July 30, 2008

Your Wednesday afternoon dose of pure, unbridled terror

This dovetails nicely with the American Thinker's choices for Cabinet officials in a John McCain administration. Anyway, on to the terror:

Among them: Sen. Hillary Clinton as head of Health and Human Services. Her allies suggest she might be interested if the job were elevated to the top tier of agencies and if she were allowed to push healthcare reform. Other names: Sen. John Kerry as secretary of state, former Sen. Tom Daschle as White House chief of staff.

Make sure to head to the link for a few more names.  On one hand, most of the names make me wince, but anything that gets Senators-for-Life Hillary Clinton and John Kerry out of Congress is good in my book. 

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Die the Friendly Skies

I don't find it extremely interesting that a woman died in an airplane bathroom. Based on the amount of time women seem to spend in bathrooms, I'd suspect nearly 40% of women die in one bathroom or another.

What I do find interesting is the last paragraph of the article:

Atlanta police stationed at the airport respond to calls about dead bodies on airplanes a couple of times a year, said Officer Eric Schwartz, a police spokesman. Talton said the situation was rare, but flight crews are trained to handle “a number of situations on board.”

It wouldn't have raised an eyebrow except for the euphemistic vagueness of the statement. What are these situations and how exactly are they trained to handle them? Is there a Weekend at Bernie's class they are required to take so they don't freak out the other passengers? Today's class: Icing down a corpse in the galley!

Every time I think I've got a handle on how bizarre the world is, I'm proven wrong.

Thanks to RD.

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Americans love Obama when he's not, ya know, actually in America

July 26: Obama 49, McCain 40.

Today: Obama 46, McCain 42.

Nice.  Apparently 54% of Americans don't want America to "return to our best traditions."

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These rocket cars don't make themselves, ya know

In all fairness, you know you Morons have tried it:

A 20-year-old man is accused of breaking into a small airport and trying to fill up his car's gas tank with aviation gasoline.

"We've had people try and steal gas here in the past," said Jim Meide, who works at Reid-Hillview Airport. "It's really stupid. Put aviation gas in your car and it's so heavily leaded that eventually your valves warp and you'll end up with some very expensive repairs."

Strangest part of the story?  No Val-u-Rite vodka was involved.

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And she's a Mitt groupie

Kathryn Jean Lopez has a great article on National Review Online about Gov. Sarah Palin. Let's just say I like the way it started out:

John McCain could save lives with his vice-presidential pick.

“I’m looking at him right now, and I see perfection. Yeah, he has an extra chromosome. I keep thinking, in our world, what is normal and what is perfect?”

That’s Alaska’s Republican governor, Sarah Palin, talking about her infant son, Trig, born with Down Syndrome. When Todd and Sarah Palin learned last December that their baby would have Down Syndrome, they not only saved a life but made a decision that would touch the lives of families living with similar gifts across the country.
This is a good plug, but I've almost come to the conclusion that having her as vice president would be a lost cause.  It might help McCain get elected, but I would rather her run on her own merits in 2012, regardless of who wins in November. 

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I think I'm going to try something new today


Instead of me just giving links, if you have something fun or interesting, leave a link in the comments.  Obviously this isn't something to spam every post you make in, but if you have something good or interesting, drop a link.

What I may do since I'm not doing the links as often is do them once a week, and then put up an open thread type thing with the Moronosphere banner where you can pimp your good posts.  Doing links is tough, because you have to skim through an insane number of sites, it just takes a lot of time and wears you down.

I'd also remind people of Juliette's efforts to set up a fundraiser for Senator Obama Secondary School in Kenya.  Any help you can offer is welcome and appreciated.  And here's the latest on the efforts to set up the non-profit.  She's up to $110 in donations, she'll need $500 just to set up the non-profit, so if you can help that'd be awesome.

I'll also note our co-blogger Vintage's efforts at Down the Ticket to promote conservative candidates.  If you're looking for a conservative candidate to support, that's the place to check out.

I'm fuelin' it?


Good grief...

Very nice.

Summer camp.

Moar fun with the RIAA

Gitmo's poets.

Applying a little thought to the Rand study.

Moar purty pictures.

Weasel and cat genetics.


Oh, Our Lord and Savior has core convictions, He just knows He can't preach rank Marxism as openly as He wishes to.

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Obama picks up key endorsement

It looks like yet another entertainment industry figure is backing Barack, though in this instance, he might not really want the support:

Today The Times' eagle-eyed Harriet Ryan spotted Phil Spector, the famous rock entrepreneur and infamous date, showing up for a court hearing in Los Angeles wearing a very obvious "Barack Obama Rocks" pin.

Spector, you may recall, has some continuing legal troubles having to do with an actress, Lana Clarkson, turning up dead in his house after a date five years ago.

Spector says she shot herself. The prosecution suggests otherwise. A jury could not decide.

So a second second-degree murder trial is set to begin on Sept. 29, pending a higher court ruling on the presiding judge. Meanwhile, Spector and every one of those "hairs" on his head is behind Barack.

Actually, this could be a big deal for Obama. I mean, from what I've heard, the all-important murder suspect vote is still up in the air.  And he'd better snap them up quick, too, before they join the non-voting felons bloc.  After all, those guys only vote about half of the time.


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July 29, 2008

Smokey Mountain Magic

This morning on vacation I discovered that my little girl had decided to be much braver than usual. 

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Olympic Committee lifts ban on Iraqi athletes

I'm glad to hear it, there are only two going, hopefully Iraq will stabilize and be able to send more in the future.  The problems came from allegations that Prime Minister Maliki was politically involved with people in Iraq's Olympic Committee, which would compromise it's neutrality.  The problem is that the Iraqi Olympic Committee was kind of a thrown together affair, after four members of the Iraqi Olympic Committee were kidnapped and vanished without a trace two years ago.

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A little temblor with your test, Malor?

Heh, that had to have been fun.  Malor got to experience the recent seismic event while he was trying to take part of his Bar Exam.  Hopefully it didn't rattle you too much, I know passing that isn't easy. 

I dunno what I'd think of an earthquake, we don't really get significant seismic activity in our part of Pennsylvania...or any part of PA really.  Of course we get snow and floods...

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Where I Award My First Ever "Boo Fucking Hoo!" Award

The winner for this session goes to three of the Islamist terrorists who were key players in the 2002 bombing of a nightclub in Bali, Indonesia. These fucktards, through their lawyers, are suing to challenge their death penalty sentences.

Why? Because the bullets from the firing squad might hurt them.

Defence lawyer Mahendradatta foreshadowed a Constitutional Court challenge next week, arguing the convicted terrorists could suffer unnecessary pain if they do not die immediately when the lethal punishment is carried out.

It is seen as another attempt to delay the executions of Amrozi, his brother Mukhlas and Imam Samudra, who could be executed at any time over the 2002 Bali bombings, which killed 202 people including 88 Australians.

The three will face an Indonesian firing squad, and would be shot a second time if the first bullet does not kill them instantly, Mahendradatta said.

"We are not closing our eyes to the possibility of Amrozi being executed,'' he told reporters.

''(But) there's time when the convicted will feel pain until he is shot a second time.

"Amrozi was sentenced to death, not to be tortured.

"On Tuesday or Wednesday at least we will submit a material challenge to the Constitutional Court about this law.''

The comments could spark anger among families of the 202 people killed in the Bali bombings organised by the three terrorists, who have never expressed remorse for their non-Muslim victims.

"We will seek the execution without pain - we have to encourage the government and legislators to find a way to execute without pain,'' he added.

Lets get this straight: 202 innocent people killed by these animals, many more injured permanently, and these oxygen thieves are unrepentant? Yeah, I could really give a shit if they feel pain from being shot. Hell, in fact, I hope the first round of bullets DO miss the mark. Just to let these dickhats know what pain is like.

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Prof. Hopenchange

The New York Times' Caucus blog has dug up some of the final exams from Barack Obama's law class at the University of Chicago, in case you're interested.  Or need something to put you to sleep.


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Tom Coburn shows Harry Reid and the Senate porkers his pimphand is way strong

Coburn managed to use holds to stall out a series of wasteful and frivolous bills and spending measures, so Harry Reid and the Democrats rolled up a bunch of the bills into a larger omnibus bill.  Coburn then managed to crack enough Senate GOP heads to keep them honest, and shot this omnibus bill down too.  Awesome.  We need moar Coburns.

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On hot dogs and hallways

Yay for euphamisms.  Compulsive breeders in Canada just brought their 18th spawn into the world:

Alexandru Ionce and his wife never planned to have 18 children in 23 years but when they welcomed little Abigail Ionce into the world, that's just what happened.

Abigail weighed in at seven pounds, 12 ounces last Tuesday, making her the 18th child for 44-year-old Livia Ionce and her husband Alexandru, 51.


Alexandru Ionce does not know if the couple will be having more children.

Gee, thank goodness they live in a socialist paradise and don't have to worry to hard about how to provide for their litter.  This is a gem, too (emphasis mine):

He said the birth was not an overly difficult one and that mother and child are doing well.

No shit.

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Your Laura Ingraham Outrage of the Daytm

Today's outrage: Tattoos.  Why would anyone do something so stupid?

Oh, and if you're a woman and get a tattoo that sends a bad message.

The one exception is something patriotic like an eagle.  That's okay.

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Because I'm childish

Here's a list of domain names that I suspect people really didn't think very hard about before they were registered.

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Thanks for your submissions!

I'd like to thank all of you for giving me suggestions on candidates for Down the Ticket!  I've added some of them to the list, and hope to post on as often as possible.

In the meantime, Ladies Logic has a great post up on what the author has termed "The Stepford Democrats."  She notes how universally shared the talking points are for several of the Dem House candidates, including Bennion Spencer, who is running against one of Down the Ticket's sponsored candidates, Jason Chaffetz, in Utah's 3rd District.

You can donate to Jason Chaffetz by clicking here!

***Cross-posted at Down the Ticket***

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It's not a truck, it's a series of indictments

Senator Ted Stevens may be about to see a new series of tubes, mostly heavy vertical ones made of steel, and, uh, hopefully not any attached to other prisoners.  He's being indicted for not disclosing thousands of dollars of work a company did on his home.  VECO Corporation is a oil contractor that gave Sen. Stevens $250K in gifts, mostly in the form of home improvements.  Stevens will be allowed to turn himself in, oh, so sorry Nutroots, no frogmarch for you! 


Of course, this signals the importance of finding good conservative candidates, like what Vintage is doing at Down the Ticket, and the need to have replacements waiting in the wings.  There's no need for corrupt people like Ted Stevens and Don Young (who is facing similar accusations and may also face charges) to be in office. 

Thankfully, Sean Parnell is running for Young's seat, but to my knowledge there is no conservative running for the seat Stevens occupies, and it may have just become a mulligan for the Democrats.  There's no need for that to happen. 

Update: Here might be something, Cranky at Six Meat Buffet has a possible alternative, I haven't had the chance to check this guy out, but let us know in comments what you find. 

The conservative movement needs to become better at seeking out and supporting conservative candidates and looking for potential talents to replace RINOs in conservative districts and to promote potential replacements for corrupt politicians like Ted Stevens.  This is why efforts like The Next Right and Down the Ticket are important to promote and support.

Oh, and good riddance Ted, you corrupt tool!  Pretty much how I'm feeling about all this here.

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Whole lot of shakin' going on

We just had a 5.8 earthquake centered not too far from where I live.  So far, no damage to the house, though some crap got knocked off shelves.  Oh, and for those of you who don't live in areas that get earthquakes, that stuff you've heard about animals knowing that they're coming beforehand is bunk.  My dog would have slept through the whole thing had I not jumped up and yelled "Holy shit!"

Update: There doesn't seem to be any significant damage throughout the region, though it was felt from Ventura to the Mexican border, and as far east as Las Vegas.  Phone service seems to be spotty, though, as people are trying to get through to loved ones.

I just talked to my mom, who was in the pool at a physical therapy session while it happened, and that apparently wasn't a fun experience.

All in all, a lot of shaking and rumbling, but not a catastrophe.

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Saving Senator Obama Kogelo Secondary School

You may have read the story about the Senator Obama Kogelo Secondary School, where Senator Obama promised the school that he'd deliver aid to them and never followed through?  Well, Juliette Ochieng at Baldilocks is from the same Kenyan tribe as Obama, and is working to set up a non-profit to help the Senator Obama Kogelo Secondary School the funding they need.  The school set up an upgrade plan that would cost 8.2 million Kenyan Shillings, which amounts to about $130,000. 

The upgrades would include tapping a well for the school, installing latrines, modernizing the building, adding classrooms, finishing an basic science lab, and putting up a perimeter fence.  These are all basic needs for any school, and $130,000 is not that much money to raise with enough help.

It costs $500 to set up a non-profit in California, and unless Juliette can find someone to donate time and energy to put together her non-profit site, she'll also need to hire someone to build the site for her.  Thus far she's raised a bit less than $100 for the effort.  The effort has only just begun, but let's see what we can do to help Senator Obama Kogelo Secondary School.

I'll be doing what I can to promote the Save the Senator Obama Kogelo Secondary School campaign, and I'd ask anyone reading to do what you can to help out, whether that's writing a post and giving some PR to the cause(and you're free to use this post as a template), donating, or if you can volunteer tech services or fundraising expertise, those would all be welcome and appreciated, just drop by here and leave a comment or email if you're able to help or are interested in helping Senator Obama Kogelo Secondary School.

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