June 10, 2008

obama going back his on public funding promise

Patterico makes a good catch, the Washington Post in an editorial,

Mr. Obama’s campaign now claims that his earlier promise was not to stay within the public financing system if his opponent agreed to do the same, as Mr. McCain has done, but merely to pursue such an agreement.

Really, is anyone surprised by this?  No way was Our Lord and Savior, He Who Is, the King of Kings Barack Obama gonna give up such a powerful advantage over his opponent.  McCainiacs better take note that their guy has some fences to mend, because all the advantages McCain has will be destroyed if the organization collapses around him, and there's already a real threat of that happening.  It hasn't collapsed, but it's a rickety motherfucker held together with duct tape, and November is a loooong way off.

Ultimately, I think this is likely to be a campaign of Demographics vs. Organization, with McCain having advantages in demographic, Obama in organization.  If McCain can keep himself controlled enough not to frag the conservative base, he stands a chance because of the damage Obama and his supporters have done to his campaign in middle America.  Obama has limited his growth potential severely because of that factor.  McCain has a distinct possibility of having major portions of the GOP base refuse to even vote for him in November, he's going to have to show some restraint and temperance, and even some compromise in favor of conservatives.

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