May 22, 2008

Mike is back from Bike Week, and has some photos.

The European press picked up on the Yemeni journalist story, and a big boost in signatures followed.  CB thinks the number of US signatures should be much higher than they are.

Teh funneh.

Possibly even more funneh.


I'm really beginning to like Governor Palin.

Road rage...not really, MP laments the driving habits of people in Wisconsin.

Congressman sponsoring bill to increase penalties for those who engage in violence toward military personnel or vandalize military property and recruitment centers.  More suppression of free speech from the Bushitler I see.  Just another day in the Chimperor's AmeriKKKa. 

He gets points for effort.

Sounds like Floridian Jews are going to break for McCain.

Gay Iranian finally granted asylum in UK, his boyfriend was found out and executed in Iran some time back.

Google rejects Joe Lieberman's request to remove jihadi propaganda videos from youtube.

CT looks at the often arbitrary enforcement of rules on youtube.

Magic Rocks!  I remember these from when I was a kid.

bmac on greed vs. running a legit business.

...and on a related note, Old Iron lays down the fucking law on the populists and liberals whining about high oil prices and eeeevil Big Oil. Can we please send him to do a segment on Bill O'Reilly's show?  At least the Big Oil execs showed a little spine during the latest Congressional show trial this time.  It isn't that Congress doesn't know how supply and demand works, they just reject it out of hand, including our presidential candidates.

Car dealer is offering free gas or a free gun for buying a car at his dealership...why yes, nearly everyone is picking the gun.  Now that's fucking salesmanship! 


Knife control movement growing in UK.  Nanny State defined, they'll all be eating vegetable and fruit puree because forks and steak knives will be banned.

Joe says since the GOP elite have screwed up the brand, we should look to differentiate the RINO from the genuine conservative.

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May 21, 2008

oh, it couldn't have been because of the sensitive information that he wasn't supposed to have

James Yee, who you may remember got himself into a heap of trouble because he had lists of Gitmo detainees and workers at Gitmo he shouldn't have had, is trying to rewrite history.  He's now claiming that the real reason he got in so much trouble was because he speaking out against torture in Gitmo, and that he was tortured himself by the Bushitler's goon squad.  If you haven't heard, he's also going to be an Obama delegate in the Democrat Convention.

Yeah, sorry, I'll take Stashiu's word* over this tool about what goes on in Gitmo.  First, I'd love to know if Yee filed any formal complaints about detainee policy before he had his ass thrown in a Navy brig for having sensitive documents that he should not have had, and if he did, what they were complaints about.

Update: Speak of the devil, Stash in comments informs me that Yee's claims of torture at Gitmo comes from what the detainees told him, that Yee never saw abuse, and Yee has been on record as stating that in the past.  Read Patterico's interview with Stash linked above, and keep in mind that around how many of the released ones go back to jihadism to get an idea of what kind of people we're dealing with there, and then tell me you're really going to take them at their word.

*Be sure to visit Stash's site

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chicago looking to re-open gun registry after democrat alderman richard mell gets caught violating registry law he helped pass


Mayor Daley said today he's all for the idea of temporarily re-opening gun registration in Chicago -- not as a favor to Ald. Richard Mell (33rd), but to get a realistic handle on the number of guns in Chicago.

A former hunter, Mell is proposing a one-month amnesty after he forgot to re-register his arsenal of shotguns, rifles and pistols as required every year by the ordinance he helped to pass.

"Oh, oh no, isn't because our alderman got busted for being the hypocrite he is, we, uh, um, just want to get a good record of how many guns are in Chicago...yeah, that's the ticket."

So what was the cause of this violation of Chicago gun laws?

Earlier this week, Mell acknowledged that he knew about the re-registration requirement and should have complied with it. He said he delegated the responsibility to a staff member, who apparently dropped the ball.

Rule one of American politics, it is always a staffer or advisor's fault when a Democrat politician gets nailed for hypocrisy.

"He has a home in Wisconsin. He brings 'em back and forth. He's not running out with a shotgun and hurting people," the mayor said.



...Just let the meaning of that statement sink in a while.

Basically, this stupid registry was enacted about 20 years ago, and they banned all new handguns from the city, with the purpose of reducing crime...doesn't seem to have worked

Gunowners in Chicago have to register their firearms every year, or they can't register them and they would be considered illegal.

They've apparently been kicking around an amnesty proposal for a long time now, but it seems only now that an Alderman has been caught with his pants down, they're going to get around to actually doing it.  Funny how that works, huh?  Registration amnesty for me but not for thee. 

I wonder how many decent, responsible gunowners have faced abuse, possibly some sort of criminal, legal sanction, seizure of their firearms or punishment because of these abusive registration laws that the Chicago politicians that created it can't be bothered to follow?

One last thing, party affiliation is not mentioned once in that article...funny how it always works that way.

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What a fucking dumbass.  Some teenager put up nude photos of a 16 year old girl (I'm guessing his girlfriend or someone from school) on his MySpace page.  Police were contacted, when the police told him he could be charged for child pornography for having the pictures and should remove them immediately, the kid responded,

‘(Expletive) that. I am keeping them up,’

He's now being charged with child pornography, exploitation of a minor, defamation and two counts of being a fucking dumbass.  Enjoy your stay in prison, stupid.

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feinstein-widestance amnesty provision stripped from iraq supplemental bill

McCain better hope that Congress doesn't make any big effort to try and pass another Amnesty bill.  Amnesty almost destroyed him once politically, and may come back and succeed if he doesn't shut it down very quickly, should it rear its ugly head again.  In fact, it may do so anyway, because I'm guessing that's a huge reason why he has no money or volunteers. That could give Obama the edge he needs...yeah, I'm assuming Hill's done, unless she's got one hell of a trick up her sleeve, she's not gonna be the nominee.

In any case, the mini-Amnesty Feinstein and Widestance tried to slip into the Iraq supplemental bill have been stopped, for now.

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Today is Cuba Solidarity Day, which starts off a two week remembrance of the crimes against humanity committed by the Castro regime in Cuba.

Sarasota continues the Nanny State March, and Moronpundit points to an old, relevant post of his.  How sad is it that awful-ass movie might actually have some relevance to reality?   CT has even more Nanny State badness.

Speaking of Moronpundit, anyone ever shred glass in a garbage disposal?  Any advice on how to get the shards out?

Catholic school sued for making school hours English only, see why the rule was enacted.

Antiwar vermin now harassing military taking public transportation, and a Democrat veteran trashed McCain's military record.  Why does the left feel the need to denigrate what McCain did during his service?  The guy went through utter hell for years, he has false teeth and can't lift his arms much beyond shoulder level and God knows what else during his time as a POW.  There's plenty to criticize McCain for, but his military service is off-fucking-limits. 

New Highlander!  Dear God don't let this suck...

Rob Briley spends his last moments in the Tennessee House whining about bloggers and the media.  You may remember Briley for his drunken singing of "Springtime for Hitler" to the TN cop who pulled his drunk ass over.  He also fled the rehab center he checked into and was found in a casino.

Evolution of the cell phone.

Ah, so that's how Obama got a 75K audience.  How bad is it that Obama can have his speech opened up by a band named The Decemberists?

Thanks Bush Admin and GOP Congress for doing fucking nothing to reduce spending!

Fun with e-cards.

Obama wants to play around with media regulation...

Slublog asks all the important questions with regards to the 2008 election.

Weasel has more fun pictures for you.

Good grief.

If Ted Kennedy was a Republican.

Traffic can come from the most interesting places...

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May 20, 2008

what the hell did huckabee think the reaction was going to be?

Huckabee is whining about the online reaction to his stupid NRA Convention joke.  Obama was forgiving, says Huck, but the reaction online and in media was harsh,

"He [Obama] told me he didn't think it was a big deal, that he knew I didn't mean anything by it and not to worry. He was a class act and gracious. Too bad the people who blew it up on the Internet weren't as classy or calm as he was."

Hey Huck, what the hell did you think was going to happen?  Yeah, unsurprisingly, people who support the Second Amendment and recognize how under siege that cornerstone is were pretty pissed off by your undermining it.  Second Amendment activists face a constantly uphill battle with a government, lobbyists, interest groups and media who actively seek to undermine our essential liberties, every day they walk on eggshells in order to present the best image of gunowners as possible.  And you went to the NRA Convention and undermined them, yeah, they weren't happy, do you blame them? 

And why is Huckabee shocked by this?  Huck has a good legislative and rhetorical record on the Second Amendment(about the only thing I'm willing to give him credit for), he ought to have known this was coming better than anyone else. 

The name Jim Zumbo ring a bell?  With one website entry attacking "assault weapons", the longtime hunting and gun rights advocate, writer and TV star saw himself lose most of his jobs and endorsements in less than a week because of the outcry and threats of boycott, largely online.  And those boycotts work, ask Smith & Wesson, they took a horrid beating financially for selling out to the Clinton administration in 2000.  That's how seriously Second Amendment activists take defending our rights,  Huckabee knew that or should have known that.  He shouldn't have been surprised by the reaction.

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another police weapons instructor shoots self

Sort of, the officer got damn lucky and just had the round go through his clothes. This time it was in Massachusetts.  I like how the pistol they use in the graphic isn't a Glock...of course its a British paper, so they and their readers probably don't know the difference.

So, what was he doing?  Of course,

Officials say the Glock handgun discharged while Maj. Donald Lamar was demonstrating to Bristol County deputy sheriffs how to safely holster the weapon.

B-b-b-but, the Brady Campaign says only police officers and government agents are smart enough to use firearms responsibly!  Anyway, he's been reassigned and his weapon taken until the Department reviews the situation.

Is it just me, or do a lot of these events seem to come from Glocks?  Yeah, I know a bajillion people have and handle them without incident every day, but every time we see a story of a cop shooting himself with his sidearm, it always seems to be with a Glock.  Maybe some of these police departments ought to look issue sidearms with an actual safety, because some of them seem to not be able to handle their Glocks safely.


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ted kennedy diagnosed with malignant brain tumor

Obviously this is pretty serious.  

The question I have to ask is, what does Massachusetts do?  Does Ted end up being absent long term like Tim Johnson? What if they want Ted to step down, and he won't or can't?  Do they recall him?  I'm curious to see what the procedure would be for those scenarios.

I'll also be interested in seeing what the political fallout is.  Ted is obviously a leader on the Democrat side in Congress, and a powerful force on the left.  It will be interesting to see if his absence has any effect on the left's ability to organize and make legislation happen in Congress, moreso in the longterm. 

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My review of the new sodas from the Dewmocracy ad campaign.

The New York Times picks up the story on the Yemeni journalist al-Khaiwani and Jane Novak's efforts to petition and bring attention to his unethical treatment at the hands of the Yemeni government.  If you want to sign the petition, there's a link in that post.  Jane reacts to the article at the Jawas.

The GOP tries to pin the loss of the Mississippi special election on colossal douchebag Trent Lott.  As much as I'd like to pin this on Trent Lott, that isn't the real reason we lost that district.  Conservative malaise continues...

Sox fans or Yankee haters are going to laugh at this, after they finish projectile vomiting.  They share it?

The latest caption-y goodness at VtheK's.

A little bit on the history of coffee and the coffee trade

Kentucky already being declared racist for its primary result.  A prediction on the delegate count after today's primaries, and yeah, if Hillary has a trump card, she had better play it now.

I almost read this "expensive tobacco makes smokers happier" piece, but I decided I didn't want to subject myself to the aggravating Nanny rationalizations for authoritarian behavior, but Kadnine did it for me.  Speaking of Nanny Staters...

A lot of rumors flying around this election.  It'll be interesting to see how many, if any, stick.

The latest from Geraldine Ferraro.

A followup on the vegetarian Woodstock.

Nah, they aren't even hiding it anymore.

Yeah, my parents would have killed me if I did this, or leaving me wishing they had.

A handy combo tool for you.

Buried treasure!

Maine takes has a surplus in this years tax receipts...not a problem, the state government will find ways to creatively spend it.

I'm so confused by this, they banned "assault" rifles in DC, didn't they?  So why are there drive-by's, and why are the DC police looking at buying ARs for their officers?

Our public schools are crap.

We should be watching the growing alliance between Russia and China very closely.  I don't think we can rely on old rivalry and hatred to keep them apart.  We should looking to strengthen our relationships with India, Japan, Australia and the rest of the Pacific Rim as a counter. 

Rabbi stabbed in Germany by jihadi dirtbag.

Do you know your civics?

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May 19, 2008

dewmocracy has failed

Anyone familiar with the DEWmocracy ad campaign?  It was an ad campaign that allowed you to choose flavors for a new Mountain Dew soda, vote and campaign for your flavor of choice.  There are three new flavors, and the winner of those three in the next vote will unveiled as the latest Mountain Dew product.  Mountain Dew and Pepsi have long been trying to branch out beyond the original Mountain Dew with limited success, and after my taste test, I feel confident in saying they won't have any success here either.

I saw three new sodas, I bought three new sodas, I figure I gotta try them, right?  So I bought three 20 oz. bottles. 

I opened the first of these sodas, the Mountain Dew Revolution.  Like Ron Paul's rEVOLution, Mountain Dew's Revolution is total crap, like Ron Paul's nasty mix of crazy conspiracy theorist and crazy paleocon crank, the Mountain Dew Revolution is a nasty mix of crappy berry-ish candy tasting badness with a nastier back note of cough syrup.  You'd have to be insane to like this crap, and even more insane to vote for it. 

Yeah, okay, my review of the Revolution is bad, but not nearly as bad as the soda itself.  The only way I can see this appealing to anyone is if they've developed a taste for the purple stuff and want that wonderful cough syrup flavor in a drink that won't make you high or kill you.

Next I tried the Mountain Dew Supernova.  If its a Supernova, its a supernova of cheap candy flavor.  You know when you were a little kid,  and you'd go out on Halloween and get candy that was like the crappy generic version of Runts?   They didn't have the fun shapes, they had kind of a chalky flavor and a really cheap tasting flavoring, and when you ate a bunch of them they kind of melded into an unappealing vaguely fruity flavor?  Yeah, its basically like a carbonated swig of that flavor. 

Last I tried the Mountain Dew Voltage.  To me, this basically tasted like Pepsi Blue, minus the aggressive cough syrup taste of Pepsi Blue.  It basically tasted like a soda version of every crappy blue-raspberry flavored thing in the world, so it was just a typical bad soda, which means I found it to be the least offensive of the three.

So they were all bad, but certainly not as bad as some other ones I've tried in the past, like Canada Dry Green Tea soda and Pepsi Jazz Caramel, the latter of which is about the nastiest carbonated beverage ever created.  I'll stick with Frozen Run.

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A look at Steve Laffey's book about his failed attempt to dethrone the most RINOy of RINOs.

And of course, the dumbassed GOP leadership continues to try and push toward the direction of the most RINOy of RINOs.

Are you a conservative looking for someone to support this election?  Here's a good one, there's a challenger to corrupt pork fiend Don Young in Alaska.  He'll need help.

This would be so hilarious if the US wasn't paying a quarter of the tab on this garbage.

Jack Thompson is a fucking douchebag, part 304,097,534,169 of a continuing series.


Why not, 55% of Japan's economy is Hello Kitty based.  The rest of the economy is made up of a mix of tentacle porn, vending machines, video games, pachinko, sushi, electronic gizmos and cars.

Another "honor killing" in Europe.

Cistercian monks pick up recording contract.

I was gonna hold off and post the whole series at once, but its rather large, so check out Moronpundit's Ask a Moron, where I ask about his strategery when faced with a large-scale zombie infestation.

Peel says the new Narnia film is worth seeing.  I don't watch many movies, but the first Narnia movie I did see, so maybe I'll have to catch this one.

Drop by the Eggman's place to see coverage of the Wisconsin state GOP convention.  There are a couple of videos of McCain speaking, which I'll have to watch later.


These things will happen when there is high demand and Congress won't allow increased supply.


This is really getting ridiculous.

ZOMG TORTURE!!1!1eleventy!1

Wow, that's pretty dickheaded.

UK looking at creating Purple Heart type service medal.

Uh, yeah, that's pretty damn close.

Neat picture.


I have nothing to add here, other than to say words can't describe how thoroughly disgusted I am by efforts to take down these old memorials.

Some dumbass feminist rails against Deadliest Catch.  Uh, lady, where do you think those crabs you eat at your four star restaurants come from?

Why people in the Rust Belt should be bitter.

A ton of pics from the NRA convention.

Finally someone calls China on supplying the Iranians with weapons.

CT on the farm subsidy racket.

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May 16, 2008

mike huckabee: stupidity in perpetuum

Would someone at TBN do the world a favor and give this stupid asshole a television show so we can limit the embarrassments this jackass causes us? Mike Huckabee is a embarrassment.  The NRA ought to throw the worthless fool out of the Convention for this stupid behavior.  This is something I expect to see from a dumb teenager on a forum or X-Box Live, not the NRA Convention.  Thanks for being such a useful idiot for the fascist Nannies at the Brady Campaign and the VPC, you jackass.

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this is going to reach daikatana levels of suckage

This is an interview with one of the creators of Mortal Kombat, talking about their new project, which will put the MK universe together with DC Comics.  Which means Michael at IB will dig it because it'll have Batman, but its gonna suck beyond that.  Here's the thing, they're either removing fatalities or watering them down.  I'm sorry, but MK was a weak fighting platform to begin with, if you take away the gruesome fatalities, you basically take all the fun out of the game.  Yeah, it was a dying franchise, but they could have done done one last big hurrah, at least. 

Oh well...wonder what's going on in the Duke Nukem Forever front?

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randy scandis

Scandi housewives are desperate.

(H/T Eddiebear)

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mccain reaches out to lefty bloggers

Here's the thing, while McCain does outreach with liberal bloggers, he's got a pitiful 159 friends on his blog friend list.  Seriously, we've got half of that on the Moronosphere blogroll, and if I applied myself, I bet we could match that number or better.  The difference is, for McCain, this is a national campaign.  Fred Thompson didn't even go far in the primaries and probably had fifty times that. 

It is never a good sign when one candidate's supporters are ready and willing to crawl through a mile of rusty nails and broken glass in order to sell a lung or kidney to harvesters to give their guy a few extra dollars, and the on the other side the candidate can't even break 200 on his friend list.

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okay, now people are reaching

Obviously most people were appalled by the Vanity Fair photo shoot with Miley Cyrus, and with reason.  Now we have a few people trying to make a Got Milk ad she did (HT) and turn it into another controversy.  I don't know how much of this is just the Brit press trying to stir tabloid-y shit up as they are wont to do and how much this is legit, but this is a stretch.




Just because,

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This tool needs another 5 years tacked onto his sentence for being a twat.

Yes, yes it does

I coulda told you this.  This guy is such an embarrassment to PA.

Reuters: ZOMG!!! THE BLACKSHIRTS HAVE RETURNED!!!1!1eleventy!1

Pretty much.

By the numbers.

Lemur King has a recipes section you may want to check out.


I like the idea, but the problem isn't that politicians don't recognize the capitalist model, its that they reject it.

Veggie pride!  I think I'd rather grill steaks or have bbq.

Dan at PW makes the post I wanted to make in response to Peggy Noonan's latest WSJ column.  Also, Mad Libs.

Uh, yeah, find new friends

I am letting my body move to the music, and striking a pose!

Another great Weasel pic.

Old Iron on the Nigerian terrorist organization MEND and the pirates that cause trouble in the region.

Pointy breasts, The Hostages BBF (which gets the content warning this week, NSFW), and God help us whatever Caliban came up with.  Begun, the Boob War has.  Okay, same content warnings go up for Caliban.

So, is Lorena Bobbitt a curator here?  Ha!  There's a picture!

Yeah, this isn't gonna be an overnight process.

Uh, yes, otherwise worthless GOP Congress?  MORE OF THIS!

The left doesn't own the yoots yet

...and Zimbabwe continues its downward spiral.

HAHAHAHA!!!!  Love the title!

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May 15, 2008

senators feinstein and widestance trying to sneak in an amnesty bill

Rotten little fuckers, they just don't know when to quit do they?  They're trying to put it in the Iraq supplemental budget.

Apparently David Vitter....sure, why the hell not, maybe bring Congressman Foley out of retirement too?  Is going to present an amendment to strip Senators Feinstein and Widestance's amnesty bill from the Iraq supplemental next week.  You know what to do.

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the obligatory response to the california gay marriage decision

My take on it is that I personally don't really care one way or the other on gay marriage itself, I'm fine with it, mostly because I'm indifferent to it one way or the other.  I don't really think government is well served being in the marriage game anyway.  I'm not onboard with the cultural panic brigades

who are freaking out and declaring that next people will be fucking wombats and Michael Moore with the government nod of approval because of this ruling, and that a vengeful Ol' Testament God will smite our asses for letting the Sodomites run wild and free.  Every time this issue comes up it tends to bring out a lot of nastiness toward gay people, which I find to be repellent.

My concern lies with the precedent set by the court in just deciding to declare it legal.  No pun intended here, but my worry is that door can swing both ways when it comes to judges making legislative decisions that are effectively creation of law.  Just because I'm fine with gay marriage doesn't make me a supporter of this decision. 

More than anything, I'm worried about the precedent these sorts of rulings set for other judges who may decide to restrict our liberties.  Judges should not be in the business of declaring things law, but declaring if laws written by the legislative bodies are constitutional or legal.  They should only be in the business of declaring laws constitutionally valid or invalid, and that is it.

If California or any other states pass a bill through the legislature or referendum endorsing gay marriage, I'll be supportive of them, but I can't bring myself to be supportive of this ruling.  To me, the cultural slapfight is nothing but an annoying, obnoxious distraction from the biggest issue, and that is what we can do to keep our government (in this case, the Judiciary) controlled and in check.

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