June 10, 2008

Obama Policy Generator

As promised, I threw together a little Obama Policy Speech Generator as inspired by this earlier post

Check it out!  If you have any funneh ideas for policies or adjectives to describe the Iraq war, let me know and I can add them in.

Update: This is the initial prototype but we want you, the morons, to give us feedback and hopefully build this up to an entire hopey, changey stump speech with the quality of this Postmodern Essay Generator.

{doubleplusundead}  Just to make things easier, here's the format,

Live from [city or town Obama's presently in]

"Hello!  It's so wonderful be here in[name of a city he's not presently in] today!"

"You see, the thing is [insert sound of mumbling hesitation] this [negative adjective] War in Iraq has taken money away that we could be spending on something important, like [insert massive government program here]."

Update: Greetings Morons!  Thanks for the links, Ace and Snapped Shot and thanks for all the ideas The Nose On Your Face.  Be sure to visit the rest of doubleplusundead!

{doubleplusundead} A second paragraph has been added, cooked up by reader Shibumi, have fun,

People of [insert city name different from above cities], you deserve better than the policies of [insert random Republican.] My [insert a different large government program] will bring prosperity to [insert favorite minority.] By working with our enemies [insert Western European ally] we can defeat those who deny us hope. Only then will our allies [insert enemy nation of America] give us the respect we deserve.

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