August 25, 2008

The latest from Denver

Alice H continues to follow the spectacle surrounding the Democrat Convention, and has lots of pictures from the various protests, be sure to check them all out,

Part I (Where there are cameras, there is Sheehan)

Part II (Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs)

Part III (everyone's favorite plagiarist art thieving fake Native American is in this collection)

Part IV (moar from the crazy masses, and some counterprotesters)

Part V (finally some giant paper mache heads!  No lefty protest is complete without them!)

Part VI (with even moar protest cliches!)

Part VII (Just another granny for peace)

Part VIII  (IVAW, paper cranes, CHANG(e), and other pitiful cliches)

Part IX  (respecting McCain's service and time as a POW, and moar "I've run out of room" signs)

Part X
(moonbats on the march)

Part XI (some police photos and another "Defend Denver" dork...why do they wear those shirts? 99% of them would shriek at the mere sight of a real AK)

Part XII  (police and anarchists and Native Americans, oh my!)

Be sure to drop by throughout the week to see what Alice has for us, and check out her videos too.

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