June 09, 2008

Obama Madlibs!

The Club for Growth notes Obama's latest foray into Marxism, and finds a fun way to predict what he will say:

"Barack Obama wants to tax [insert a productive sector of the economy] in order to pay for [insert big government program]."

For instance, Obama said today that he wants to tax oil companies to pay for a program that will help families pay for their high energy bills. The economic silliness of this idea is so magnificent, it's hard not to laugh at its circular logic.

Using the Obamessiah's vaunted rhetorical skill (ahem) as a jumping-off point, I've made some of my own:

"Hello!  It's so wonderful to be here in [name of a city he's not presently in] today!"

"You see, the thing is [insert sound of mumbling hesitation] this [negative adjective] War in Iraq has taken money away that we could be spending on something important, like [insert massive government program here]."

Feel free to add yours in the comments.  As Tim Pawlenty noted this weekend, Obama is robotic in his predictability. Hopefully the McCain campaign will develop that meme for the general election. 

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