March 28, 2008

the moronosphere network-blair's law in action!

Let's get right to this, today's links!

Last time I wrote about Zimbabwe's hyperinflation, a burger cost $15 million Zimbabwe, Purple Avenger lets us know a loaf of bread costs $25 million.

skinbad at IB can't decide if this grave violation of civil liberties in the Bushitler's AmeriKKKa or if a bunch of horny turkeys should have gotten the Headline of the Day.

Karl at Protein Wisdom on Obama trying to get past the Wright disaster.

This is a very interesting piece, a physicist tried to get himself involved with the Manhattan Project by using a patent of his, which forced the US to patent the components to the bomb. 


Queeg '08?

Slublog loves Maine for wacky stories like this...doubleplusundead still has the best wacky Maine story evah.

This guy kicks ass, plus he probably denied Greta Van Susteren a few weeks of material, so he gets double kudos for this.

Democrat Rick Boucher likes lamb with his pork.

Dating tips for morons.

Be sure to drop by V the K's for some caption contest-y goodness.

Baldi smells waffles, lucky her, cuz I got a whiff of some serious bullshit.

A profile of the Long War Journal.

Brian at Snapped Shot has a good piece on an AFP photographer (stringer?), who is basically a jihadi propagandist, and a nice set of sneer quotes by Reuters...

Hmmm...what to do with all that old equipment and junk when the space shuttle program is officially retired

The economy was sizzling last quarter?  B-b-b-b-but I thought the Bushitler was letting Rome buuuuurn!!!  The media told us it was...

If there's something dumb criminals need to learn, it has to be don't screw with retired Marines!  Seriously, it never ends well for the criminal.

Some lefty pwnage

Cuffy has a lot of great posts today.  First, liberals declare themselves free of the Clintons, Obama has a Freudian slip, but quickly recovers, and the Russians continue playing their aggro airspace games...I'm stunned geoff didn't catch this first.

Mexicans beating up their emos?  Obligatory,

I know I saw that at mesa's first, but I'm too lazy to dig up the link.

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