June 23, 2009

And what exactly is wrong with Rubio's statement?

Via Ed at Hotair, we've got this, some twat named Josh Kraushaar on Politico whining about this statement from Marco Rubio, (and of course using the worst picture of Rubio he could find, like some hack putting together a pamphlet for election season)

I have a feeling the situation in Iran would be a little different if they had a 2nd amendment like ours.

...and acting like this is some shocking, bizarre statement.  Uh, no jackass, it isn't, and if the Iranians had a concept in their society equivalent to a Second Amendment, and were able to keep and bear arms as we are, my guess is that the current regime wouldn't be nearly so bold about engaging in egregious human rights abuses and brutal to dissenters...assuming the leadership of the Iranian regime hadn't been overthrown already.  I'd also guess the Basij and the rest of the regime's enforcers would be a hell of a lot less bold about randomly shooting into crowds, too. 

There are usually a few reasons guys like this twat freak out when someone notes what the Second is for, particularly a politician.  They don't like hearing what the Second is for.  They're liberal statists, they don't want you to be able to reject state power.  Because of that, they've been trying to redefine the Second Amendment as the Hunting Amendment for years now, and have failed miserably. 

Unlike the GOP, gun nuts and the NRA don't cave to bullshit like this, and as a result gun nuts are winning the debate and the culture, and even now to an extent defining the terms of the debate, which is why the media and certain Democrats are screeching so loud about guns lately, they're losing, badly.  Gun nuts don't roll over, and liberals don't like that.

They don't want to admit that sometimes force is needed to preserve human rights (not that they particularly care about human rights to begin with).  Liberals can't or won't differentiate between protective violence and malicious or oppressive violence.  This is why you'll hear some liberals whine, "Oh, great, more violence, yaaay!" when stories of people defending themselves with lethal force in the news are published.  Ace's post here catches this mindset perfectly.

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