August 31, 2007


Hardly, says I.  This lady thinks she has chupacabra, I think she has feral Mexican Hairless Dogs, or a mutt with that breed, or a close relative.  Look at the skin tone of the dog in the article, and the one in the Wiki page, note the shape of the ears.  Its similar, and keep in mind, the 'chupacabra' has been dead awhile, plus it could be older, which may explain the wrinkles and ears sitting down on the head. 

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Armorers Soon To Face Severe Shortage of Gauntlets

Yikes! In China, a woman cut off her internet addicted husband's hand after  promising to stop spending all his time online.  He swore he would stop going online and spend more time with his child, but he was soon sneaking off to internet cafes to do video chats with girls(I'm assuming chats of the adult variety).  On his last visit, he was online, and felt a numbness in his hand, and realized the mouse cursor wasn't moving, he looked down and his hand was severed and blood was spurting out.

The man pleaded with the court to show his wife mercy and drop the charges, saying it was his fault for breaking his promise.  So if you're significant other says to spend less time may wanna take them seriously.

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August 30, 2007

Michael Jackson Has Died

No, not the creepy pop singer.  Michael Jackson was a writer who has played a major role in evolving beer culture in the US and abroad.  He wrote extensively about the history of beer, development of brewing and styles of beer.  He was a big influence on the revived microbrew culture in the US. 
He had been suffering the effects of Parkinson's disease for over a decade, Jackson's health problem was only made public in 2006.

I've always found brewing fascinating, and I have to say, if I could get a job as a brewer, I would absolutely take it.  There's something about the craft that draws you.  I think Jackson understood that, and helped bring that to the masses in his writing and passion for beer.

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Sacre Bleu!

What a dumbass!

Thanks to Conservative Belle, who for some reason isn't on my blogroll yet...but I'm fixing that right now.

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Slow News Day...


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Some People Love the Open Road A Little Too Much

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This guy, specifically.  He was found by cops driving completely naked and flogging the bishop, his hands were covered in Vaseline.  When asked why he was driving naked, he said he felt comfortable that way, so he drove naked.

Wonder if he knows this guy.

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Children Banned From Playing Tag, Story Of Increased Child Obesity Surely To Follow

Via Drudge.  Its so damn predictable, a handful of kids complained, and now they're banning tag.  They still allow running, I'm amazed some soulless lawyer hasn't made them ban that yet, but the kids can't chase each other, which of course sucks some of the fun out of children's lives. Sadly, this sort of schoolyard issue is a microcosm of what we see in the adult world in the Nanny State.

Its a self fulfilling prophesy, a small group of dumb people, kids in this case, can't behave themselves, so they ban everyone from engaging in the behavior.   Then as a result, further down the road, because you've sucked the joy out of the rest of the kids lives, they don't play anymore or engage in sedentary activities until those get banned, and then a number of them get lazy and overweight. From there, the cycle continues, and people start calling for bans on fatty foods. 

This is the poisonous nature of the Nanny State Ban Brigades.  Rather than either help or discipline those who are abusing rights and privileges, they impose a blanket ban on said right or privilege, whether they are motivated by laziness or a twisted sense of 'fairness', seeking to punish someone without actually punishing them. 

The problem is, once you ban one thing, the consequences related to that ban, combined with a culture that accepts banning as a standard practice to address an issue make it much more likely that more bans will be used to address societal problems.  Societies refusal to confront problems directly is largely what is driving the Nanny State. In the longterm, this sort of action will begin to eat away at liberties that do matter.

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August 29, 2007

Awesome Frogman Wallpaper!

Funny!  Dissident Frogman is on a roll lately.

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Richard Jewell Dead

He was only 44.  It was a result of problems with diabetes.  You can't help but feel awful for the guy, getting wrongly accused like he was while the whole world was watching. 

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LEGO Assembly Line!

I for one would like to welcome our new blocky overlords.

Thanks to Wickedpinto.

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August 28, 2007

F*ck Huck

You know what, he seems like a nice guy, but fuck you Mike.  You're even worse than Hillary...   He wants to impose Prohibition on cigarettes.  Yeah, that's right.  Go ahead Mike, go for it.  I can't wait to open my first speakeasy.  Goddamn, we're going from crawling to a Nanny State to a sprint.

Y'know, I hate to frag my own side, but when you do shit this stupid, you're asking for it.  You let the gov't make one arbitrary ban, thousands will surely follow.

I should also note, I rarely smoke, just a cigar on occasion, but I still respect people's personal liberties, because that's how I fucking roll.

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Sony Putting Rootkits in Products Again

According to a Finnish computer security firm.  This isn't the first time the numbskulls at Sony have done this either as you can see in the link.  I have to admit, I'd have a hard time buying anything from Sony right now.  Sony has become an utter crapfest.

For me, the split with Sony came from hardware issues with my PS2.  The early models tended to suck in dust and cloud the laser, causing Disc Read Errors.  People who bought theirs later didn't have this problem as much, but early PS2 owners can tell you about the horrors of seeing Disc Read Error over, and over, and over again.

 After looking at sites that said the PS2 was having issues and you could send it back, I called tech support, they asked me if I used any third party stuff...I should have lied and said no, so they told me ninety bucks for a service charge, and I thought, screw that.  Later, my sister and I found out what the issue was, and that you could make a temporary fix by gutting the stupid thing and cleaning the disc reader lens...we might have seen it on TechTV before Comcast ruined it. 

Anyway, that provided temporary fixes, but it required ripping apart our console regularly. 

Beyond that, the spectacular failure of the PSP, the rootkits, Lik Sang, and the overheating issues of the PS3.  Sony sucks the barbed cock of Satan. Oh, and here's the obligatory Maddox link.

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World's Largest Diamond?

An unnamed mine in South Africa claims to have found a green diamond that is the world's largest, about 7000 carats.  De Beers is questioning the finding, as green stones are an unusual color for that region, and the area isn't known for strong diamond production.  They do say if it is legitimate, it'll be the find of the century.  It'll be interesting to see if it is real and what they'll do with it, whether they'll make a traditional cut, or keep it closer to its natural shape to preserve its size as much as possible.

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Nanny Knows Best: Hillary Applauds Tobacco Banning Nanny Staters

She supports any local or state ban, and applauded NYC's various ban plans.  I'm amazed she showed enough restraint to refrain from calling for a national ban.   This kind of mentality is so incredibly poisonous to our nation and the ideals it was founded on. 

For those who support these sorts of may wanna think twice, because it'll be your ox that gets gored next time, and beyond that, you could see essential rights begin to decay with the erosion of personal liberties(which I recognize as seperate from basic human rights, as defined by the constitution).

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Denver Area Hospitals Ready Themselves For Baby Boom

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Why?  Because we're approaching about nine months since last winter.  Last year, Denver area had multiple heavy blizzards and heavy snowfall during the winter, and local hospitals believe that locals found a way to keep themselves entertained and warm during the cold, snowy months. 

The hospital has a number of beds for babies in case they have more than what they normally handle.  Local shops that sell baby clothes and items are already experiencing a spike in sales.

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Orphaned Baby Hedgehogs Make Scrub Brush Their Adoptive Mother


The poor little guys lost their mother when she was run over, and they were taken to a zoo to be raised by the staff.  The little critters roll around and rub up on the brush, and will be released back into the wild when they're old enough. 

Too funny, Tushar from Ace's comments,

Yeah, he does have an intellectual heft that makes us morons squirm.

I am more comfortable with stories like this:

Baby hedgehogs adopt a cleaning brush as their mother.

Via Sinistar at doubleplusundead, purveyor of fine banalities since 2007.

I think I'm stealing that and using it for a slogan.

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A group of vacationing whale-watchers off the coast of Hokkaido were horrified by the sight of a Japanese whaling boat harpooning and reeling in a whale.  The Baird's Beaked Whale was spouting water from its blowhole before getting harpooned, then dragged to the boat 20 minutes later.

The whale watching crews are concerned, and want to try and find a way to let the whalers do their job, while not harpooning whales in front of their tours.  The whalers say the whale watching boats shouldn't be approaching when they're harpooning, and want a warning issued.

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August 27, 2007

Adding Your Wordpress URL to Comments Is Okay Again

Sorry guys, it was a problem on Pixy's end, but its fixed for now, so feel free to put them in the URL box again when you comment.

Apologies to Mrs. Peel and PattyAnn @ The Hostages, and anyone else who was having trouble posting.

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...and Speaking of the French

Sarkozy calls on Europe to start pulling its own weight in security.  He's gonna get a lot of resistance, and probably a lot of abuse from the press, both domestic and abroad, and that's before all the surrender jokes.

This is a good thing and a baby step in the right direction, the Europeans have assumed we'll take care of things for far too long.  This is partially a consequence of Cold War politics, where Europeans that had the luxury of not being under the thumb of the Soviets also had the luxury of not needing to have an actual military, because we were covering their asses, the Cold War is over, and we are less obliged to defend Europe.

The other side of this is the obvious ideological conflict in European thinking in regards to military force.  As we've seen in fighting the Jihadists and facing other issues, the Europeans as a whole revel in talking shit and sliming our Armed Forces and how they get the job done. 

Meanwhile we see tragedies like the one unfolding in Darfur, and a good portion of the left in the US and Europe are clamoring for intervention, and it just isn't happening, I say, let the Europeans build a force all on their own, and be the driving force to end the genocide there, they can find out what taking on the responsibility a military action in the modern era is.

 Perhaps with a more capable military system in Europe, the Europeans can finally start understanding the difficulty of real military actions that have real consequences (beyond standing around aimlessly on a UN tour with no clear objective), and get an understanding that war and military affairs aren't easy, and aren't clean.  Its easy to sit on the sidelines and bitch about how the US does things, but there comes a point where you have to either put up an alternative or your criticism runs hollow, and Sarkozy I think recognizes that.

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Funny Frogman!

The Dissident Frogman has an excellent pwnage of the AFP for its photo of the Iraqi woman with the unfired rounds claiming the US armed forces shot them at her house. Click over there and watch it!

Found at Hotair.

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