March 29, 2008

doubleplusundead remains a foulmouthed masterpiece

Nice Deb has a fun new blog gizmo that lets you punch in your URL and see how foulmouthed your blog is.  I did well, but that foulmouthed ratbastard bmac has me beat by a mile.  Says Nice Deb,

Let’s see how I compare to The Hostages. There’s no one more filthy and dirty than that lot:

Cuss level high - 24.5% cuss level.

Well, there is someone, other than bmac.  I was surprised to learn that I actually eeked out The Hostages by a tenth of a point.  Hey Hostages,

I'm actually kinda surprised I scored that high, I've tried to mellow on the bad language a little bit.  In any case, here you go, my scorecard,

Too funny.  I'll definitely be linking Nice Deb's post in the next linkfest to see what the other morons end up with.  I thought about lacing this whole post with cursing to see if I could catch up to bmac's foulmouthed fucking blog...

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