August 24, 2008

Two! Four! Six! Eight! This chant will make you feel sedate!

We have an insider for the Denver convention, Alice H has been following the assorted protests around the DNC Convention, and some of the Convention activities as well  Here we have some anarchists chanting,

I can't help but laugh at these guys.  Really?  You can barely get a good chant going and you're going to take down the most powerful government in the world?  Mwahahahaaa.  Be sure to check out the rest of the videos, and keep checking back for updates.  I understand there'll probably be pictures coming too. 

I figured all this talk about a huge protest presence would be a bust, doesn't even look like there are a lot of protesters.  Really, for the most part the leftists and nutroots mostly got what they wanted in a candidate.  The only people who really have anything to gain from doing these protests are shameless attention whores and self-promoters.

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