January 31, 2008

New Study Claims That Iraq Death Toll is About One Million

I think I'm gonna call BS on this one, after all, the debunked Lancet Study claimed that the number was 600,000. 


The group that did the study is called the Opinion Research Business, and I'd love to find out who actually funded this study.  Lefties are already starting to flog this as their latest talking point.  This HuffPo tool is declaring that the US has created a Holocaust under the Bushitler, and that we're denying it. 

No, lefties won't give up this meme, evah!

Ah, here we go, the Mudville Gazette guys are already on it,  the Independent Institute for Administration and Civil Society Studies, which worked with the ORB in creating this propaganda was involved in the first Lancet study.  I'd still love to know where the money came from to fund this study.

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January 30, 2008

Dude, Sick! Dog Eats Paralyzed Owners Toes

AAAAAGGGHH!!!  And yes, it was a pit.

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EU Leaders to Call for Ban on Patio Heaters

We knew this was coming, they kicked smokers out of pubs, pub owners set up patio heaters for the smokers outside so they didn't freeze. They defied their Nanny Overlords, which simply cannot be permitted, and the EU is starting to make a move toward banning patio heaters, arguing they contribute to Global Warming.  I'll say the same thing I said the first time this came up, until the Europeans collectively grow a pair and fight back, they'll continue getting more of this bullshit. Americans better take fucking notice, because its already here, and if we don't put a stop to Nanny State garbage like this real quick, we'll start facing the same crap.

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McCain Going to CPAC

...may he be booed out of the convention.  I know there will be a lot of people who are saying we should fall in line and accept McCain.  That ain't happening at doubleplusundead.  I don't fall in line.   McCain is a public official, he can fall in line, I'm a US Citizen, I won't fall in line unless I choose to.

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McCain Won Florida

The GOP is done for...enough said.

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January 29, 2008

80-Person Brawl at Chuck-E-Cheese!

Too friggin' awesome!  Cops had to lay down some mace to break it up.  The best part?  Another fight broke with about 10 people while local TV crews were doing stories on the whole episode. 

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So Lame it is Awesome

Tattoo Assassins, a miserable failure of a game that attempted to capitalize on the success of Mortal Kombat.  I'll make you click over to see it, this thing is epic in its awfulness, only two cabinets were made, and one was destroyed, so only the company has an actual copy of the game.  However, someone did get the ROM of it and its now available on MAME and other emulators. 

The concept and storyline of the game is terrible, and so was the execution, crappy gameplay with really lots of really stupid gimmicky fatalities, which were going to be its main hook.  Here's a video of some of the ridiculous fatalities, but I suggest clicking the link to get a real feel for how truly awesomely awful this game is.

Here are two insider perspectives. The game was developed by pinball developer Data East Pinball (later bought out by SEGA).  Data East was kind of a mediocre developer of pinball games, and didn't have the kind of budgets or talent that the other pinball developers had. They tended to rush their products, the only thing that really kept them in the game was that they were good at picking up licenses for movie and other tie-ins. 

The second story from the developer is something else, the development team members about killed themselves trying to crank out this steaming pile within eight months, they were chasing a $25,000 bonus.

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January 28, 2008

Any Excuse

To use this pic, even a goofball fake story like this,


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Rudy's Campaign About Over if These Polls Are Right

According to Zogby, who you always take with at least a grain of salt, has Giuliani at 13%, and the Hucktard at 14% in Florida.  Mitt and McCain are pretty much tied at 30%.  Ron Paul is the guy that Rudy is beating in Florida right now. 

I've long believed, and continue to believe, that Rudy's success as a candidate relied on fear of the Hildebeest.  As long as the Hildebeest looked inevitable, Rudy was inevitable too.  When the Hildebeest's campaign started to stumble, it broke her aura of inevitability, and it broke Rudy's too, and that's why he's tanked so badly.  Hillary's weakness as a candidate and the challenge from Obama pretty much ruined it for Rudy, not to mention his campaign pretty much assumed the primary would be a breeze.

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Also Obligatory for doubleplusundead

LEGO blocks were created 50 years ago today!

LEGOs are no longer my top traffic draw, they've been replaced by Budweiser's Chelada, but they did give me a pretty big boost, and LEGO stories were pretty much obligatory.

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Man Injured by WWII Era Explosive

This school in Orlando was built on a WWII era bombing range, and he received minor injuries when an igniter for a phosphorus firebomb went off while he was working on a long jump sand pit.  The Army Corps of Engineers had done a sweep to remove the bombs when it was first discovered the school was on what was an old bombing range.  Obviously they missed one.  They're coming back to do another sweep to see if they find any more igniters or bombs they missed.

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Class Action Lawsuit Over Braaaains

Given the nature of the topic, the title is in very poor taste, but this is doubleplusundead, and the zombie reference writes itself.  There is a class action lawsuit being pursued by an Ohio family, their son died after having a seizure and swerving into a pond. The local coroner had removed his brain for tests to determine what exactly caused his death, and it was never returned.

I couldn't resist....

The suit names all but one county in Ohio.  It argues that the next of kin should be the final word on what happens to organs that undergo examination, and by the state assuming control, it is a violation of the constitutional right to due process. 

I'm assuming that a will would override that, but the article doesn't say.  There have been other lawsuits arguing similar cases which have been successful, about $6 million has been given to families in settlements already, and I'm guessing we could see this pop up in other states as well, so this could be a huge thing by the time all the suits are filed.

Obviously, this is an emotional topic, and the National Association of Medical Examiners decides to approach the situation delicately...

"Human beings relate to the personhood and soul of other living human beings, but these qualities are extinguished at death," said the medical examiners' brief. "The real family interest is in the 'soul' of the deceased, if it continues in an afterlife, or in the memory of the 'soul', rather than to the dead carcass."

...masters of PR, I tell you.

The lawyer involved in the suit is known for pursuing these types of cases, the first big case he was involved in was in 1991, when he successfully sued a coroner who had harvested corneas from a widow's husband. 

He'll have a tough case this time, as the Ohio Assembly passed a law in reaction to past lawsuits, which declared all parts taken during an autopsy were to be considered medical waste and disposed.

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January 25, 2008

McCain Is Exempt From The Eleventh Commandment

I'm starting to see the Eleventh Commandment card getting pulled a bit more lately(just linking here as an example), and I think we'll be seeing more of it, particularly if McCain hangs in there and makes it a slog or God forbid wins the nomination.  Some may feel that this classic line from Reagan,

"Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican."

should be applied to John McCain, and others have likely used it in his defense.  Sorry, but I'm gonna go ahead and counter with A Bullshit Card on anyone using the 11th Commandment Card for John McCain.


John McCain is the last person, with the possible exception of the handful of  New England RINOs we have left in Congress, that deserves the protection of the 11th Commandment. 

John McCain has not only reveled in speaking ill of other Republicans, he's reveled in actually undermining basic Republican platform principles time and time again, there's violating the Eleventh Commandment, and then there's what McCain does.  And before someone argues that what he does is compromise, it is not compromise, we held a majority during most of McCain's little "principled stands", what McCain has been doing is,

McCain may just now finally be reaping what he's spent a decade sowing. I'll focus on one issue for this post, because McCain's apologists are bugging the hell out of me when it comes to defending him on this issue.

McCain is the guy who stopped us from making the Bush tax cuts permanent(one of things that tin-eared Texas 'tard got right), which now we're seeing the Democrats sniveling "We're not raising taxes, the law will just sunset", thanks McCain, you fucking wanker, you gave them that out.  McCain must carry his big brass ones in a fucking basket to actually campaign on wanting to make the Bush tax cuts permanent.

And before I hear any bullshit about fiscal discipline, he dipped into the same class warfare bowl that the Democrats did, don't sit there and tell me otherwise.  If he had kept his argument solely based on fiscal discipline, I would have respected his decision.  He didn't. Far as I can tell, his choice to engage in class warfare can only mean one or more of the following:

He told the truth then and is as much a class warfare demagogue as the Democrats, or as liberal in his policy when it comes to taxation.

He was being a spiteful dick and undermining Bush for beating him in the 2000 election, which then brings whether he should be in the position he's in to begin with as a Senator into question, let alone president of he lets spite rule him that much.

He actually did believe that it was fiscally irresponsible, but holds the electorate in such low esteem that he felt he had to resort to simple demagoguery and lie, which makes him an elitist dick.

He loves to slob Beltway and MSM elite knob, and this was the perfect way for him to get their approval.

Or lastly, he just loves screwing the conservative movement and undermining it.

I may have to do a few more posts indicting McCain for his violations of the eleventh commandment.  Truth be told, all the candidates have violated the Eleventh Commandment to some degree, but McCain is by far the most egregious violator of that law.

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Got Him!

McCain that is, these shady connections ought to be enough to cause some serious damage to his chances of winning the nomination. 

I wish this would have come out earlier in the week, but come Monday, this should be all over talk radio, and if we're lucky, because Soros' activist groups are involved, that loudmouth O'Reilly'll be all over it too.

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US Pizza Styles

Interesting list, I'm going to have to see if I can find this Valley Forge pizza they're talking about, and yes, they question whether the Chicago Deep Dish is really even a pizza.

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China Catching up With US in Technology Field

Geoff notes, they're doing so quickly, now, admittedly, they'll hit a wall when they actually get to where they have to innovate or create wholly on their own, not just reverse engineer crap the US or other nations have done already, but this is still cause for concern because its a wall they may well get over and then be able to challenge us technologically.

China may pass us in technological achievement if we don't get it together, let's not forget, while China is far off from its Maoist style brutality, its still under the control of a dangerous and dictatorial Communist regime that does oppress and brutalize its own people, and may well have a desire to oppress other people in Asia if the regime gets ambitious or aggro.

Most important, this shows a need to severely rebuild our decrepit education system, and when I call it decrepit, I'm not talking about the facilities, I'm talking about the philosophies and teaching methods currently in use, clearly they need an overhaul and major rethinking.  I also think this also shows we need to work at drawing in more people with tech backgrounds from the rest of the world, and hell, maybe even a few Chinese people who want to get away from that regime.  We've done that for a long time, we were able to pick up a lot of the big brains of western Europe after WWII, we may have to ramp that up, and why I cringe when I hear people talking moratorium on legal immigration.

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Definition of Dick

In 2004, a Spanish businessman hit and killed a 17 year old on a bicycle with his Audi A8.  The teenager was riding at night without any reflective or bright clothing and no helmet, the man was also speeding.  The family received about $50,000 from his insurance company, and decided not to pursue it further because they figured the man was suffering immensely from guilt. 

Guilt?  Not so much, he's now suing the bicyclist's family for about $20,000 damage done to his Audi, plus another $8000 for the cost of rental cars while he waited for his Audi to be repaired.

*all $ amounts approximate exchanges from Pound to US Dollar.

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January 24, 2008

You Gotta Give Credit Where Its Due

No matter where you are in deciding what to do in the post-Fred fallout period (I haven't decided yet), you have to be objective and admit, Mitt Romney runs one hell of a political machine.  Should be the first few pics, he's got Fredheads for Mitt banners up already.

If any one of my six readers is wondering why I haven't commented on the Fred dealie, I'm just not sure where I am on it, my state is one of the last to vote in the primaries, so odds are very likely that the nominee will have been chosen. 

Part of me is inclined to cheer for the Stormin' Mormon for just the primary at least, for no other reason than to screw over that asshole McCain as one last, emphatic fuck you for all the times he's screwed over the conservative movement during his time in office.

McCain always says he was a foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution...Reagan was before my time so I don't worship him like that retard Hannity, but I get the feeling if the Gipper were here today to see what McCain was doing and has done, he would have thrown his ass in the brig.  Most of McCain's destruction was done when the GOP was in the majority, Reagan had to battle with a Democrat controlled Congress, he gets a pass for most of his compromises and sins, McCain gets no, and deserves no forgiveness.

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Prayers Answered: MST3K Finally Has A Distributor!

Shout! Factory, which is apparently known for buying rights to release DVDs and downloads for cult TV shows and movies.  They'll be releasing all the episodes on DVD and will be available for download.  Sweet.

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January 23, 2008

Some Random Moron Links

I just got nothin' so I'll send you to a few links I enjoyed or found interesting...

California backs off its creepy Nanny State/Big Brother plan to install monitors on thermostats in homes which would allow energy firms to regulate temperature when the people caught wind of the shenanigans.

Russia continues to engage in belligerent Soviet-era military exercises in skies and water around western Europe...

Fortunately for the Russians, this appears to be their opposition...

See-Dub shows the potential for the Reservoir Dogs scenario I've been fearing.

Hurricane Pinto touches down at mesa's.

Slubbo laments that the end times may be near for Huckabee's campaign.

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