March 25, 2008

links from around the moronosphere, the moronosphere network edition

That Moronosphere blogroll really swelled up quick.  I knew there were a good number of you morons, but Ace is right, we now have a sizeable army of retards.  Conservative Belle has been making the The Moronosphere blogroll, and has done an excellent job gathering up names.  If you're a moron, and you don't see yourself on there, you of course can leave a comment here or over there (Pixy should have Wordpress unbanned again, so you should be able to put it in the URL box) if you'd like to be.

Because of the sheer size and number of people, there will definitely be some changes to the daily linkfest.  When the number of people was small, it was pretty easy to manage, and I could link a lot of the morons on my blogroll.  Er, if I try to do that today with that huge-assed blogroll it'd take forever, and the post would be a mile long and completely unreadable, so the links featured are going to be more widely varied. 

I'm still trying to strategerize and decide what I'll do, but the Moronosphere Network seems to be a popular idea, and I'll be sticking with it.  Be sure to drop by and check in for updates.

Since she has done such a kickass job on making the blogroll, Conservative Belle gets first dibs on linkage today, and she continues to highlight politicians who are going kosher and swearing off pork money.  Today she has three of them from Georgia, if you're looking into candidates to support, these might have potential.

Sean at Brea Canyon has some of the best title for stories...

Dan Abrams whines and seethes because of conservatives engaging in strategeric voting.

Since we now have an army of retards, how about buying a missile silo?  Guess I'll have to set up a Paypal for that...

Kadnine, an Iraq War vet, on Frontline's Bush's War.  He decided watching a Good Eats rerun was more worthy of his time and allowed Jules Crittenden to watch Frontline.  Alton Brown is the only reason to watch Food Network, unless Giada's nice rack counts as a reason too.

Funny picture.

Moronpundit on the complicated math of an indirect Ace-o-lanche.

Beth on the Obama cult, and a creepy cult testimonial.

The Eggman has his Morning Scramble, including a link to a mesa's lamb shank recipe.

Some Nanny Statism courtesy of the state of Maine.

Snapped Shot finds some FAIL

Chavez:  Look at me, I'm an attention whore!

A beauty pageant like no other.

The Line is Here on the police in DC and Boston trying to to search people's houses to take guns before the cities bans get overturned.

A graduation.

Heh, funneh.

Oh, and last, but certainly not least, S. Weasel on Billy, who you may recognize as the "I'm an Ace o' Spades Moronblogger" guy.

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