September 20, 2007

How The Gingrich Stole the '08 Primaries?

Here you go Newt Fans, he wants 30 million bucks by November and he'll consider it, get crackin', you only need one kidney, really.

It would be interesting from a political junkies' standpoint to see what would happen if Newt threw in.  The guy is smart, and strategically, declaring late in the primary game is probably a good move for someone like Newt who has a lot of street cred among conservative primary voters. 

 Doing that, he avoids the tedious primary process that has been going on for months.  Fred Thompson tried to have it both ways by announcing in a wink/nudge way his intent to run, but not actually throwing in and doing the actual campaigning.

It came off as teasing voters and hurt his bump in the polls, he oughta be in first place nationally, but he's stuck in second as far as I can tell. It ultimately worked, but not nearly as well as it should have.  Newt, by just not indicating he'll do anything has avoided that, but the question is whether his conservative cred would carry him as he throws together a slapdash campaign operation in the short time he has. 

The problem with Newt is, the media has put on a ton of effort in the past to slap him around and drag him down with his own skeletons, and he hasn't been left unscathed.  I know that will get me some wrath, but really, alternate media has a small effect, the MSM still ultimately has the big clout when it comes to the daily news cycle, and it will be a liability for a Newt run.

Beyond that, Newt is a cocky bastard(and not in the likeable Rudy Giuliani sense), and a lot of people don't like cocky bastards, as indicated by his personal poll numbers, which I admit are probably skewed by the fact that a lot of people say they don't like him who have no idea who the hell he is, just that they've heard he's a bad guy.

So the real question with a Newt run is less could he win the primary, but can Newt win in a general election against Hillary?  I don't know the answer.

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