March 21, 2008

links from around the moronosphere, good friday edition

Today's links!

Richardson endorses Obama...wait, what

This is just horrifying, I'm guessing a rabies shot is in someone's future.  Oh, and on the Rev. Wright front, a bulletin from his church.

mesa on engineering disasters, or one freaky weird one anyway.

Just a friend...

geoff on the impossibility of polling in Iraq.

Stash on the tired War for Oil meme and Obama's idiotic antiwar rhetoric.

John Dingell has an original idea.  Actually, given where he's from, I'm stunned he would suggest this.


One way to make people eat their veggies.

Barry in CO says Obama is a typical Democrat politician.

Moronpundit laments a visit to his state by Al Gore.

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March 20, 2008

well i'll be damned

Maybe I was wrong about prosecution over tactical crossover votes being unenforceable?  Because it looks like somebody in Ohio is going to go ahead and try and enforce this thing.  I think it may be time for some other D.A. to start doing an investigation on liberals who have done the same thing, because as was noted in that Wired piece in the first link, the Dems did this in significant numbers in past elections.  If the left wants to play this way, then I say let's play.

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today's links from around the moronosphere, 3/20

Todays Links!

Nice Deb looks at Obama's Granny's "racism", and calls BS, and also has a story about a Marine Corps Reservist saving an American flag from a most terrible fate.

Cuffy has a story of a small town coming together to honor a fallen hero.

International lawyers fear the US legal system.

The Hostages have found a Scandi Supercop, I have to say, I still like the sacrilicious Jesus Christ, Supercop better.

Fun with the perpetually idiotic Sean Penn.

Sobek brings the funneh at IB.

PA gungrabbers are trying some shady bullshit.  Whether you agree with the legislation or not(I don't), this is the same brand of slimy undemocratic  backdoor crap that the Amnesty set tried to pull, and it needs to be smacked down, aggressively. 

Oh, and Fuck the Soviet of Philly, you know they're the ones pushing this because they can't get their little portal to Hell under control, and seem to think that making the rest of us serfs under Marxism will solve their problems.

Conservative Belle has some links you may be interested in, people registering Democrat in PA, I wonder how many are strategeric voters?  I think we still have a few days to register.  CAGW has a blog focusing on pork, and CB is wondering if the PA strategeric voters should go with Obama now?

Eggman has a piece on the Kelo decision.


Yet another GOP congressman hangs it up, and strollin' dirty.  I'd have kept it...


I can't beat the title, Grand Theft Taco.

Moronpundit declares the Rev. Wright story the end of the Obama campaign...I dunno, it might resurrect.

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March 19, 2008

obama's campaign scrubs

I wondered when this was coming, which was why I took a screencap, I've found that people always assume that someone took a cap, and it ends up no one has done it.  Obama's people can scrub their site of references to their endorsement by the New Black Panther Party, Rev. Wright's church can scrub his youtube clips, it is all in vain, as long as we're keeping copies of the evidence, and we are. 

Nice Deb had this story this morning, and some background on what a vile racist and anti-semite bunch the Black Panther leadership are if you weren't already aware, though I'm guessing all ten of my readers are aware of what they are.

Heh, I jumped over to Nice Deb's and see she saw it was scrubbed way before I did...doubleplusundead, we're reporting the news, hours after other morons have done it better.

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full south park library online

Every episode available here, just hit the left hand corner.

Oh, and an interview with Parker and Stone.

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pot, meet kettle

Tina Fey says Jon Stewart's show is unfunny crap.  Thanks for the honesty, but, so is your show.  You both suck, actually, and I don't watch anything you two are involved in.  But at least someone finally admitted that the Daily Show is unfunny crap.  The Daily Show is nothing but a tedious DNC pep rally.

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obligatory zombie fun

Jenna Jameson is going to be starring in a film called Zombie Strippers, its obviously a budget film, because they're going with a pr0n "actress" as a star, and they went with Jameson, Jameson already looks like the living dead with veneers, so they ought to save quite a bit on makeup costs.  I'll say it once, and I'll say it again, you go nuts with the plastic surgery, you end up looking like a zombie.  My understanding is that Amy Winehouse will also be starring as a zombie, but they'll be paying her in heroin.

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let's hope this isn't the start of a familiar pattern

Some strawberry farmer in Idaho has decided to change his middle name to "Pro-Life", and is now gonna run as an independent for Larry "I'm not ghey, I swear" Craig's seat as an Independent, and says he'll do so for the rest of his life.

I hope this guy isn't a political protege to Byron "Low-Tax" Looper.  You may remember Looper as the guy who changed his middle name to Low-Tax, then went on to murder his political opponent.(h/t to the Moron-in-Chief for the Pro-Life story)

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today's links around the moronosphere, 3/19

Today's links!

Cuffy has a good compilation of some of the Rev. Wright's greatest hits, including Sharpsville.

Oh, funneh!  Nice Deb has a link up with a link to Obama's campaign site with a declaration of support from the Jew and whitey hating Black Panther Party, and of course some choice quotes from their leadership. (which I screencapped for when it inevitably gets scrubbed)

Speaking of Obama, saw this pic and had to have it,

PattyAnn at The Hostages calls on everyone to wear their favorite sweater, I'll make you click over to see why.

Slublog speaks for everyone who isn't an authoritarian douchebag, and Obama's mistake.

Weasel has a strange knack for finding weird things in jars.

An odd police standoff, and a Drudge Siren, by request...


This one probably could really use a Drudge Siren, geoff thinks its past time to rewrite the conventional wisdom on Sino-Russian relations...I'd say so, if we haven't already.

Mike says that the media will cover for Obama, embargo the Wright story, and Obama will get away with his association with Wright.  I disagree, he won't take the damage he should from it, but he'll take a fair amount.

Your Morning Scramble from the Eggman.

Some fun with moonbats courtesy of Brian at Snapped Shot.

Pretty much.

Mikhail Gorbachev is a Christian, who knew?

Not even British football players can escape the Nanny State over there.

Our education system at work.

Attila at Pillage Idiot also has a linkfest up with some good ones.

Scientology launches a video site, I don't think it'll get them anywhere, people who threaten/bring lawsuits into the intarwebs tend to be hated, and they're about the most lawsuit happy group around.

Michael on the stock market and economy.

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nrcc survey

Malkin had this posted...Where do I even friggin' start here?  Let's do a breakdown on these questions.

1. Do you support the House Democrats' "slow-bleed" strategy to "choke-off" funding for our troops in Iraq, leading to their withdrawal and a perception of American defeat?

*Sigh* Do you braindead assclowns really want to do a survey, or are you going to flog tired talking points?  Obviously the answer is No, we do not support the slow bleed defeatist strategy of the Democrats, now how about a real damn question.

2. Should Republicans continue fighting for full implementation of a ballistic missile defense system?



Yes, obviously I want the ballistic missile defense system operational, we need to constantly enhance our defense systems, that and Cuffy's gotta eat too.

3. Do you agree with the Nancy Pelosi Democrat Majority’s decision to impose massive tax hikes on the American people?

Er...they haven't yet (thank God), but if it happens, I know who I'm blaming, and its more likely to be the idiots who make up the top echelon of the GOP.

4. Do you support making all of the Bush tax cuts permanent?

Why yes, too bad a certain GOP presidential candidate didn't think so when we had the chance to do it.

5. Do you think that House Republicans should continue to push for pro-growth policies that create jobs and oppose tax increases that would add a burden to working families and set back our economy?

Wait, what?  When the hell did they start?  Seems to me they thought they could skate on the bare minimum...and still do.

6. Do you support Congressional Republicans’ efforts to decrease domestic government spending in order to reduce the national deficit?

So we started with obvious, tedious talking points, now we're throwing loaded questions?  If I answer Yes, then they'll take that as approval of their current "effort" and give them clearance to continue their pork-laden big-spendah ways.  If I answer No, then they'll read it as, "no, he wants more big government and pork!"  Nice try, chumps.

7. Do you support the Democrats’ efforts to give federal government bureaucrats complete control of your health care costs and choices?

No, and I don't support the GOP's stupid prescription drug plan either, how much did that cost the government, and how many votes did it get you? 

8. Should Republicans in Congress make expansion of Veterans’ benefits a priority?

Here we go again, yes, obviously our veterans deserve better about better pay while you're at it?  Beyond that, how about actually meeting the commitments the government has already promised to vets? 

9. Do you support maintaining anti-terrorism laws that give law enforcement and intelligence agencies the far-reaching powers to track, detain and prosecute terrorists and their accomplices?

Why not just say the name of the bill?  There are obvious concerns about this expanding into abuse of power, but we do need to be able to track terrorists and other enemies of the US. 

10. Should Republicans in the House of Representatives make securing our nation’s borders and enforcing our nation’s immigration laws, including combating the hiring of illegal workers and ending the "catch and release" policy a top priority?

Did you miss the Amnesty fight last summer?  The plummet in donations?  The plummet in GOP membership?  The piles of angry letters and faxes?  The barrage of angry phone calls?  The entire base in a state of rebellion?  YES, YOU STUPID DUMBASSES!

11. Do you think House Republicans should continue fighting for comprehensive education reform to ensure that every child in America receives a first-rate education?

What, by letting Ted Kennedy write the biggest education bill in the past eight years?  Genius.

12. Do you agree that winning back a Republican Majority in the House of Representatives is essential to stopping the Nancy Pelosi Democrats from raising our taxes, destroying our economy and endangering our homeland?

Are we talking bringing in more of the same RINO brigades and kleptocrats that caused this little Democrat problem in the first place when we say GOP Majority?  Because if it is, then I'd say its irrelevant. 

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March 18, 2008

because it should be posted on every dextrosphere blog

Reverend Wright cheerfully reacting to 9/11.

Got that video from Cuffy.

Oh and there's this,

I don’t buy it. So Jeremiah Wright said a lot of disagreeable things; Obama dropped him from the campaign; and now, of course, there have been a few days of headlines and right-wing blogger paroxysms. Big deal.(dpud - emph. mine)

Mugged by reality my ass, this tool has evolved from a conservative, to a somewhat honest liberal, to a full on leftist apologist bipedal cockroach, and yes, that is a dig at his Sullivanesque level whining about religious conservatives "war on science and evolution." 

Also douchebag, a guy who's cheering and dancing around in celebration of 9/11 less than a week after 3000 people were massacred in that attack is a big fucking deal.  This minister could make Ward Churchill blush, and we're supposed to think its no big deal that he's this closely tied with a major candidate?  Enjoy your newfound hopey changeyness delusions, tool.

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damage control or wishful thinking

Kos threw his lot in with Obama yesterday, which I think was a risky move from his perspective.  Kos is in a difficult position.  On one hand, he wants clout in the Democrat Party, which means he has to maintain some sort of functional relationship with the Democrat establishment, on the other, he can't afford to piss off his readership which hates the establishment.  By casting his lot with Obama, he's appeased his readership, but he had to have burned some bridges with the Democrat establishment, which will likely hurt him if the establishment is victorious. 

Which is why when I read Kos declaring that the media is writing the narrative for Clinton's loss, (Kos Link) I have to think he's engaging in damage control or wishful thinking, you can kinda smell the fear from Kamp Kos.  Kos correctly notes that Hillary has a small chance at winning, but this Rev. Wright/Obama story has to be making him sweat, and not in the way it does to Andrew Sullivan. 

This really could be fun.  I thought I'd never be saying this, Go Hillary Go!

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crazy russian hermit gunned down

This is absolutely fascinating.  I'm kind of amazed the Russians let this guy go this long terrifying and attacking people, actually.  This is the kind of guy that would have urban legends written about him a century ago.  (h/t HA headlines)

Seems fitting...

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links from around the moronosphere for 3/18

Today's links!  All ten of my readers seem to like this, maybe yours will too!

Cuffy's been having a blast with this Wright story this week.   Be sure to check out these posts, oh, and Hillary throwing red meat to the nutroots.

Rosetta finds this, mesablue declares it old.  I didn't remember seeing it, so maybe you missed it too...

Slublog comments on the latest NY governor's affair and has some fun with this new Hulu thing.  Hulu: stupid name, cool service.  Watched a movie on it last night. 

Good post by the Stoaty One.

bmac on Rev. Wright and the impossible hopes for improving race relations people place on Obama.

See-Dub calls for a Drudge Siren...


Nutroots question the timing of the Spitzer scandal, Zod in Tacoma?, Mike Pence looks to defund Planned Parenthood...he'll get nowhere, but the fact that a GOPer is, I dunno, trying to pretend they're alive is something, I guess.

The Eggman looks at Links From Around the Moronosphere, and says Me Too!  So, I'll link you to his Morning Scramble.

Brian at Snapped Shot messes with the AP.

Stash notes the makings of the latest kooky "Clintons had (so-and-so) whacked" conspiracy theory here.  He also has the latest on drug use in sports.

IVD has a clip you may want to watch about the DC gun ban case and pulls the bullshit card on Obama for his comparison of Wright's 20 years of hate speech with Geraldine Ferraro's statement about Obama a few weeks ago in his speech.

Enas Yorl plans his retaliation.

What do you do with a drunken sailor?

A staple of any blog, the random naked jackass committing a crime.

More with Planned Parenthood?  Yep!  Remember the, for lack of a better word, prank phone calls asking if a donation could be made to abort black babies?  Planned Parenthood finally got around to responding to it.

Cranky on the tedious, formulaic trashing of the South by Hollywood.  To be fair though, PA isn't a bastion of liberalism, Philly, Pittsburgh, and the Scranton/Northeast corner are.  Joe will tell you, we're in the Alabama part of PA.  I haven't been any further South than Virginia (Florida doesn't friggin' count as South, at least where I've been there), so I couldn't tell you if racism is better or worse in the Northeast.

New addition to the blogroll, how could I not add someone named Moronpundit?  Anyway, Sully's ridiculous mancrush on Obama goes as far as it can on paper or pixel.

Nice Deb notes that only some of the Crooks & Liars lefties didn't think Obama helped himself, as per their poll, which was pretty evenly split as to whether he helped himself.  If he doesn't even have the nutroots sold, he's in big trouble.

Mike notes the swooning of Sully too, but more importantly, the continued work of sending as much of Rev. Wright's public statements and connections to Obama down the memory hole as possible.  He also notes the ridiculous attempt by Obama's supporters to build a moral equivocation between Geraldine Ferraro's statements and Rev. Wright's.  Of course, readers of Links Around the Moronosphere knew this meme was coming days ago.

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March 17, 2008

jim demint and grassroots activists trying to pressure feds to build the damn fence

As we know, they don't want to, and they aren't going to without serious pressure.  Jim DeMint, who has been excellent on the illegal immigration issue, is working with grassroots groups to apply pressure to our lazy, corrupt federal government to secure the borders like it has been promising to do since the 80's.  DeMint has also launched a website, which you may want to check out.

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hillary sees the same thing mccain does in the wright controversy

FNC titles this High Road for Hillary, high road my ass.  Hillary knows she opens herself up for an attack for her shady affiliations if she goes after Obama for his association with Rev. Wright, just like McCain knows he opens himself up for attack with his shady affiliations.  Sure, Hillary would get away with a lot of it due to the fact that very little in the way of scandal sticks to the Teflon Pantsuit, but some of it would stick, enough that it isn't worth going this route in criticizing Obama. 

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links from around the moronosphere, er, something edition!

Today's links!  I may update this later today, so be sure to check back in a while.

Cuffy has a video project for any moron into that sort of thing.

Nice Deb has some good stuff for St. Patrick's Day.

Mrs. Peel reviews Jonah Goldberg's Liberal Fascism, which I still need to pick up...

See-Dub on threesomes and TGI Friday's, and on Governor Sanford telling conservatives to eat the sandwich.

Conservative Belle on companies in Florida who are opposing new carry laws, and Washington DC's new police searching policy.

Looks like Snapped Shot does indeed get to say, Oh Snap!  Hey Brian, looking for a Drudge Siren?

He's also got a new layout, very nice!

More smackdowns of media tools at 'Bama in Between.

Scottish Soccer Hooligan Weekly!

Random panda goodness!

skinbad makes some calculations

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March 16, 2008

this is goodwill?

Seriously?  Goodwill?  The LAPD and Daily News consider repairing doors of innocent people the LAPD genius squad incorrectly kicked/smashed in to be goodwill

They probably terrified these poor people.  The guy who does his best to fix what they break seems like a decent guy, so I have nothing against him, but really?  They're grateful?  I'd be furious, even if they were fixing the door, sorry, having a squadron of cops smash in your door and come pouring in with weapons drawn, that would be a little unnerving, and I'd be a lot pissed.

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links from around the moronosphere, palm sunday edition

This might be a handy thing to post for those looking for a bit of content on a lazy Sunday, oh, and Wordpress has been unbanned again, so feel free to put your URL in when you comment again, I think...I hope.  Anyway, today's links!

Conservative Belle says declare a moratorium on support for the pork fiends of the Senate.  Should be easy with our two Democrat Arlen, I'm not making a mistake there.  Unrelated, but also from CB, Cindy Sheehan says "Leave Reverend Wright alooone!!!!"

A majority of The Hostages are "plumped for dildos and massage oils."

Cuffy is having fun with the whole Obama/ Rev. Wright fiasco.  He's got great pieces here, here, and here.

The Eggman on Bobby Jindal as a VP choice, I agree, keep him in Baton Rouge for now.  Patience is a virtue.

See-Dub has more fun with Rev. Wright.

geoff on a worthy cause.

Dean Barnett through Mike at Cold Fury, and that first comment...looks familiar somehow.

Karl is entertained by the nervous scrambling of the superdelegates.

Brian at Snapped Shot finds some Hamas brand EPIC FAIL

Sockless Joe on the media's false equivocation of comments by Geraldine Ferraro and Rev. Wright.

Stashiu thinks tactical voting is a bad idea.  I still have a few days to decide whether I'll re-register as a Dem or not.  Also, McCain goes on the attack on porky Republicans for "not responding to the will of the people."  Stash offers up a big,

This is symptomatic of McCain's biggest problem.  Even when he's right, he's gonna get slapped by conservatives for being an arrogant hypocritical dick.  He lacks the credibility to speak for the will of the people after his actions in the amnesty debate, so every time he tries, he's going to get smacked down by what should be his natural base of support.

IVD on Obama and gay marriage.

Speaking of gays, a politician demagogues gays and declares them a bigger threat than jihadis, and promptly gets pimpslapped by a kid in high school.

Attila on a new ad campaign.

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is obama's broken halo a bad thing?

I've had a blast watching His Holiness get slapped around because of his close relationship with nutty Rev. Wright as has everyone else.  Cuffy is downright giddy.  But it made me think...what are the potential consequences, beyond just the direct damage it does to the Obama campaign?  I've long thought that the worst case scenario would be if we had a Hillary/Obama ticket, and I think an indirect consequence of the Wright story is that it has the potential to make that happen. 

Obama's entire campaign is built on the hopey changeyness platitudes, his charisma and speaking style, and his squeaky-clean rise above it all narrative.  That narrative is, if not shattered, is damned close to shattered.  He's lost or is on the verge of losing the formula that took him this far.  That actually has the potential to free up Obama, if not from his own perspective, then from the perspective of the Democrat elite. 

What do I mean by freeing up Obama?  For a long time, I believed that if Hillary pulled out the nomination, Obama would reject the vice presidency out of fear that Hillary's divisiveness and scandal would rub off on him, and destroy his pristine facade.  The fallout from that rejection would likely be more than Hillary could handle, and make the serious divisions in the GOP look like nothing, and maybe buy us some time to clean up our own house. 

Now that the halo is broken, it frees him up to take that VP position, he's not the Messiah anymore.   Perhaps more than that, it may give the superdelegates the excuse they've been looking for to tilt heavy in Hillary's favor, which she may well still need to take the nomination.  And I think that most of Obama's starry-eyed cultists will be content with a VP slot.

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