July 31, 2008

The New England Patriots Have Some Skeletons In Their Closet

It seems as though some guy who is leaving his front office job with the infamous 18-1 team is spilling the beans on what really goes on in Foxboro, MA.

And the "highlight"?

-Corey Dillon is about the most miserable piece of shit you would ever want to encounter. You should see the looks and gestures he would give fans when we went on the road. Sometimes an athlete's reputation is blown up by the media but that wasn't the case with Dillon. There is no doubt in my mind that he will end up in jail at some point. You don't have to be a good guy to be a star in the NFL and no one is a better example of that than Dillon.

--Randy Moss is the best player I've ever seen with my own eyes. The guy is a freak and it was an honor to watch him close up the past two years. I don't know what Moss was like in Minnesota and Oakland because I didn't cover him then. However, he's been nothing but a class act since coming to the Patriots. He's actually one of the nicest guys I've come across.  He's extremely popular in the locker room and even jokes around and bullshits with practice squad players. Moss was nothing like I thought he would be when he came to New England.

--Hold on for this one: I heard from someone who is close to the case that there is a sex tape of Bill Belichick banging the married woman he had an affair with. I shit you not. The husband who is suing that woman for being unfaithful to him has a tape of his wife and Belichick screwing while the two of them were still married. Belichick is a very powerful man so I imagine he's doing everything in his power to squash this from getting out but it could only be a matter of time. A part of me doesn't want to see it but another part of me can't help but be intrigued.

Ummm...does he wear his hoodie during the video?

Just askin'

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Liquid Nitrogen+Swimming Pool=Awesomely Awesomeness To Eleventy!

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Sweet! Congress to act in order to bring DC into compliance with the Heller decision

Good news for the residents of DC, and this is probably a politically smart move for the Democrats.  I say smart move on the Democrats part (assuming they pass it) because they know that the last thing they need is Second Amendment activists riled up for November. 

The Democrats know how disastrous that can be, and they're on the wrong side on Second Amendment issues when it comes to public opinion, and they know it.  There's a reason you're seeing Blue Dogs Democrats popping up in places, they're almost all pro-2nd (or at least vote that way thus far) and know if the Democrats don't start trying to impose abusive bans and regulations, they can compete in centrist, rural and some right leaning districts and maintain a majority.  Any effort to impose abusive federal gun bans or regulations could end all that.

If they were truly wise, they'd just make this a national policy to avoid the inevitable lawsuits in Chicago, NY, Mass., California and other places the Marxists have an iron grip in.

That'll be the next big fight, I dunno if the Democrats are hoping to have a more liberal SCOTUS for the next round, or that Justice Kennedy will flip his Shiny Nickel of Arbitrary Decisionmaking (+3 against rational arguments, +2 resistance to Constitutional Law) in their favor. 

I think it'd be much easier for the Democrats to just let pro-2nd forces have this win and others, and just take their losses over the past ten years for now.  They're going to want to focus on getting socialist medicine, greenie boondoggles, moar entitlements, gutting the military and raising taxes, not on futile demagoguery against gun owners that'd just burn political capital with nothing to show for it (possibly less than nothing if it caused Blue Dog losses in later elections). 

Okay, so, what will the bill do?  The NRA had a hand in brokering this, and this is what they're saying you'll see,

  • Repeal the District's ban on semi-automatic handguns.  Semi-automatic pistols have been the most commonly purchased handguns in the United States over the last 20 years, and therefore a ban on those firearms is unconstitutional as decided by Heller;


  • Restore the right of self-defense by repealing the requirement that firearms be disassembled or secured with a trigger lock in the home;


  • Repeal the current D.C. registration system that requires multiple visits to police headquarters; ballistics testing; passing a written test on D.C. gun laws; fingerprinting; and limiting registration to one handgun per 90 days.  The current system is unduly burdensome and serves as a vehicle for even more onerous restrictions; and


  • Create a limited exemption to the federal ban on interstate handgun sales by allowing D.C. residents to purchase handguns in Virginia and Maryland.  Currently there are no firearms dealers in the District of Columbia, and the federal ban prohibits residents from purchasing handguns outside of the District; therefore, District residents have no means of purchasing handguns.

Now, I notice it doesn't say no registration, it says the cumbersome registration that exists now is a no-go, so I wonder if you may still have to register.  Hope I'm wrong, and that there'll be no registration, guess we'll see. 

Guess if you're living in DC, having a registered pistol beats being dead because you couldn't legally defend yourself.  I wonder what, if any restrictions will be placed on semi-autos, if they'll put a limit on capacity, or allow DC to.  The rest is all self explanatory and good, and I'm glad they're addressing the whole "no dealers in DC" issue too.

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LAT opinion piece on the burger ban

There's a good opinion piece on the South L.A. fast food ban (discussed earlier here and here) in the Los Angeles Times today. Local talk radio host Joe Hicks gets right to the point:

[City Council member Jan] Perry and her colleagues seem to believe that the only way to save people from themselves is to have government slap food from the hands of poor black and brown residents in her district. There is no disagreement that obesity and diabetes are a disproportionate problem in the South L.A. neighborhoods her moratorium targets. However, the culprit for this problem is not as clear as she and her allies would have us believe. The prevailing attitude at City Hall seems to be that government has an answer for all things. It does not, and government's intrusions into the daily lives of citizens as well as constant meddling in the affairs of business often cause more harm than good.
Hicks gives Perry some credit for supporting the opening of a nonunion Fresh & Easy grocery store in the neighborhood, but there's more FAIL there, as "union and community activists have done everything they could to prevent the store from opening." You. Just. Can't. Win.

(Via the comments here.)

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An actual Sean Hannity statement

Speaking about Ludacris and Sen. Obama (paraphrased): "Listen, I don't think all rappers are bad people.  I actually have had the opportunity to interview MC Hammer before, and I love his earlier music."

He then transported back from 1991 to finish the rest of the show.  Oh, and to waste valuable air time by playing MC Hammer's "Pray."

It's time like these when I want to get a huge megaphone and scream "I swear, not all conservatives are this out of touch!"

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Lt. Col. West's statement on Rep. Klein and the ZOA

Lt. Col. Allen West, who is seeking to unseat Rep. Ron Klein in Florida's 22nd District, released the following statement today regarding the Human Events story on Rep. Klein and the Zionist Organization of America:

We believe that Mort Klein was put in an untenable position by Ron Klein or his supporters. Alan Bergstein was given the choice of resigning from either the ZOA or from his volunteer support for Allen West. We are not aware of any Ron Klein supporters who received a similar phone call.

Mr. Bergstein resigned under protest from the ZOA. To our knowledge, no mention was made of tax status concerns but even if the question had been raised, the remedy was an over-reaction.

Mr. Bergstein honored the group's rules when he set up the candidate forum that started this ball rolling. Allen West appreciated the hospitality extended to him by the local ZOA and also honored their rules in his comments to them.

This argument is not--and should not be--between Allen West and the ZOA. It is more properly directed at Ron Klein, without whose inappropriate pressure this would not have occurred.

Donna Brosemer

You can donate to Lt. Col. Allen West here.

***Cross-posted at Down the Ticket***

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Can we finally chuck Chuck Hagel?


See the second video here.

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Orwell Could See Through Time

Captain Bullshit:

We know what kind of campaign they’re going to run. They’re going to try to make you afraid. They’re going to try to make you afraid of me. He’s young and inexperienced and he’s got a funny name. And did I mention he’s black?*"

Yet again the left can make a bold accusation without any evidence to support it. If asked to present one example of a prominent Republican saying anything directly racist in the last ten years, they'd be unable to find anything (except, perhaps, the Macaca thing). Clearly, the Republicans are too smart and evil to actually say how much they hate black people. Instead, it is obvious by their statements that they do.

Only to a liberal in this bizarro 1984 world does calling someone arrogant or elitist amount to racism.

Of course, I'm pretty sure the phrase "I love black people" would be interpreted as racist by the left. "He only feels the need to say that because of how racist he is!!!!!11eleventytrillion."

This shit gives me a headache. From now on I'm blogging about children's toys.

* - I know how long ago he said that but today his camp explained that a nearly identical statement wasn't about race.  This same aide later mentioned that our war with Eurasia has entered its 4,300th year.

I'll give them one thing, ignorance certainly seems to be strength.

Update:  More in a similar vein here.

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Obama and Edwards:No Child All Children Left Behind

Education party my ass...

So have Juliette at Baldilocks trying to raise money for a bunch of Kenyan kids who were stood up by Our Lord and Savior, and then I see this.  Seems John Edwards also had some school kids that he needed to let down. 

For those that may not remember, Silky launched a scholarship program in 2005, called "College for Everyone", which was supposed to give scholarships to students who might not otherwise be able to afford to go.  It received wide publicity and praise from the press and elsewhere. 

As you can see in the Newsbusters link, Silky declared in a press release that this program would eventually give millions of students scholarships that would pay for one year of their college education if they went to a public colleges and universities.  The press is touting Silky's program for what it did for local schools in North Carolina, but a lot of North Carolina parents and students are disappointed that the program is being cancelled.   The press is trying to deflect criticism of Edwards by claiming that it was only meant to be a three year program.  I'm calling BS, you don't announce you'll be creating a scholarship program that'll pay for a year of college for millions of students on a three year program.

Note to prominent Democrats, if you're going to promise children and their families all this great charitable aid, you may want to, oh, I dunno, follow through?  Kinda makes you look like a total dick when you don't keep your promise.

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Rep. Klein's campaign is scared of Lt. Col. Allen West

According to John Gizzi at Human Events, Rep. Ron Klein's recent behavior after a Zionist Organization of America event shows that the his campaign is scared of the challenge presented by Lt. Col. Allen West:

Last Thursday (July 24th), the president of the Zionist Organization of America, one of America’s the most respected of Jewish-American organizations, called ZOA South Florida organization chairman Alan Bergstein and gave him an ultimatum: stop his volunteer work for West or resign from his ZOA post. According to the West campaign, “it was made clear to Bergstein that Ron Klein was necessary to pass congressional legislation important to ZOA and to Israel. ZOA has an obligation to its membership to ensure that their issues are considered, so the national office clearly felt it had no choice but to deliver the message to Mr. Bergstein.”

Think about it for a minute, experts: if Klein is sending a signal for someone to do give an ultimatum to a campaign volunteer for West, does it not follow that he is somewhat concerned about the Republican challenger?
These strong-arm tactics are typical of hard-core liberals like Rep. Ron Klein. However, they failed to see the unintended consequences of their actions:
And Bergstein? Upset that (in his words) “a Jewish congressman has to threaten Israel and world Jewry by whining over one person’s activities, Bergstein chose the better part of valor, resigned his position with ZOA, and will work hard on the West campaign.
Classic. If you are in the area (coastal Palm Beach and Broward counties) make sure to sign up to volunteer for Lt. Col. Allen West's campaign. Not in the area? You can still send a few bucks his way.

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McCain finally stands up for himself

Sen. McCain's campaign has finally grown some...ahem...and called out Obama for playing the race card:

As the Illinois Democrat campaigned in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on Thursday, Republican John McCain's campaign manager Rick Davis has issued a statement saying that Obama "played the race card, and he played it from the bottom of the deck."

Davis said that move was, as he put it, "divisive, negative, shameful and wrong."

I think that if anything loses this election for Obama it will be his own massive ego, not necessarily anything McCain does or doesn't do.  This kind of hubris just isn't likable.

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Paulbots seek to elect the most statist candidate in U.S. history

This, my dear, is what I call Grade-A nuance:

Dueling delegations pitting Ron Paul's Nevada supporters against those of John McCain vow to take their fight to the Republican National Convention.

That's just one sign that the outsider, Internet-fueled movement led by the feisty Republican congressman from Texas remains afloat in the wake of McCain's victory in the GOP primaries.

In the libertarian-leaning West, where Paul's message of distrust of the federal government and ardent individualism played particularly well, there is talk of Republicans straying from McCain. Libertarian candidate Bob Barr has emerged as a favorite alternative for Paul activists, followed by Constitutional Party candidate Chuck Baldwin.


"In Nevada, there's absolutely enough to have an effect on the election," said Chuck Muth, a leading conservative activist in a state in which early polls show McCain and Democratic candidate Barack Obama in a statistical tie.

I know I'm going to catch hell from the libertarians amongst us, but I never understood the draw of voting third party.  Personally, I couldn't live with the guilt of contributing to an Obama presidency. 

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Another Reason Socialized Medicine Sucks

Okay. I'm not sure I gave you a first reason that socialized medicine sucks, but trust me, it bites the weenie. I'm sure you probably have two or three reasons already in mind anyway.

In what can only be described as horrific failure, a hospital in the UK admits it erroneously gave cancer patients the all clear, when patients actually had cancer. And they told cancer-free patients that they had the disease and began administering unnecessary treatments.

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Shameless self-promotion day!


Just two things I'm going to boost, then you're free to pimp your place in comments.

First, Baldilocks has made some progress on her efforts to start up a non-profit to help Senator Obama Kogelo Secondary School get the funding promised to them by Barack Obama(which he never came through on), but that's just the beginning.  She'll have a site up and running soon, and the main fundraiser will begin shortly, she'll need all the help she can get in donation and in promotion of the project.

I'd like to Vintage's project, Down the Ticket, which will be promoting and covering conservative challengers running for Congress, Senate and Governor.  If you're looking for a conservative to support this election, drop by Down the Ticket and find one, and drop by regularly to find out the latest news from that district or state.

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Boy, the MSM sure is pushing the "Obamacans" thing

This time, The New York Times gives us a bunch more rock-ribbed (ahem) conservatives who have Seen the Light:

Chuck Lasker, a political blogger and Internet consultant in Indiana, hosted a gathering last week of 20 people he calls “whispering Republicans” — party members like him who support Senator Barack Obama, a Democrat, for president. Over iced tea and brownies, the renegades took turns explaining why they liked Mr. Obama and recalling the strange stares from other Republicans.

“It was sort of like a group therapy session,” said Mr. Lasker, who said he had never voted for a Democrat, for any office, until the Indiana primary in May. “We all wanted to make sure we weren’t a little crazy.”
Um, forgive me for saying this, but you are, in fact, batshit crazy for supporting a socialist jackass like Captain Bullshit. If you're not wild about McCain, how about staying home instead of giving the most important job in the world to a monstrously unqualified empty suit who happens to enjoy hanging around with a bunch of hate-whitey and hate-America whackjobs?

Oh, and am I the only one who's getting tired of the whole "never voted for a Democrat before" thing that seems to be a part of every single one of these stories? It's not like we could check to see if this is true or anything, and it smacks of bullshit. Hey, maybe Obama is the right guy for them, after all.

If you don't feel like reading the whole thing, Chuck Hagel and Eisenhower's granddaughter are given as examples of prominent Republicans who might be or are supporting Obama.  Again.  Doug Kmeic and Lincoln Chafee aren't mentioned, so their phones must have been busy when  the reporter called.

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July 30, 2008

Vacation, interrupted

Do you remember the Furby craze?  Well, I relived it in microcosm today.
It still sucks.

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Just A Reminder The Next Time You Stay In A Hotel

This may be waiting for you.

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A little geeky fun

This is from a few days ago, so feel free to sing a chorus of "It's Old," but apparently, George Lucas has finally been punished for the whole Jar Jar fiasco.

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Dude looks like a lady...or is it the other way around?

There's an interesting (if somewhat disturbing) article in the Grauniad today about gender confusion at the Olympics and how humiliating some of the testing can be for the, er, female-ish athletes.  Apparently, it's not good enough to just take a look "down there" anymore.

The East Germans, of course, were notorious for doping up their female athletes until they were gigantic, mannish freaks, but they weren't the only Teutonic totalitarians to try cheating.  The Nazis tried a more, shall we say, Python-esque method.

As they say, read the whole thing.

(Via Drudge)

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Richardson to Clintons: You'll take me back, won't you???

Maybe.  He's going to try and help the Clintons pay off the debts owed by her campaign.  He's either doing it because he's helping Our Lord and Savior (because that money has to come from somewhere, and it'll come from Democrats, which means less for him), or maybe he's been cast our of the First Son of Chicago Church.

The whole Clinton campaign debt issue could get interesting if they don't get enough donors to pay it off, and it could become a real weight on the Democrats.  Thus far attempts to raise funds to pay that debt down haven't been real successful. 


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