August 26, 2007

Antigua Pwns US Nanny Staters?

I hate to cheer for a foreign country over us, but when we're wrong, we're wrong.  And by us being wrong, I mean nanny staters and protectionists being wrong, specifically former Senator Bill Frist and whoever supported or were paid off to support his slimy ban let him pull what he pulled, and Bush for letting him get away with it.  

For those that don't remember, I'll see if I can fire up that longterm memory, basically the fucktard Frist slipped a ban on online gambling into a bill that got passed, basically banning online gambling.  You can look it up pretty easily, I could post a link, but I'm too lazy to find a good objective one.

Anyway Antigua filed a complaint against the US government, arguing that the US ban on online gambling was a violation of their rights as a member of the World Trade Organization.  And guess what, they're right, and the WTO agrees with them

Antigua is arguing that if the US is going to violate their right to practice free trade in the form of internet gambling, they should in return get to violate terms of in, they get to engage in intellectual property piracy all they want until the US opens up trade again. 

Dave Shuler, writing in the link shows its a tough decision, I'll make you click over, the consequences of this issue could be severe, and as he says, this deserves a hell of a lot more coverage than its getting. That said, here's where I come down on the issue...

I respect Dave's point about giving in and looking like an undermining of US sovereignty if we cave, and I even agree with it to an extent, but this comes down to right over wrong, and I'm sorry, that online gambling ban was wrong.  It was quietly snuck into an unrelated bill, it was kept hidden from the public, and it shouldn't have, and it absolutely violated Antigua and any other WTO member who wants free trade access.

 We The retards in DC fucked up big time, as they are wont to do, and the clowns in DC need to do the right thing here and open up legal gambling. 

Congress and the President need to admit, this was a big mistake, a poorly thought out bill, and the error has been corrected, not because the WTO was making threats, but because it was the right thing to do, and the US government isn't above admitting they fucked up.

Found at Ace's.

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Welcome Back Rosetta!

Some of the old guard from AoS remember Rosetta, well, our favorite lesbo is back!  She'll probably make the rounds to say hi to the various moron splinterblogs.  So again welcome back, Rosetta!

Now we just need to find Spurwing...but that bird is one elusive little bastard.

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Ace and The Libertarians

He's been having a back and forth with them over the past few weeks, this time over an issue of a man who got stopped carrying $27K in cash on him...this is a rare occasion where I disagree with Ace.  I think its entirely plausible that the guy's money is totally innocent, and here's why. 

I had a great-grandmother who grew up during the Depression era, and saw banks folding everywhere, and people's savings get wiped out.  She never trusted banks from then on. 

When she was taken to the hospital for cancer treatment(where she spent her last few months), she left her purse with my mother and grandmother in case they needed her IDs for the hospital or other information, plus they were getting the estate ready. 

So they start to clear out the purse, and in it was a fat stack of bills, thousands of dollars worth, they went through it completely, and by the time they had finished doing so, there was about $15,000 and change in it.  Nobody knew about the money, so it was a shock to my mother and grandmother.  They used that pile of money to pay for the funeral arrangements, so the cash is all spent. 

So I guess what I'm saying is, I get the impulse to assume the money was earned through illegal means, but I'm suggesting that isn't necessarily true.

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August 24, 2007

Is Nothing Sacred?

This time, its GI Joe.  I just did a piece on a possible sequel to Ferris Bueller's Day Off.  GI Joe will now be an acronym for a Brussels based group called "Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity." Their adversaries?  Scottish arms dealers...yeah, arms dealers from Scotland.  What are they dealing in, replica Claymore swords?

 You can probably predict what the numbskulls that infest Hollywood are doing to GI Joe and why they're doing it before even clicking the link, but I encourage you to do so anyway, unless you have a heart condition.

Its disgusting what they're going to do with this American classic.  The fact that Hollywood is screwing with Ferris Bueller's Day Off is bad, ruining a true American classic like GI Joe is unforgivable.

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Jesus Christ, Supercop

I saw this a long time ago and thought it was pretty good, so I figured I'd share.  I'll give you a big language warning.   Some blood, violence and sacriliciousness too.  Its an unfinished series, basically, if I remember how the site worked, a show would get sponsored by the site for a certain time or as long as it got big ratings. * Channel 102 is the site.

That's the first in the series, the rest after the jump...

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Brits Also Made Propaganda Games

Cuffy Meigs at Perfunction recently had a piece on German WWII propaganda games.  Its a story that has been going around since an auction was set up to sell the old games.  This has sparked some interest in old WWII games, and not surprisingly the Brits had them too.  My personal favorite is Decorate Göring

Another, entitled Decorate Goering - A Party Game, was based on the classic childrens' game Pin the Tail On the Donkey. Like its more innocuous counterpart, players were blindfolded and had to pin medals on Goering's tunic.

That's too funny!  Göring loved to dress up in different garish outfits.

A lot of the games were basically dart games with different Axis leaders posted on boards.  The Brits apparently weren't as big on propaganda games as the Germans were, many of these games are extremely rare.   The article also has a piece on US comic books, and their very strong anti-Axis views. 

Its unsurprising that US comic book creators were so quick to go against the Nazis, as many early comic book creators were Jewish.  Superman is probably the most prominent, he was a creation of two Jewish artists, Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel

I'm such a sucker for this kind of stuff.  I've always found propaganda fascinating, its one of my favorite things to read about.  You know what, honestly, I would love if they would remake these games, the exact same way they were made originally(hopefully without lead paint if its made in China), toys too, like old fighter planes, tanks and ships.

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August 23, 2007

Man Offers Japanese PM A Finger For Refusing To Visit Shrine

No, really, he sent the Prime Minister a severed finger.

He cut off part of his little finger to send to PM Abe for his refusal to go to the shrine.  Included in the package was video of him cutting his own finger.  The man is part of a radical group, part of his video was shown on Japanese TV, he was wearing a kimono, reading from a scroll and a Japanese flag draped behind him. 

Abe used to visit the shrine, which is a memorial for those killed in WWII, but doesn't do so anymore because it angers neighboring countries, who were victims of Japanese atrocity in WWII.

Apparently, cutting off one's finger is a sign of loyalty, particularly in the world of organized crime.  I'm guessing its a Yakuza thing.

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Dear God, No...

*Hello Hotair Readers!
*Hello Fellow Morons!

Hollywood is looking to ruin another classic.  This time its Ferris Bueller's Day Off.  Seriously, who doesn't love Ferris Bueller's Day Off?  Its such a fun movie, and everyone should see it as a teenager. 

This proposed craptacular would be set on Ferris' 40th birthday.   I'll spare you the details of this horrid plot, but you can read the article if you wish to see what the general plot would be.  The author of the piece fears a crappy direct to DVD release...let's pray that doesn't happen.

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August 21, 2007

Democrats Declare Open War On Brown People

The title of course being a goof on a HuffPo piece I linked a few days ago.

Here's the deal, Jindal is Catholic, and basically how it works is Louisiana is Catholic in the south and Protestant in the north.  The leftist douchrockets are trying to smear Jindal as an anti-Protestant dick using badly out of context quotes.  Basically...lying.

I think what this comes down to is they don't like seeing conservative  minorities.  The left pulls out all the stops, and there is no tactic too low in their attempt to smear, tarnish or destroy them.  Look at how they attack Michelle Malkin, Jindal is no different.

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LEGO Bluesmobile!

Too cool!

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Lost WWII Airman Found Frozen In Sierra Nevadas

The body was found in Kings Canyon National Park on top of a glacier by hikers.  Coroners are retrieving the remains, and the military will do its own investigation to see who it was.   It is believed he was part of a crash of an AT-7 plane that got caught in a blizzard.  A body was recovered from that flight in 2005, and only about 100 feet away from where the one just discovered was.

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August 20, 2007

Seattle Times Journalist: Oops! I'll Be More Subtle In My Newsroom Activism From Now On

She was one of the people who cheered at the Seattle Times newsroom when it was announced that Karl Rove was leaving the White House.  You can tell she isn't really sorry so much as she's sorry she got caught.  She says,

But I shouldn't have. It lacked consideration for other people in the room who may have other views about Karl Rove and George Bush, and held their tongues. It also flew in the face of the standard of objectivity that we as journalists try to uphold every day. Worse, it validates every fear people have about the media.

Yeah, try.  And believe me, we don't have fear, we're past fear, we are in disgust.

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Kossack Dave Lindorff: No Chimpeachment Will Destroy Us In 08!

We have a full on meltdown here!  He's whining about the fact that the Democratic Leadership isn't going on full rampage mode, he and the other Nutroots are getting antsy, pouting and threatening to take their toys and go home.  He's got a little petition going, and he wants to send it to Pelosi.

Beyond that is the comments, and I find this one from the poster himself illuminating.

I did convert to euros (0 / 0)

Put my whole IRA (okay, it's not that much money, but still...) in a fund that's just European stocks three years ago. I've almost doubled my assets as European stocks did as well as US stocks and the dollar depreciated over 30 percent against the Euro. I figure I'm good for another 50 percent gain as the hollowed-out US economy sinks further, the Fed has to respond by lowering interest rates, and the dollar tanks.

But to get back to the issue at hand, yes, if progressives keep holding their noses and voting for Democrats who betray them, of course Democrats will continue to betray them. The answer is obvious. And it should be telegraphed to the bastards now.

Why not just move there, I think it would make everyone happier....

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Wafa Sultan Tours In Australia, Warns Of Islamic Threat

I'm sure most of my three readers remember Wafa Sultan, who famously railed against the the current state of Islam on al-Jazeera.  Well, she's still doing her thing, despite having two fatwas calling for her death issued against her. 

Sultan is warning the West that the threat of Islam is being underestimated, and that muslims will use Western liberties to undermine society and impose Shari'a law.  Her visit to Australia was sponsored by a Christian and Jewish group, where she did several speaking engagements, calling for an end to the Koran because of the violence it advocates.   She also is finishing her first book.

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Liberal Gun Grabber In Possible Trouble For Straw Purchase

B-b-b-but, he was doing it for The Common Goodtm!

Here's what happened, this reporter and a couple of gungrabber activists went to New Hampshire to an eeeeevil gunshow to show how easy it was to buy a eeeevil firearm, problem was, one of our gungrabbers and the reporter may have made a straw purchase, which is very illegal.

The reporter got hammered with emails railing against his straw purchase when he wrote a piece on it, and later he and his pals talked about what they did on a radio show, and again, got pounded with emails.  One of the big Pro-2nd groups caught wind and contacted the ATF, and the reporter's fellow activists got a knock on his door from his friendly local ATF agents, who were carrying a tape recording of the show, and asked him about the gun and the purchase he made. They then confiscated the weapon.

The sniveling reporter pouts and basically says, he's only guilty of pissing off those eeeevil gun nuts.  I hope his ass gets thrown in jail.

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You Have To Be Joking...

The latest trend for douchebags with more money than brains?  Glamping.

Glamping? Yes, Glamping.  As in Glamorous Camping.  We're talking gigantic heated tents with cushy bags/beds with paintings hung, electricity, functional toilets, butlers, guided fishing/nature watches, butlers, chefs and chauffers.  God help us.  Most of the people going to these Glamping adventures are rich people from the Northeast, Florida and California.  The family highlighted is from Massachusetts, I suggest you read the whole thing to get an idea of what this is.
Now, I'll admit, I'm not the outdoor type, when someone says camp, I assume they're talking about John Waters (no I'm not gay), but honestly, if you are gonna go camping, go camping, this "Glamping" defeats the whole purpose of camping.

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Governor Nugent?

Apparently Ted Nugent is considering running for Governor of Michigan.  The article is mostly filler, focusing on his music career, his hunting and Second Amendment activism, but has apparently considered running a campaign.  The article compares his possible run to Governor and former Pro-Wrestler Jesse Ventura, which is probably fitting.

Heh, seems fitting...

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August 16, 2007

Company Charges Government Almost One Million Dollars For Two 19-Cent Washers

Thankfully, they got busted making $20 million in fraudulent charges to the government, but it makes one think, how many of these sorts of things slip by unnoticed?

Beyond that, they sent three screws to Iraq and charged several hundred thousand, and another big score from washers sent to an Air Force Base in Florida.  How did they do it?  Well, the DoD had a program that would pay accounts marked "Priority" through an automated pay system, and the company charged a huge price for them.  The owners of the company spent most of the money on luxury property, vacations and cars.  Authorities are hoping they can make the money back by selling off all the property.

 How anyone can think government run or subsidized health care is a good idea reading stories like this is beyond me...

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"GOP Declares Open War On Brown People"

***Hello Ace of Spades Morons and Hotair readers, feel free to comment and look around***

*****There seems to be some Confusion, this is a Righty Blog, I'm reporting on the HuffPo piece****

Oh, us conservatives are a devious lot, huh?  This bit of moonbat madness is courtesy of HuffPo, crossposted at Yahoo.

This piece starts off with Newt Gingrich commenting on the recent murders of the three college students in Newark, saying he was disappointed with Congress and Bush for taking a vacation, as the immigration problem continues to go unanswered. 

Newt goes as far as suggesting that illegals are killing as many or more people than the jihadists.  Which is admittedly a charged statement, but the moonbat's reaction to it is just awesome.

Let the pogroms begin good times roll! Maybe this will be part of Newt's grand strategy to campaign on withdrawal from Iraq: bring the troops home to fight the insurgent immigrant menace at home. The rationalizations will no doubt be entertaining from the wingnut base, MalKKKin's place and LGF as they attempt justify such Dhimmitude when anihilation at the hands of the Islamofascist horde has been their raison d'etre for six years now. Perhaps we'll see a fracture in that fragile alliance between the hawkish Israel faction and those whose commitment to fighting global jihad is slightly less keen than their desire to keep from soiling their beautiful minds with the sound of espanol at the local Circuit City.

Heh, MalKKKin. Liberals are so funny, I'll say, Chimperor McBushitlerburton is still my favorite.   Question, are we going to be able to do pogroms on both illegals and patriotic liberals, do the Halliburton camps have enough space? 

Our moonbat points then out an email list that Newt set up, and claims its just to build a list of donors so he can tap the little bigots for donations when he decides to run.

They then point to the Romney and Rudy campaigns, trying to garner more favor with enforcement first people,

But Newt's not alone. In the wake of the White House's announcement last Friday that they will cooperate with larger efforts to rally the bigoted GOP base and ramp up the regulatory assault on immigrants, Mitt Romney is obviously reading the same tea leaves and trying to hang the brown menace around Giuliani's neck:

The brown menace...these people are ridiculous, the three students who were gunned down were black!

Whatever, here's his last paragraph,

To the surprise of no one with a functional attention span (which of course excludes any of our Very Serious Political Pundits), the decades-old pancake makeup covering the hateful racist core of the GOP has flaked so hard it's falling right off, and we're about to witness quite the Klan rally for the soul of the Republican Party heading into 2008.

Jackboots de rigeur.

What a goof.

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More Fun With Media

Old Media Talking Point: Rudy Didn't Spend Time At Ground Zero, New Talking Point....

Is he gonna be healthy enough to be President from all the time spent at Ground Zero? 

You really can't win with these people.  I don't really care about whether Rudy had been at Ground Zero enough or not (though I think he needs to not let it descend into everything revolving around 9/11 if he wants to win), but it is interesting to see the way the media will quickly turn around an issue to benefit their narrative.

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