November 30, 2007

Michael Barrett, MN GOP Vice-Chairman Scrubs Blog

Figures, what a little bitch.  S'okay, I have most of it screencapped, and Ace copied a bunch of his apology.  * Better yet, I have a google cache of all I need.  I took screencaps of the plagiarism before he scrubbed, so we have all that.

Oh, and I got on memeorandum...sweet.  I've been listed on it before, but not the featured story.  I can also see that Minnesota lefty blogs have picked up the story.

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Tards at Greenpeace Naming Whale

I saw this at Fark, Farkers are voting to name it Mister Splashy Pants

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Some Nutbar is Holding Hostages In Hillary's NH HQ

Let's hope this gets resolved peacefully before the retard gets himself or others hurt or worse.  Dude opened up a coat to show what looked like a bomb.  He apparently wants to talk to Hill herself...I hope this stupid asshole doesn't claim to be on our side.

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Trick-or-Treat, You Little Bastard!

Some guy in Britain just pled guilty to common assault, he'll have to go to prison for two months, 80 hours of community service and has to pay his victim £150.  His crime? 

On Halloween, he put up a sign that said "No Trick-or-Treat" in a poorly lit spot on his door, and after having a few kids knock, having missed the sign, he stepped out shouting and cursing, punched a kid in the mouth and busted open his lip!

What a dick, what kind of man punches a little kid like that, I mean really, even if the kid is being a little bastard?  Not this guy, I'd have busted open this jerk's lip right after he popped that kid. 

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Fred Goes RINO Hunting, Bags Three in One Shot

Awesome ad.

This needs to be just the beginning, break it up into standard length ads and bombard your target states, and for God's sake put radio versions out for talk radio!

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November 29, 2007

Malor at Ace's Says We're Focusing on the Wrong Aspects of the CNN/Youtube Sham

I disagree.  Malor argues that we're losing what's important here, and what is important is how the candidates did and what they said.  To an extent, yes, I'll cede that we should focus on some of the answers.  However the point that's getting flogged in the dextrosphere is entirely valid. 

Malor is missing the point, and Ace addressed it effectively here, its not even the questions that were the problem, its the framing of the debate, and the comparative treatment of the GOP and the Democrats and the operative handicap it places on us.

Many of the arguably Republican questions were asked by minstrel versions of conservatives.  This drags down the entire debate, attempting to smear the GOP candidates by association with said Republican minstrels.  If we had the same opportunity to do the same to the left, this would be acceptable, turnabout is fair play, after all, but that isn't ever going to happen.

The worst part about the outraged protestations I’ve read is that they rely on a series of ever more outlandish assumptions. With the exception of the general, none of the questioners were inappropriate and none of them were “plants.” Michelle Malkin spent the day updating her lead story about the questioners who have been discovered to be supporting Democratic candidates. The only way her outrage works is if we make a wild assumption: the questioners were supposed to be conservative or Republican.

It’s silly to pretend that we thought the questioners would all be Republicans. The YouTube submission contest noted that it would take questions from all comers. The candidates at both this debate and the Democratic one in August understood that they would face questions from people of all political affiliations. You’ll note that if this debate had been moderated by CNN anchors like Wolf Blitzer or Anderson Cooper, such an understanding would have been patent.

This point is only valid in a bubble.  But we're not in a bubble.  When the Democrats did the Youtube debate, their questions were mostly asked by liberals, with a few Republican minstrels thrown in for Democrats to slap around.  Had we had honest questions from real conservatives, who don't look like liberal-created minstrel versions of conservatives, and the occasional goofball leftist to slap about, there wouldn't be this uproar, because we would have received equal treatment.  And before I get jumped on for calling for a softball debate, I'll address that later.

We didn't expect that the GOP would get questions by conservatives, for conservatives, no one did.  We knew we were going to see attempts to sandbag, tar or otherwise take swipes at the GOP.  We didn't expect it to be this egregious.  Had the Democrats been treated the way the GOP field was treated last night, the candidates would have ripped off their mics and walked out. 

How sad is it that we’re reduced to crying for CNN to go easy on us? It’s just not fair, we (and every 13 year-old teenage girl in the country) whine. Disparate treatment between the political parties is certainly objectionable. But the solution isn’t to complain that the question selection made Republicans look bad by liberals.

Nobody's crying.  That's not what we're doing.  Until we effectively assemble a news system that rivals the current level of power that The Deciders wield, we'll continue to operate at a massive disadvantage, until then, we'll continue to be made to look like some savage exotic beast on Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. 

I'm all for throwing tough questions at our GOP candidates, and as conservatives, we should be ready to smack down any attempted sandbagging like what happened yesterday, but we need to focus on building a rival media system, and that means a combination of tearing down The Deciders while building up our own system  The central goal of the conservative movement online is to work to expose egregious bias, lies and double standards of The Deciders, so that we may break this handicap we have.

On a side note,

More than that, as commentators like Michelle Malkin, our own Moron-in-Chief, and even Glenn Reynolds, try to outdo each other on the outrage-o-meter while they work themselves and their readers into a scorn-lathered orgiastic spasm of victimhood, we are largely missing the real stories that came out of last night’s debate. Today, the legacy media did better than us at reporting on the content of the candidates’ answers and the debate’s impact on viewers. With a very few notable exceptions (thank you, Slublog), we’re wasting our energy on a silly process story.

I find this pretty obnoxious, considering our Moron-in-Chief is giving Malor his site to use as a personal soapbox, not to mention Malor's sliming his readers.  Classy.

Malor responds to myself and others in Ace's comments,

*snip* I don't believe I did insult Ace or the readers. I didn't call them names. I just disagreed with them. Forcefully. I understand that you disagree with my characterization of the escalating outrage as a "scorn-lathered orgiastic spasm of victimhood", and I'm glad you told me why.

First, he's wrong, that's not what Ace, Malkin, Insty and everyone else on the dextrosphere are doing.  This isn't about victimhood, this is about exposing and discrediting a corrupt media.  Second, he basically calls Ace and his readership a bunch of spazzy whiners.  I don't care that he tries to insult me, but he owes Ace a little more respect.  You don't take a swipe like that at the guy who gives you his soapbox.

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November 28, 2007

Rayman: Raving Rabbids 2

Fun promo, you can see this on Youtube's front page in the right top ads. 

I hope to try this out.  I have the first game in the series, and can vouch that its a lot of fun.  Its a hodgepodge of random goofy minigames.  In particular, the rail shooters are a blast, and I think that genre of game is a natural fit for the Nintendo Wii. 

You often have to inflict cartoonish abuses on the poor Rabbids, like pimpslapping choirboys who sing off key(its probably the funniest game in Raving Rabbids), to shooting them with a plunger shooting pistol, to launching one into barrels set like bowling pins.

The games are anywhere from stupid to incredibly fun and some a little frustrating.  The Rabbids are funny as hell, and some of the cutscenes you can earn are great(you can find those at Ubisoft's site and probably on youtube).

So I'll be curious to see how Raving Rabbids 2 is.

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The LA Times Sex Scandal...The Story That Will Never End

How long are we going to hear about this damn story before it actually breaks?  I'm really getting to the 'put up or shut up' stage with this story.  What gives anyway, are they scared to put it out?  Are they confirming things? 

Anyway, the new rumor is that its not the "Hillary is a Lesbo" Story, its Bill was having yet another affair.  Which I doubt is gonna have too much of an effect, other than people groaning and saying

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Wow, They're Really Going Through With It: The Mohammed Teddy Teacher Is Facing Charges

Yikes.  Sudan must be entirely run by a clone army of Islamic Rage Boys.  I hope we or the Brits or someone step in, or do a commando raid or whatever the hell we have to do to get her out of this.

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Michael Barrett: Minnesota House Candidate, Vice-Chair of the Minnesota GOP, Blog Plagiarist ***Update: Barrett Half-Apologizes, Hangs it Up

A few days ago, I received this comment from commenter MagicalPat on a post I did about a study group I think is beginning to beat the Nanny Stater war drum against bacon and other tasty smoked meats. We of course all know Nanny Staters exist for the sole purpose of sucking every ounce of joy out of our lives through any means they can.  It was a fairly popular post, I had fun writing it, I got a nice traffic bump, and people seemed to like it, heh, of course, someone liked it enough to swipe it.  

So anyway, I posted a new thread addressing the plagiarism(where you can see the process we went through digging through this story, its kind of a mess, which is why I wrote this).  I linked to the original post, and to the plagiarized copy (screencaptured copy of the post)Pat sent me from a blogger called The Seventh Son.

As you can see, he made a few tiny changes, and used the same pic, but its pretty much my post.  From there, I learned that Pat found out Seventh Son stole my post when he discovered that his own guest-post at Ankle Biting Pundits (screencaptured copy of Pat's post) was also plagiarized by Seventh Son.  Seventh Son ain't subtle.  And of course, he has no comments on his site, and no way to contact him.  Nice, right?

Later on, I realized he also plagiarized part of a post in which Slublog, a co-blogger at Ace of Spades HQ and has his own site, linked my story (just before Pat confirmed that for me in comments).  I believe Seventh Son picked up the story from Ace of Spades, as Ace has a pretty high traffic site.  Here is the crossposted link from Slublog's personal site, and where Seventh Son likely lifted it at Ace of Spades, here again is the Seventh Son post in question (screencapped copy of what he plagiarized here) so you can see what he lifted.

(Funny: Cuffy at Perfunction skewers our plagiarist quite nicely)

Pat continued to dig to see what else he could find out about The Seventh Son, and soon came across where Seventh Son got into a feud with left-leaning blogger lloydletta, who focuses on news in Minnesota.  What's funny is, it looks like lloydletta totally got the better of Seventh Son, and that may have prompted Seventh Son to shut down his comments and cut off contact.  Seventh Son, as I'm sure you can figure out from the title of the post and the links in his blog, is also from Minnesota.  lloydletta also gave us his name, The Seventh Son is in fact Michael Barrett. 

We've found that Barrett unsuccessfully ran for Minnesota's District 7 House of Representatives seat in 2006 (perhaps lacking in original ideas?), and through a site called Look True North, a site for Minnesota conservatives that Michael Barrett contributes(now contributed) to, we found his bio(under Seventh Son) and discovered he was also a Vice-Chair of the Minnesota Republican Party!  We confirmed this through the Minnesota GOP's Executive Committee page

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed by me are my own personal views and should not be construed in any way as reflecting the views of the RPM or the CD-7 Executive Committees.

(Pat pointed this out, from Seventh Son's Look True North Bio, heh*  LookTrueNorth has Removed Seventh Son from their Biographies, so this is no longer there)

I'll also note, his site is linked under the Minesota GOP's Blogs section of its website, its marked as CD7 (unofficial) Blog.  They may wanna rethink that, of course they may wanna rethink having such a numbskull as their Vice-Chairman.  Oh, and it looks like he's a Fred supporter, Fred, I'm a supporter too, if he's part of your MN campaign, you may want to dump this chump.

Thankfully, Barrett has no problem quoting blogs, so he can't pull the "I'm an Internet Idiot" defense here, and worm his way out of this.  He knows to cite blogs if he's taking quotes from them.  You can see here where Barrett quotes a RedState article.  So not only is he a plagiarist, he's an elitist too.  Barrett has no problem plagiarizing posts from lesser known people like Pat, Slublog and I, but he gives due citation to bloggers with some status.  Gotcha!

I only speak for myself here, I'll leave it to Slublog and MagicalPat to offer their own opinions.  I know its my post is silly post, its what I do at doubleplusundead, I'm an Ace of Spades Spinoff-Moronblogger.  I could have lived with it had he either linked me and copied my post, nicked the article I used without a hat tip, or hell even nicked a line or two, I would've let it go.  But, he decided he'd enjoy credit for our posts, I think I'll enjoy goofing on him.

May I say, I think Barrett's in the wrong party...or maybe not, the mix of elitism and clumsy stupidity make him perfect material for the upper echelons of the Republican Party Leadership...maybe Trent Lott will need an assistant in his new lobbying gig. 

I've tried to get in contact with Barrett through various means for the past five days, I've also given the MN GOP notice that we have this story, have received confirmation they received the notice, and are looking into it.  However, I think its best that people are made aware of Barrett's plagiarism, particularly because he may be running for the House again in 2008.  We may as well put this story out there, because it'll be us, or it'll be the Left, and I'd rather we police our own.

Oh, and one last thing, should Barrett decide to scrub his blog if he finds he doesn't like unwanted attention, I've screencapped everything, so I'll post those as needed.  Just let me know if he's done so in comments, and I'll post my screencaps. 

****Update:  He totally scrubbed his blog, I've posted the parts he plagiarized.  Pity.  I think there's still a cache of his site, but I dunno how long that'll last,  I say pity because who knows who else he plagiarized, and we may never find out.

Update:  Look True North looks, doesn't like what it seesNot in the least, I'll note the words doubleplusundead and hard work are almost perfectly contradictory...heh.

Update:  Sue in comments lets me know that(screencapped Google cache of Barrett's apology) Barrett has apologized, and is hanging it up.  Really, all I want is an apology and proper acknowledgement (and I'm sure Slublog and MagicalPat are the same way), he's halfway there.

 He had no comments or email to send a note to, so it was impossible to contact him.  Sadly for him, he made himself unavailable, and only apologized just now, because this story is getting some fairly significant coverage at this point, and I would have handled it in a quieter manner.  Oh, well, his fault.

He makes the "internet idjit"  defense copout a little bit, which is weak, and I address it earlier, and the "I didn't intend it for a wider audience" cop out too, which kinda sounds like "I didn't think I'd get caught".  Which I'll note, he knew to quote people, he quoted RedState, so its an elitist thing too, quoting big bloggers while ignoring the more obscure ones. 

Update:  Minnesota GOP scrubs Seventh Son from its Blogs page.

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November 27, 2007

Scott Beauchamp Out of Iraq

I'll be curious to see where this goes.  I wanna see if he'll repeat the lies, or if he'll cave and admit he screwed up big.   It seems to be shady writers week at doubleplusundead.  In any case, I finally got around to making a LOLchamp,

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Air America is gonna do a cruise.  All I'm gonna say is I pity the crew, I'm guessing bile is a bitch to clean up...

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November 26, 2007

The Big Dig

We've all heard about the Big Dig, the massive underround tunnel system meant to ease traffic congestion in Boston, Ace comments on it a bit here, and notes its not gonna just be Boston that needs a massive rebuilding and restructuring, that many other will too.  He wonders if we can even do big infrastructure projects anymore, given the bloody fortune, red tape, incompetence and headaches they cause now. 

Its a good question, but he truth is that this sort of chaos is typical in big government projects.  My college thesis was about a WPA project.  I won't go into details, but by the time it was finished, the project was well over double the projected cost, and a project that they thought would go for about a year and a half at the most went for five years, and a few small things were finished up by private companies.  So really, this isn't unusual or unexpected.

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Trent Lott to Resign

What else is there to say other than - Adios, mofo!

I've always found Lott to be a slimy little tool with a bolted on helmet of hair, between his general sliminess, his far from kosher attitude on spending(as everyone else in the dextrosphere has stated), his elitist good ol' boys attitude, attacking the base for its oppostion to amnesty, and making a veiled threat to talk radio.  I realize nearly every righty blog has said much the same, but really, when you hear Trent Lott is resigning, all these things pop into mind immediately for conservatives.  He needed to go. 

Interesting enough, Allah at HotAir thinks that he's resigning now to sneak in before new lobbying regulations come in that would effect him.  Which is in large part why I thought so many GOP elite were cool with voting for amnesty, because they truly believe in it, and they ultimately weren't going to get punished, because lobbying firms would keep a desk for them should they lose their seat.  Lott probably was safe, but that sweet, sweet lobby dollah was calling him, and he saw the window closing, so Lott did what comes most natural to him, he sold out.

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November 22, 2007

I Have a Plagiarist, So Do Lots of Others...He's a Vice Chairman of the Minnesota GOP! *Sticky'd, Scroll Down to Read the Rest of My Crappy Blog*

******New Post here, with updates and screenshots of the plagiarist Michael Barrett's blog.

*I've edited and cleaned up the post somewhat, as I was updating as we dug up new info, it was kinda sloppy.

***Update:  I've received a response from the MN GOP, noting they are looking into our allegations.

One of my top posts, about Nanny Staters beginning to beat the war drum against bacon and other tasty smoked meats, was pretty much plagiarized by blogger The Seventh Son a week later, totally uncredited, down to the AK kitty pic I used.  (I love that pic)

You'll note, he doesn't have comments at his site, and he doesn't leave a way to contact him.  Weak. 

MagicalPat, guestposting at Ankle Biting Pundits had a post he did plagiarized by this guy too(thanks for letting me know Pat), and brought it to my attention in comments.  I'd advise anyone who reads or accidentally stumbles into my crapblog to see if he plagiarized something from you.  Before, I asked people to flag the guy's site, I changed my mind, I want people to see the tool's site.

I'm also putting up where he took MagicalPat's guest post.  Here's Pat's ABP piece, and here is where Seventh Son swiped it.

He likely stole my post from Ace of Spades HQ, Slublog made a post there with the essentially the same "First they came for..." poem Seventh Son has in his entry.  Here's where Slublog cross-posted at his site, now go back and read Seventh Sons entry. And here's likely where Seventh Son swiped it, Ace of Spades HQ is a pretty big site, and probably where he saw it.

The guy had a feud with a left-leaning blogger, and Pat, using the name given by the lefty blog, shows that his name is Michael Barrett, and he ran for for the House of Representatives in 2006.  We can also confirm who it is from a second source, a site he contributes to called Look True North, where he writes under the name The Seventh Son.  Seventh Son likely refers to the fact that he is from District 7 of Minnesota.  I also like the irony Pat found here, from Look True North's bio,

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed by me are my own personal views and should not be construed in any way as reflecting the views of the RPM or the CD-7 Executive Committees.


That link is Look True North's biography page, it links his blog, and confirms who it is, using the combined info from those three links, we can find out that not only is it Michael Barrett, who ran for the House of Representatives in 2006, he is a Vice-Chairman of the Minnesota Republican Party!  Pat also noted that Barrett may be running again for the House in 2008. 

Sadly, he is also linked by the Minnesota Republican Party's Official website under their blogs, its linked as CD 7 (unofficial) Blog.  The Minnesota GOP may want to think about reprimanding Mr. Barrett, and probably may want to discontinue linking his site.

By the way, Barrett, if you're reading this...I have screencaps of the stuff you plagiarized from Pat, Slublog and myself, and those will get posted if you scrub your blog and try to deny that you plagiarized us.  Just letting you know.

Update:  Oh, nice, you'll note he actually quotes larger bloggers, like here, where he recently posted a piece from RedState.  So not only is he a thieving tool, he's an elitist thieving tool.  If its a big-league blogger, he'll give you your due reference.  On the flipside, it gives us proof that he knows he should have cited us, he's destroyed the Internet Ignorance("I didn't know what I was doing, I'm new to this") defense.

I know some people don't like when full blog posts are copied, I don't really care, as long as the blogger or blog that wrote it was cited.  Its clear Michael Barrett has no problem plagiarizing obscure blogs like my own, figuring he can get away with it.  Its odd that he plagiarized Pat's piece, given it was published on a fairly large site.  Of course, Slublog is an official Ace of Spades Moron Co-Blogger, so that was published at a popular site too.

And because I might as well have some fun, I nicked the MN GOPs mug of the chump, and made myself a LOLitician,

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November 21, 2007

...Greta Van Susteren Seen Greedily Rubbing Her Hands Together

Those three guys from the Natalee Holloway story were arrested again.  Wonder where this is going...

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November 20, 2007

This is Apparently About Net Neutrality...Or Something

This is about the most messed up thing ever...they have Tron Guy, some creepy drag queen, the Asian Backstreet Boys, and Peter Pan guy...with cameos from the spongemonkey things from the Quiznos commercials and the dancing baby.  What, they couldn't get Numa guy, Tay Zonday, Bubb Rubb or the 'I like turtles' kid?

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Christian Group Pushes To Sue Under Blasphemy Laws

In Britain, there's a group who wants to see a BBC exec and a producer of an opera based on Jerry Springer sued for blasphemy.  Its rare to successfully pursue blasphemy charges in the UK, its only been successfully done three times in 80 years.  Its already been rejected by a lower court, but will be heading to a higher court.

Now, on one level, I realize its stupid, and by all means the suit should be dismissed.  On the other hand, I see shit like this, where the police are threatening TV shows with charges of inciting hatred against muslims for showing incitement of jihad in their own country, where we have insane Muslim clerics saying the most hateful crap imaginable, inciting jihad, or using the threat of violence to stop people from showing the Mohammed cartoons. And I think to myself, why not? 

As Parker and Stone noted in South Park's Cartoon Wars, either everything is fair game, or nothing is, and if it takes Christians or Jews bloodying a few noses(rhetorically speaking) for people to recognize that(and hopefully make the right choice, which Parker and Stone get), maybe its for the best.  There is no shade of gray here, Western society will have to make that choice soon.

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NY DMV Bars GETOSAMA Vanity Plate Because it Could Be Offensive

The guy who wants the plates is a retired NYPD sergeant, so unsurprisingly, he really, really hates Bin Laden.  We all do of course, but I have to imagine there's an especially visceral hatred of the fucker among NYPD and FDNY, given the sense of fraternity police and firemen have and their shared loss on 9/11.  He got a letter from the DMV, which said,

In a letter addressed to Herwerth, the DMV said they "prohibit the issuance of any license plate combination that is, 'in the discretion of the commissioner, obscene, lewd, lascivious, derogatory to a particular ethnic group or patently offensive.'"

Wanting the mastermind of the biggest attack on American soil dead falls under those guidelines?  Where?  Beyond that, as the article states, we have a $25 million dollar bounty on the bastards head! 

The guy sounds like he's gonna wage a PR campaign if he doesn't get his way...good.

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Star Trek's Top 10 Cheesiest Alien Creatures

And yes, there are Tribbles on the list!

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