April 20, 2008

thirty one people shot, two stabbed this weekend in chicago

Damn guys, that's impressive, Detroit, LA, DC and Philly better watch out, or Chicago is gonna take the title of Biggest Hellhole in America.  Six of the people shot were killed.  I was gonna ignore this and just chalk it up to being a crime-ridden Marxist hellhole, but I noticed something, there's this,

Police recovered an AK-47 assault rifle from the scene, police said.

Was it an assault rifle or was it a semi-auto?  Methinks the latter. 

You'll also notice if you read the article, the AK is the only weapon mentioned by name.  Why don't they tell us what the other guns that need to be banned are?  The AK was only used in one shooting, what about the others, or were they those hunting guns you say you support the right to own?

Also, I thought Illinois had strict gun control laws that are supposed to stop crime and keep guns out of the wrong hands?  What happened?

I'm so confused...oh wait, no I'm not, gun control doesn't fucking work, and nice anti-2nd Amendment propagandizing, Chicago Sun-Times, you shameless bastards.

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