April 24, 2008

you know what? screw mccain

So we've all seen or at least heard the NC GOP ad, but here it is anyway,

Yeah, I'm posting it, suck it, McCain!

McCain, as we all know, decided to attack the NC GOP for this ad.  Well, screw McCain.  First, as Sean Hackbarth asks, why is it fine for McCain to take swipes at Obama because of his relationship with crazy Rev. Wright on ABC, but the NC GOP can't take swipes at Obama and Wright in their own ad?

I hope the NC GOP sticks to their guns, tells McCain to get bent and plays that ad over and over.  I'd love for the NC GOP Chair to go on TV and tell McCain to get bent, that they're playing the ad, and try attacking a liberal for once in his life, who knows, he might like it...or not, it may feel to much like attacking himself.  Then wave a fat stack of Benjamins and say, "See this? This is donation money.  This is what happens when you don't treat your natural base of support like garbage...oh, but you wouldn't know about that.  Enjoy the federal funding and unmotivated volunteers, sucker."

Know what? We conservatives have no presidential candidate to support, so we're having fun kicking around the Democrat candidates and their nutty supporters...and a hell of a lot of fun we're having!  That we have no candidate is enough of an insult, but I'll be damned if I'm going to be denied my fun kicking around Democrats by McCain.  Particularly by McCain, it is insult enough that he's the GOP nominee.  Screw McCain.

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