March 24, 2008

oh, now the brits are angry about someone suggesting forced sterilization!

There have been a bunch of angry calls for some Tory politician to resign after he stated that parents who receive government benefits should be forced to undergo sterilization.  This harebrained statement was something that came from his blog in discussing a missing girl who is one of seven children, who have five different fathers.  Of course, at doubleplusundead know a little something about inept politicians getting themselves in trouble with their blogs.  We also know about lame excuses they give when they get in over their heads.  Says Councilor John Ward in his defense...or is that defence? 

Speaking over the Easter weekend, he said: "The whole idea was to get people to think about issues. The comments were taken from another blog but I can't remember where they were from.

"Also, I'm half-blind and missed out a word, I should have written 'consideration' in the first sentence. I'm sorry if it has caused any problems."

Yeah, these politicians seem to love taking comments from other blogs...

Obviously the guy is an obnoxious tool (and a cheesy, smarmy looking little dude), and should be drummed out of office, Labour and Liberal Democrats are calling for his resignation now, angrily declaring,

Medway Messenger: "If the conservatives care about their image they should expel Cllr Ward immediately.

"There is no place for this in mainstream politics."

Fellow Labour councillor Bill Esterson added: "It's the sort of thing Nazis did in Germany."

All that is true, and he deserves to be pushed out of office for that, but I have a question for these Labourites in particular, where were you in demanding that fellow Labourite Dawn Primarolo be shown the door for suggesting that teenage girls be forcibly sterilized?  I've been looking for some sort of strong denunciation or call for Primarolo's resignation by politicians in the UK, but I haven't seen it.

That said, even if it was, forced sterilization seems to have some support in the UK, if you look at the Daily Mail article I link in my "More Fun With Airstrip One" piece (linked in the previous paragraph), you'll not only see a columnist supporting Dawn Primarolo's idea to force sterilization of teenage girls, if you look in the comments on that article, you'll see most of the commenters were solidly in favor of mass sterilization.  Seems to me its not the policy they are opposed to, but the person who said it.  Councilor Ward's comments are probably not that out of the mainstream in the UK, and the Labourites are being cynical in their condemnations. 

Question, what the hell isn't wrong with the UK?

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