July 28, 2008

More on LA dingbat Jan Perry's fascist food policies

You remember the post we did at doubleplusundead on the "Food Apartheid", and LA Councilwoman Jan Perry's efforts to ban fast food joints in South Central LA, primarily in minority neighborhoods, right?  I talked about the potentially destructive economic consequences this could have on neighborhoods, and the destruction of opportunities for people in those economically depressed South Central neighborhoods.  Well, Jan Perry won, a one year ban on construction of new fast food restaurants in South Central was indeed passed

I have to agree with Steve at Hog on Ice's excellent post (h/t), this really is a creepy, racist and disturbing ban.  These LA legislators are basically saying minorities are too damn stupid to eat properly and take care of themselves, so the government simply has to take control over their lives and decide what they eat.  That's insulting, and I find it sad that there isn't a huge outcry over this in California, and an even bigger one in the communities this ban targets. 

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