May 19, 2008

dewmocracy has failed

Anyone familiar with the DEWmocracy ad campaign?  It was an ad campaign that allowed you to choose flavors for a new Mountain Dew soda, vote and campaign for your flavor of choice.  There are three new flavors, and the winner of those three in the next vote will unveiled as the latest Mountain Dew product.  Mountain Dew and Pepsi have long been trying to branch out beyond the original Mountain Dew with limited success, and after my taste test, I feel confident in saying they won't have any success here either.

I saw three new sodas, I bought three new sodas, I figure I gotta try them, right?  So I bought three 20 oz. bottles. 

I opened the first of these sodas, the Mountain Dew Revolution.  Like Ron Paul's rEVOLution, Mountain Dew's Revolution is total crap, like Ron Paul's nasty mix of crazy conspiracy theorist and crazy paleocon crank, the Mountain Dew Revolution is a nasty mix of crappy berry-ish candy tasting badness with a nastier back note of cough syrup.  You'd have to be insane to like this crap, and even more insane to vote for it. 

Yeah, okay, my review of the Revolution is bad, but not nearly as bad as the soda itself.  The only way I can see this appealing to anyone is if they've developed a taste for the purple stuff and want that wonderful cough syrup flavor in a drink that won't make you high or kill you.

Next I tried the Mountain Dew Supernova.  If its a Supernova, its a supernova of cheap candy flavor.  You know when you were a little kid,  and you'd go out on Halloween and get candy that was like the crappy generic version of Runts?   They didn't have the fun shapes, they had kind of a chalky flavor and a really cheap tasting flavoring, and when you ate a bunch of them they kind of melded into an unappealing vaguely fruity flavor?  Yeah, its basically like a carbonated swig of that flavor. 

Last I tried the Mountain Dew Voltage.  To me, this basically tasted like Pepsi Blue, minus the aggressive cough syrup taste of Pepsi Blue.  It basically tasted like a soda version of every crappy blue-raspberry flavored thing in the world, so it was just a typical bad soda, which means I found it to be the least offensive of the three.

So they were all bad, but certainly not as bad as some other ones I've tried in the past, like Canada Dry Green Tea soda and Pepsi Jazz Caramel, the latter of which is about the nastiest carbonated beverage ever created.  I'll stick with Frozen Run.

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