July 14, 2008

"Food Apartheid"

Mary Katharine Ham has the latest on the growing Grub Gestapo movement, who wants to use the sword of government to dictate how, where and what you eat, this time in South Central LA.  Some dumbass authoritarian councilwoman named Jan Perry wants to ban new fast food joints from opening up in South Central because she thinks that the lack of hipster douchebag health food found in more affluent parts of LA makes for a "Food Apartheid" or some damn thing.  I'm not sure she beats Janice Hahn's subsidized gangstas for dumbest legislative idea, but a good effort. 

Perry claims there is nothing but junk food available to people in South Central.  MKH easily smacks down that lie, and correctly notes most (nearly all really) of the major fast food franchises have significant portions of their menus devoted to healthier choices, people are choosing the greasy stuff. 

This is an issue of choice, not of availability, the fact that South Central residents are choosing Big Macs over McSalads is what Perry is attacking.  You ignorant proles in South Central aren't doing what Commissar Perry wants, and she's gonna make you pay by sucking a little joy out of your life, and possibly more...

Isn't a restaurant, a fast food joint (either as a franchise or an individual startup) in particular a popular choice for people looking to start small businesses?  As I understand it, Big Burger joints tend to try and offer franchise opportunities to people who would never otherwise be able to access them on their own in economically depressed areas like South Central. 

This Nanny ban would probably crush any opportunity for that to happen.  Of course, said Nanny Ban would may likely destroy any individual efforts to start up restaurants as well, things like small family run restaurants.  Perry must know this, yet her desire to feed her authoritarian impulses overrides the need for opportunities found in feeding South Central LA.

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