December 02, 2007

Nanny Stater Fascists Continue Goosestepping on British Subjects

Man, you Brits should have never let your government ban guns.  Thankfully, we have a constitutional right to protect our rights to arm.  As is typical with the Nanny Staters, they've made a ban, which is soon to be followed up by another one.  Lauraw has a good demonstration of that principle here.  Seems after the Brits were banned from smoking in bars and pubs by the Health Nazi Nannies, they've been putting patio heaters outside so they can smoke without freezing.  And now they're about to be flanked by the Environmentalist Nannies.  Lauraw quoted this line from the article too, as well she should, it perfectly represents the Nanny State,

Environmentalists say the heaters must now be banned if Britain is to meet carbon dioxide emission targets.

Tony Juniper, of Friends of the Earth, said: "The impacts of the smoking ban are positive, but this should not cause more problems for the environment. Either smokers will have to give up smoking or simply put on a jumper."

At some point, Brits are going to have to say "How about no, does no work for you?" and be ready to fight to stop the Nanny State.  This is the type of bullshit we face if we let the Nanny Staters in America take over.  All of them.  I don't care if its,

The Morality Police, keeping you safe from enjoying nudie mags, sex, rap and Grand Theft Auto, or any other entertainment that they don't like.

The Anti-Gun Zealots, who want to protect you from your right and responsibility to defend yourself and others, and protect you from enjoying a hunt or going out to a range on weekends, particularly with scary lookin' rifles and ones featured in Hollywood movies. 

The Multicultural/Sensitivity Cult, who enforces politically correct speech and thought.

 The Health Nazis, who want to protect you from the joys of tasty food, booze, and tobacco.  

The Marxists, who want to protect you from financial success and owning cool stuff, because unless you have enough cool stuff for everyone, you can't have it for yourself. 

And the Environmentalists, who want to protect you from sweet vehicles, air conditioning, and anything that requires industrial capacity or electricity to use or produce.

All are Nanny Staters, and all are here, and threaten to suck all joy out of your life.

Again, if you felt a pang of guilt reading that, its time to do some soul-searching and see where the hell you went wrong.

This is not a strictly partisan issue, there are a lot of people strongly inclined toward Morality Policing on the Right, but the Left seems to have taken to Nanny Stating like a fish to water. 

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