July 29, 2008

Whole lot of shakin' going on

We just had a 5.8 earthquake centered not too far from where I live.  So far, no damage to the house, though some crap got knocked off shelves.  Oh, and for those of you who don't live in areas that get earthquakes, that stuff you've heard about animals knowing that they're coming beforehand is bunk.  My dog would have slept through the whole thing had I not jumped up and yelled "Holy shit!"

Update: There doesn't seem to be any significant damage throughout the region, though it was felt from Ventura to the Mexican border, and as far east as Las Vegas.  Phone service seems to be spotty, though, as people are trying to get through to loved ones.

I just talked to my mom, who was in the pool at a physical therapy session while it happened, and that apparently wasn't a fun experience.

All in all, a lot of shaking and rumbling, but not a catastrophe.

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