January 22, 2008

World's Largest Fishstick Created

This is one huge fishstick!  Every time I see frozen fishsticks I always think of...

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January 21, 2008

Written Testimony From Beauchamp Controversy Released

Bob at Confederate Yankee got them through the FOIA.  Take a look, it'll be interesting to see how The New Republic reacts to these, or if they react at all.  He's putting things up in sections, and he'll have Beauchamp's statements up in due time.

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January 18, 2008

Top Ten Overused Dorm Posters

Its a okay list, but its not a perfect one, it lacks the lefty hipster douche icon Che Guevara.

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South Carolina's Primary Coming Up

Here's to hoping Fred can make a strong showing there, I think he can.   I don't know what else there is to add, but to suggest if we want a solid conservative in the White House, Fred is the guy.  He's not perfect, but he is offering us what we have largely said we wanted in a candidate.

I hope you SC people can make it happen.  I'm guessing a lot of people are hedging before donating to see how he does in SC, but here's Fred's campaign page

Remember that douchebag from Politico?  He's now saying Fred must win SC...well thank you, O pundit of the gods, for handing down your mighty words of wisdom to us lowly paeans...

Does Fred need to win?  No, given the fact that there appears to be no clear choice as nominee, but he needs to show that he can gain some traction and make a solid showing in SC, and I think he can.

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Star Wars PSA's

Wow, I didn't even know these existed.

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Don't Throw Snowballs at This Guy...No, Really, Don't Do It

...or he will lop off a hand and give you a face full of buckshot.

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Dr. Phil Under Investigation By California Psychology Board for Britney Spears Media Whoring Stunt

They received a complaint from a psychologist that argues when Dr. Phil visited Britney, he violated California law by practicing without proper accreditation, which is a felony offense in California, and violating doctor/patient confidentiality by holding a press conference about his meeting.  If they find the accusation credible, they will send it to a prosecutor to investigate and possibly issue charges.

However, ol' Phil likely has an out, if he did not charge for his services, he's off the hook.  I'd be surprised if he charged anyone for the visit, given that his ratings boost would have sufficed for him.

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Linguists Trying to Assemble Dictionary of Nepalese Dura Language Before its Last Speaker Dies

She's 82 years old, and in poor health, the linguist who is trying to preserve the Dura language is trying to put together enough money to take her to Kathmandu in order to treat her health problems and keep her alive as long as he can in order to preserve as much of the language as possible.

There was another woman who spoke the language in a nearby village, but she died last year, so it is believed that this woman is the last person on earth that speaks this language and knows the old culture and traditions.  As Nepal formalizes the language, many of the old dialects and local languages are disappearing.

Standardization of language is a natural progression, but preserving the old languages and culture is an worthy task for historical, etymological, cultural and traditional reasons, and I'm glad they're trying to do this.

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Random Gamer Links

This is quite possibly the lamest game ever

In other game related news, NASA is seeking to create an MMORPG.  They are looking for idea submissions.  I really hope they do a good job on it, America's Army was a pretty successful game and recruiting tool.  NASA certainly needs to get people interested in what it does, but perhaps more than that, it needs to have a clear mission.  NASA seems to have become this side project that has been neglected since the shuttle program.

When Super Mario and Halo collide...this is friggin' awesome.

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Freedom of the World Status Report

Geoff has an interesting story up, I recommend reading it...actually, I recommend dropping by Geoff's now and then anyway, he always has an eye on and an interesting perspective on China and Russia, not like the frivolous crap I focus on.

In any case, it shows a major downgrade on the liberties of the Russian people, and the continued abysmal performance of China.  What's interesting in the article is that not only is Russia backsliding, its continued efforts to dominate former Soviet Bloc nations are causing damage to the level of freedom in many of them.

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January 17, 2008

Ric Flair Stumping for Huckabee WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Fred Thompson gets the National Right to Life Committee, Human Events, David Limbaugh and most of the dextrosphere, Huckabee has Chuck Norris and cornball wrestler Ric Flair...of course Huck has a win in Iowa.  Let's hope that South Carolina voters see that Fred is the real conservative, and has infinitely more substance than Huck.

*sob* Don't you mock the Nature Boy *sob*

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International Aid Package for Palestinian Territories Rises to $7.6 Billion

That kinda scratch will buy a lot of Qassams.  Depressed yet?  Your depression, let me maximize it,

The pledges, made over three years, topped the Palestinian Authority's own appeal for $5.6 billion and were seen by many as an endorsement of the authority and its push for an independent state. The funds are for budgetary support, development projects and humanitarian assistance by aid agencies.

So not only are they getting the 7.6 billion package, but they only asked for 5.6?  What the hell happened to punishing the Palestinians for electing the super aggro jihadis over the slightly less aggro jihadis?  And now we're upping funding to the PA?

I'm glad they didn't include an actual number on how much the US put up for this, its bad enough knowing we put one of the largest sums up for this.

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New Fred Fundraising Goal

He's looking to push his $1,135,000 into $1.5 million by midnight on the 21st.  If he pulls first or a solid second in SC I think he can make it.  Its become do or die time for Fred's campaign, whether we like that or not, he has to prove his viability in SC. 

Moran, who's been as shamelessly Fred-pimping as bad as I have, if not worse, thinks a solid second is possible, the wheels seem to be falling off of Huck's Holy Roller, the Hucktard is in full damage control mode, Fred is drawing a good number of Huck's people, and some of McCain and Romney's people, but not in huge numbers.  If he had another week or two, he could probably take the state.

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The Fifteen Million Dollar Burger

***Welcome to doubleplusundead, feel free to look around or comment...or not, whatever.

Zimbabwe's long had a hyperinflating currency, but this is something else.  Zimbabwe's central bank has just issued a ten million dollar note.  The sad part, it won't even buy you a burger in Harare, Zimbabwe's capital city, you need about $15 million Zimbabwe for that, which is about £3, or just under $6 US, if this handy little widget is right.  Of course, as bad as the inflation is over there, it could be $30 million by the time this gets posted...

You sure can, they're only $15,000,000 Zimbabwe

To give you an idea of how badly this is spinning out of control, just last month, the highest banknote produced was $750,000. 

Unsurprisingly, Zimbabwe's economy is a horrible mess as a result of a combination of hyperinflation and collapse of their economy, caused largely by dictator Robert Mugabe's disastrous land redistributions (basic background on Mugabe's land redistribution here for the uninitiated).

They're now facing shortages of basic food and living needs.  The article has a pic of a guy holding a loaf of bread and the equivalent of what's needed to buy it, and its quite a handful of cash.  I knew Zimbabwe's inflation problem was bad, but I had no idea it was this bad,

Zimbabwe faces the world's highest official inflation of an estimated 25,000 per cent. Independent financial institutions say real inflation is closer to 150,000 per cent.

And it doesn't appear the cycle is going to stop.  Zimbabwe is trying to impose price controls, which they tried to do unsuccessfully in early 2007.  Price controls haven't worked during past efforts to stop hyperinflation, but it appears they're going to keep trying to make it work.  Gideon Gono, Zimbabwe's reserve governor,

Gono said with higher denomination bills businesses might be tempted to again raise prices of scarce goods.

"If this happens the whole objective of solving the cash shortages and to bring convenience to the people will be defeated," he said.

What a disaster.

And just so you can get a feel of how badly things have fallen apart, here's a comment from a Hotair reader who has been to Zimbabwe many times over the years and has experienced what has happened there firsthand.

Another commenter suggests I add a report Dan Rather did where he paints a somewhat rosy picture of Zimbabwe's future under Mugabe, so here you go, as is typical with Dan Rather, he got it way wrong.

I may have to see if I can dig up any info on the farmers interviewed at some point as suggested in comments.

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January 16, 2008

Fred's Latest Ad

He's bought up ad space in most of South Carolina, its a full minute ad,

I hope Fred can pull an upset, and make a real strong showing in SC.

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Nature's Money Shot?

A New Mexico county experienced a bizarre weather anomaly in which a milky, almost sticky rain came down.  They've sent samples of the rain to a few universities in order to try and find out what the substance is.  The rain itself was a very rated 7.9, which is pretty base for rainwater, no matter where you are, the speculation is that it was caused by calcium carbonate or limestone dust.

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Hospital Study: Clowns Not Good for Decor in Children's Wards

***Hello fellow morons, just remember, when you're down here in doubleplusundead, YOU'LL FLOAT TOO!!!!***

They asked children 250 children how they felt a children's ward should be decorated to make them the most comfortable, and every last one reacted negatively to clown related decor.  Most of the kids said they were uncomfortable with clowns, some said they found them to be scary. Some of those interviewed were teenagers too, so this wasn't just little kids who said they found clowns scary.  A children's hospital in Glasgow has since removed clowns from their decor, and a guide regarding decor in children's wards is now being created.

I wonder what made people so afraid of clowns...


...dunno if we'll ever solve that one.

This is almost obligatory for clown-related stories, I'm ashamed I didn't put it in any other clown stories I've posted, Ace's Top Ten Signs a Clown Might Have Gone Bad.

...some more clown stories.

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Former GOP Congressman Charged for Involvement in Terrorist Fundraising Ring

If he's found guilty, this traitorous fucktard needs to be shipped to Iraq and fed into Saddam's plastic shredder...feet first...slowly.

Two things, one, note how they make sure to tell you his party, you know if this was a Democrat it wouldn't be mentioned in the article, two, why the fuck are the GOP elite such stupid fucking retards?

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So, What Happens if We End Up With a Brokered Convention?

CB has an interesting piece you should read on that question.  A brokered convention would turn change the game completely.  I'm not real sure what I think about it yet, but you definitely should read it, just to see what you think about it.

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January 15, 2008

About 8% of Pages Viewed on Dallas Public Library Computers?

Pr0n, and the Dallas Public Library system is looking to put filters on the computers to block pr0n sites.  The predictable fight between the library system and first amendment/civil liberties groups has already begun.  Its a tough question, where do you draw the line?  I honestly don't know. 

Maybe there is a solution in privatizing libraries, you can just bypass the problem of government censorship altogether, people who want access to computers to watch pr0n can build adult interwebs cafes for that purpose, or at least wait for one to be built, and everyone else can go do their own research.

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