December 19, 2007

Vladimir Putin is Time's Man of the Year?

This can't even be...from geoff, writing at See-Dub's, geoff is just flabbergasted, its pretty obvious, and justifiably so.  I'll second this,

[referring to stability Putin brought to Russia]That's quite true, actually. Of course, he's brought back a lot of the Soviet Union-era evils to do it. I guess what Time is really saying is that the ends justify the means. That should shut them up on the topic of waterboarding.

This is ridiculous - I'm turning in my award from last year.


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Bride's Wedding Gown Made Out of Toilet Paper

I'm surprised, the dress is kind of modest, given that its part of an ad gimmick from Charmin, I would have guessed they would have went with a "less is more" philosophy...whatever.  The dress was chosen out of several designs in a contest, and the bride and groom are having their reception and honeymoon paid for by Charmin.

Rumor has it this is supposed to be the best man...

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Pat Dollard Needs Help!

You may remember Pat Dollard, he did a PR blitz about his film in Iraq a while ago, talking about his trips to Iraq and wanting to tell the troops side of the Iraq story, the one the media has refused to tell.  Well, he needs help.  He's in post-production, and he is literally out of money, he's seeking $3000 by Friday.  If you have a few spare shekels floating around, do help out his cause.

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December 18, 2007

Fred! On Dunce & Eyebrow

Anyone else watch?  I think he did pretty well, we'll see if someone (Allah or Bryan probably) posts some video, I think Fred helped himself in this interview.  

*Mike Huckabee responds to Fred's revival, heh

Anyone remember Fred's early showings with Hannity?

Even the the most devout Fredhead was feeling shaky about how he was gonna do after that, he looked exhausted, he sounded worse, and had to be practically lead by Hannity to the answers...not a good sign when that idiot is throwing you softballs and having to lead you to the answer.

In his early interviews, and really, more than half of his actual campaign, he would have been a contender with pre-freakout Al Gore for most powerfully sedative politician.  I think he's finally got it together, he's finally showing some energy, and he looked polished tonight, answered everything pretty well.

Of note, Colmes predictably tried bait Fred! by offering some questions on Bush's policy positions on immigration and other issues, presumably to try and make him squirm and maneuver to avoid criticizing Bush.  Fred didn't give him that, and had no problem criticizing where Bush has deviated from conservative doctrine...nice!  The Eleventh Commandment is dead in my book, its gotten us nothing but RINO sellouts, so good on Fred for shutting down Colmesy and not being afraid to criticize Bush policy.

Fred did what he needed on Dunce & Eyebrow tonight, and this is a big part of a turnaround if he's gonna do it, and I think he can, primary voters are more politically involved, so good showings on shows like Dunce & Eyebrow help more than they will in a general election.  If he can do this for the rest of the primary race, he can win the nomination, I'm not gonna say will win, but can.  It won't be easy either, he's way behind in the polls, in money, and is in the early stages of rebuilding momentum, and its waaay late in the game.

Fred is the most solid conservative of the entire field that has any viability as a candidate, his problem has been his abysmal campaign and his lack of energy for most of his campaign.  He sounded like he didn't really want it or wasn't sure he wanted it, he sounded and looked exhausted, and has had a lackadaisical campaign schedule for most of the campaign. 

Tonight, he looked and sounded presidential, and sounded like he wanted it, which has been his biggest obstacle, certainly his policies are his strongest suit.  He's scored a vital endorsement in Rep. Steve King, who's got a fair bit of influence in Iowa circles, apparently. We've been hearing about signs of life (h/t CB)from Camp Fred!, I think they've been confirmed.  Fred's apparently hoping to make a big push late in Iowa, its not gonna be easy, I hope he succeeds.

Ace sends me a good line he had during his interview, when asked about the hand raising,

"The only time I'll raise my hand again is when Justice Roberts is swearing me in"

 First half of the interview here, plus Meet The Press bonus video! (h/t Ace)

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Shocking: Dingy Harry Reid Trashes Big Oil and Big Tobacco Publicly, but Still Takes Their Dirty, Dirty, Ill-Gotten Money

Turns out, the sniveling little tool is a hypocrite too, who'da thunk?  It would be shocking if Democrats had standards, but nah, its just funny.  Go read the whole thing, its good.

Post needed something, and I think I found it, nearly obligatory for anything involving Dingy Harry

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2008 Presidential Hopefuls Announce Favorite Gadgets


These things are so ridiculous, at least Fred's goofed on most of these stupid questions.  Which, yes, does make me like and respect the guy more, stupid questions deserve condescending or stupid answers, and beyond that, one of Bush's biggest problems and failures is his willingness to let the media push him around, Fred doesn't seem to have a problem throwing it back in their faces.

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Congressional Vermin

Its amazing how weak the Congress is in making a strong stand against any problem or enemy our nation faces, but when it comes to facing their own constituents or wasting the people's money, they go from eunuch to giant brass ones almost instantly.

So what am I ranting about?  Well, after we find out Congress decided to see if it could give Hatfield some competition in its latest spending bill, we see they're also looking to strip funding from the border fence, sponsored by John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison? 

Apparently, it would also give discretion to DHS to build "virtual fences", or as those of us who don't live in Political Bullshit Nuance World, "Open Borders."  As Ace has said of others who tout the "virtual fence", perhaps we should support them with virtual votes and virtual support, and save our actual support and votes for those that support actual fences and enforcement.

As for Cornyn and Hutchison, I knew they were squishes on the border...but still, its amazing, they really didn't learn, did they?  I hope the people of Texas send these two fucktards to the cushy lobby jobs undoubtedly awaiting them for this sellout next time they're up for re-election.

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December 17, 2007

The Least Kosher Congress Evah!

Oink! Oink!  Dear Lord, these people have zero shame, none, nada, zilch.  Ace has a good post up on the ridiculous amount of pork that Congress is devouring.  And yes, the Hildebeest's Hippie Woodstock Museum is in there.

No, Congress, you can't have this symbol!
Not Yours!

He's also got a link to this new site from the Heritage Foundation, which is going to be devoted to watching the massive amounts of pork the Congress is gorging itself on.  Personally, I think we ought to begin a mass campaign to send everyone in Congress one of these...

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Huckabee's Kid is a Sicko

I don't think its fair to attack him with this, but Jesus Christ dude, what a sick fuck!  This here is Michael Vick territory.  Again, even the best parents have lousy psycho kids sometimes, but this can't help him, particularly after the uproar over Michael Vick.

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McCain Gets Some Joementum

Like you haven't been seeing that tired headline all day!  Anyway, Liebs is supporting McCain, dunno if that helps McCain much, given how bitter and uncompromising people are right now, but I do think Lieberman is a good guy, one of only a few of the liberal elite I respect, even though I think he's woefully wrong on most policies, at least you feel like you could be friendly with the guy even after disagreeing with him, I don't get that vibe with other liberals.

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Where I Lose My Credentials As a Serious Analyst

Was I ever really a serious analyst?  Not really, but according to Hugh Hewitt any statement that doesn't rhetorically fellate Mitt Romney is to be dismissed out of hand immediately, and I'm about to criticize ol' Mitt. 

I think he just ate it here.  Big-time.  You read that transcript, his support of the Spooky Looking Weapons Ban and the squirming he engaged in, his squishiness on immigration, and the tearful moment, and you know he just fucked up big. 

Most notably is his absolutely wretched position on gun ownership and the Second Amendment, if he's gonna flip-flop on everything else, why not go all the way?  Hell, even the Democrats are treading lightly with regards to Second Amendment, gun control is a losing issue.  But I think I know why...

I've long held the view that Mitt was the suburbanite/yuppie candidate, which is why he doesn't support guns, let's be honest, yuppies and suburbanites just aren't big gun people, they mostly care about money, and Mitt's a money guy.  They aren't generally hunters, they live in idyllic, secluded cookie cutter developments that have minimal crime, wealth to have good police/security, and most of all, love of safety. 

These people are much more ignorant of firearms because they have no use for them(they think), the only contact they have with them is spastic soccer moms watching hysteria driven reporting on a school shooting, and fretting that their little snowflake is gonna get mowed down by some angry loner kid, they think that banning guns is the way to keep that from happening, its not of course.

The tears are not gonna hurt as bad as when Muskie did it back in the day, but it'll hurt, particularly when you have guys with a tough front like Fred, Rudy, and hell, McCain(even if I don't think he has a snowball's chance).

I think this might dislodge some voters from camp Mitt, I think those could go to both Fred and Huck.  I have to think it helps Fred more, Huck's already got most of the religious cons who abandoned Mitt during the Huckaboom, but we'll see.

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December 16, 2007

PETA Will Issue a Fatwa When They See This

We've all heard of the turducken, but this is something else.  Lemme quote you the list of meats involved, we're talking a full dozen different types of poultry for the Twelve Days of Christmas.

1. Turkey, 2. Goose, 3. Barbary duck, 4. Guinea fowl, 5. Mallard, 6. Poussin, 7. Quail, 8. Partridge, 9. Pigeon squab, 10. Pheasant, 11. Chicken, 12. Aylesbury duck

Here's a pic of the meats they use, and samples of the stuffings.

Truly we live in a wondrous age.

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December 13, 2007

See-Dub Pwns Ventura County Star

Awesome, and good job See-DubThe Ventura County Star had a policy on comments where they could flag comments, and it would delete your post, but when you logged in to comment, it would put up your post, so you had no idea you were scrubbed.  See-Dub and a few other bloggers pressured the paper to change the policy, and succeeded.  Nice work! 

Unfortunately, as See-Dub notes, they aren't the only ones to do this, several other liberal publications engage in the same policy.  This is what the dextrosphere exists for, to expose these sorts of activities.  Again, congrats to See-Dub and all the others who pursued this and won.

Update:  See-Dub in comments says the rats haven't actually changed policy yet.

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Appetite for Disruption?

Wow, that headline sucks...anyway, a teacher heard a young custodian singing Guns'n'Roses "Welcome to the Jungle", freaked out, called the police and shut themselves in their classroom because they thought one of the lines was a threat. 

Apparently, the custodian and two students were playing with the PA system.  After getting cuffed and questioned briefly, police let the three go when the three explained the situation.

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December 12, 2007

Green Bay City Council President Smacks Militant Atheists

Nice.  A group of militant atheists were kicking around a small city near Green Bay for their Nativity display, Green Bay decided to give them a real fight.  Kickass.  While I think we have to be careful about maintaining separation of church and state, but not letting a Nativity up is just being a dick, I see no reason to do that to people.

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Thompson's "Tantrum" at the Iowa Debate

AKA, Fred refuses to be the media's bitch in their ratings driven circus.  That's fucking presidential.  Richelieu at Weekly Standard declared Fred the winner of the CNN/youtube debate because he looked like he'd do anything to get out of that stupid charade. 

Which is exactly why he should the nominee, he's ready to tell the media to fuck itself.  Most GOP elite wouldn't even think about doing what he did there.  Everyone on both sides of the aisle know what dumb juvenile shit the hand raising crap is, but it took Fred to call it for what it was.

If we've learned anything from the Bush administration, if you let the media push you around unanswered, they'll break you.  I think Fred realized that when the media's "lazy" narrative started sticking, but unlike Bush, he's learning from his mistakes.

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Dextrosphere PSA: Geoff is Back in Action!

After a six month hiatus, he's back to writing again!  Its good to have geoff writing on his site again, he offers some really good analysis when he does serious pieces, and he says he'll start doing JunkYardBlog when he gets back into things, awesome!

Oh yeah, Wuzzadem has been back for a while too, which I hadn't known till fairly recently.  I figure I'd note that too in case I'm not the only guy in the world who wasn't aware of that fact.

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B-list Zombies Invade Hollywood!

Somebody linked this in Ace's comments, looks like its time to reread Zombie Survival Guide, there's been a Solanum outbreak in Hollywood.  I kinda hope the more shrill leftie stars try and dialogue with the undead...

But seriously, ladies(and, uh, guys too, I guess)?  Stay away from the plastic surgeon unless its reconstructive in nature.  Most people who are worth being around will accept the natural you.  Cosmetic procedures usually don't look that good(they're gonna blow!) and sometimes you end up with disasters like that first link, where you end up looking like the undead.  Don't let this happen to you!

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December 11, 2007

...and While We're on the Subject of Drinking Things

Via Slublog, this is pretty damn funny.  Some numbskull in Maine is buying up cases of bottled water from Poland Spring...and dumping them so they can replenish what Poland Spring is taking from the water supply.

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Chug! Chug! Chug!

A former county councilman in Florida was found chugging a bottle of suntan lotion after a serious accident.  No surprise, he was drunk too.  The two people in the other car were okay, but their car was destroyed.

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