August 16, 2007

"GOP Declares Open War On Brown People"

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Oh, us conservatives are a devious lot, huh?  This bit of moonbat madness is courtesy of HuffPo, crossposted at Yahoo.

This piece starts off with Newt Gingrich commenting on the recent murders of the three college students in Newark, saying he was disappointed with Congress and Bush for taking a vacation, as the immigration problem continues to go unanswered. 

Newt goes as far as suggesting that illegals are killing as many or more people than the jihadists.  Which is admittedly a charged statement, but the moonbat's reaction to it is just awesome.

Let the pogroms begin good times roll! Maybe this will be part of Newt's grand strategy to campaign on withdrawal from Iraq: bring the troops home to fight the insurgent immigrant menace at home. The rationalizations will no doubt be entertaining from the wingnut base, MalKKKin's place and LGF as they attempt justify such Dhimmitude when anihilation at the hands of the Islamofascist horde has been their raison d'etre for six years now. Perhaps we'll see a fracture in that fragile alliance between the hawkish Israel faction and those whose commitment to fighting global jihad is slightly less keen than their desire to keep from soiling their beautiful minds with the sound of espanol at the local Circuit City.

Heh, MalKKKin. Liberals are so funny, I'll say, Chimperor McBushitlerburton is still my favorite.   Question, are we going to be able to do pogroms on both illegals and patriotic liberals, do the Halliburton camps have enough space? 

Our moonbat points then out an email list that Newt set up, and claims its just to build a list of donors so he can tap the little bigots for donations when he decides to run.

They then point to the Romney and Rudy campaigns, trying to garner more favor with enforcement first people,

But Newt's not alone. In the wake of the White House's announcement last Friday that they will cooperate with larger efforts to rally the bigoted GOP base and ramp up the regulatory assault on immigrants, Mitt Romney is obviously reading the same tea leaves and trying to hang the brown menace around Giuliani's neck:

The brown menace...these people are ridiculous, the three students who were gunned down were black!

Whatever, here's his last paragraph,

To the surprise of no one with a functional attention span (which of course excludes any of our Very Serious Political Pundits), the decades-old pancake makeup covering the hateful racist core of the GOP has flaked so hard it's falling right off, and we're about to witness quite the Klan rally for the soul of the Republican Party heading into 2008.

Jackboots de rigeur.

What a goof.

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