October 30, 2009

Well then: Pataki endorses Hoffman

Story at Politico, Politico hack (who I'm not a fan of) notes a number of Pataki's top campaign people and advisors work for Scozzafava, so he probably has in inside view of Scozzafava's campaign, so a Hoffman endorsement probably means things are bad for Scozzafava, which I think is probably true.  Should be interesting. 

I think Allah's concerns about this encouraging a bunch of third party shenanigans are valid, however being the spastic pessimist he is, I think he's overstating them by a fair margin.  With the caveat that GOP leadership is smart enough to be twice shy after getting a nasty bite in NY-23, if they're going to be stubborn fucking retards and double down on becoming Diet Democrat, I guarantee they make limited gains in Congress and Governor seats.

I will say that if we end up with a squish candidate in 2012, expect a third party run from the right that does 10+%, RINOs will cry like bitches and blame you wingnutty wingnuts for "letting the Democrat win," but I can guarantee said hypothetical squish would have lost anyway, just maybe not as badly.  Grassroots conservatives are making it damned clear they're in a foul mood, and they aren't playing games with the fucktards in the upper echelons of the GOP.

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