes a valid point on Huck, if you do the homework, you can see all this, and he may also be right that if people push too hard, they'll, like the Perot supporters in the 90's, dig in and carry a bunker mentality.  You'll notice that's already happening with some of them.

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Huckabee: Good at Tabloidy Crap, Not So Good at Foreign Policy

I noticed Bob covered a similar point at Confederate Yankee too while I was over there, but ConservativeBelle made I think a slightly better point yesterday, and I had planned to do a post linking it up until went haywire last night. 

Seriously, this is the same guy who had no fucking idea what the NIE report on Iran even was, days after it came out, but boy he's got a lot to say about a pregnant teenage pop star.  How hell is this guy even being considered as a viable candidate for the presidency?  I mean, honestly, yeah, okay, he'd probably be a decent preacher, but president?  Do you really want your local clergy to be the guy running your country?  Please help me understand...

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Five Alarm Douchebaggery at Politico

A few days ago, Roger Simon, one of the writers at The Politico, which is a left leaning news blog, wrote a brutal piece about Fred Thompson and his campaign.  "Brutal" was how Malkin described it at Hotair, and really, when you read the article on its own, and if you accept it as truth, that's a pretty apt descriptor. 

When you read the article at Politico, of note is the appearance at a local fire station, and a scene where Fred is given the Fire Chief's helmet, and Fred is reported to have said, "I've got a rule about silly hats" and fumbled around uncomfortably with said hat till Jeri Thompson took the hat from him and put it on her head, bailing him out.  Simon claimed it was a very uncomfortable moment in the fire station.

But, as Bob at ConfederateYankee notes, it appears Simon exaggerated his report, spinning the description of the story against Thompson.  As it turns out, Fred said, "I have a rule about silly hats, that I'm about to violate",  now, as has been noted by many commenters and bloggers, concern about looking silly on the campaign trail has long been a concern, a few examples,
The famous Dukakis tank ride
Or John Kerry looking like a giant condom
"Hello, ladies, why yes, I am ribbed for your pleasure!"
And for a little historical flavor, Calvin Coolidge wearing a Native American headdress, of course, Cal had a such reputation for being a quiet, sorta stiff guy, this might have actually helped him(h/t to Bob at CY)...

And I'm sure there are others throughout history, but these are two more recent ones that people remember.  So there is precedent in being cautious about unfortunate photo-ops.  But even then, if you watch the video, it didn't seem uncomfortable, people seemed to be enjoying themselves, and there were some other things Simon got wrong. 

Which then brings into question, how much was Simon's article and reporting tainted with his preexisting attitude toward Fred Thompson?  Was he as lazy, dull, cold and unreceptive as Simon painted him to be? 

When I first read about the story at Hotair, I figured it would be somewhere in the middle, given Fred's often dull, clumsy, lackluster appearances early in his campaign, some of those accusations rang true, and I say that as a Fred supporter. I also figured there would be some exaggeration on the part of Politico, given that its a left-leaning site and views things from liberal eyes, but not enough to be dishonest. 

Looks like I may have been wrong about that second thought, like Bob, I'd like to know what the locals thought about Fred's appearance, and see if it meshes at all with what Roger Simon wrote at Politico. 

Fred offers a fun little response

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December 20, 2007


FIXED!!!!!'s been on the fritz.  Figures...Ace is getting ready for the big move, and's Gremlins come out of hiding...oh, and Wordpress has been unbanned again...I think.

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Dept. of Education Civil Rights Office Dismisses Anti-Semitic Activities at UC Irvine

The pro-Israel group complained to the office, stating Muslims and others at UC Irvine have been delivering anti-semitic literature, handing out anti-semitic pamphlets and acting aggressively towards Jewish students. 

Beyond that, someone destroyed a Holocaust memorial, swastikas had been put up in several places, one student was attacked, another had a rock thrown at them, and verbal abuse has been common. 

The Office stated that there were some anti-semitic activities done by Muslim students, but for the most part, they were protests against Israel, not Jews specifically, yeah, well we know all about "anti-Zionism."
(thanks to Zombie)

I have a general rule, if you see a person or group or movement acting increasingly hostile, engaging in demagoguery against and scapegoating Jews, its a poisonous movement, and it should be avoided or opposed.

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Talking Pontiac Trans-AM 4 Sale, Loaded, AI System

That's right, KITT is back on sale at Ebay.  The guy who bought it got whacked, and owed a bunch of money to banks, so they're liquidating the estate, so now you too can roll like The Hoff.
Michael, they're going to sell me!

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Nothing New

Charles at LGF has a post up about the latest cover of Pat Buchanan's crappy rag, which features Rudy as a Nazi(oh the irony, coming from Pat Buchanan), with 9/11 where all the assorted Nazi decor would go on a uniform.  Really, this is nothing new, in fact, its old leftist canon, see?

Looks pretty similar, right? So this is nothing original, hell, a simple GIS for "Bushitler" will pull up page after page of this kind of stuff, and Pat Buchanan is not much more credible than the nutroots, so it shouldn't be surprising. 

To me, Pat Buchanan is nothing but a useful idiot, so that's how we should use him, we owe this anti-semite nutball no loyalty or respect. 

Here's two more aimed at Fox News below the jump, just to give you a few more examples...

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December 19, 2007

Whales and Dolphins May Have Evolved From Deer-like Creature

Interesting, you usually think of evolution as a sea to land progression, not the other way around.  While its estimated appearance(things been extinct for a looong time) doesn't seem to lend itself to the appearance of whales and dolphins, its bone and body structures do.  We'll see if this goes anywhere, I think its a neat theory.

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