May 29, 2008

wheels coming off the straight talk express?

You're kidding!  McCain is in big trouble, the obligatory liberal talking points that go on about how horrible life in America and that's why McCain is losing *Change!* are there, but when you sift through the bullshit, there are some real good questions about the trainwreck that is the Straight Talk Express. 

McCain's campaign has no unifying message, he has no vision or coherent philosophy, and now in the process of gutting his campaign of lobbyists (wonder if Juan Hernandez is among them...doubt it) after a few embarrassing stories, and he has no base support or money.  Where is he going to get money, workers or volunteers? 

The base isn't going to give those to him, and moderates aren't going to give those to him either, and now he's obviously going to be limited in what he gets from lobbyists, considering he's kicked them out of his camp.  Demographics or Obama's Marxist lunacy may save McCain, but if the wheels completely come off the Straight Talk Express, not even that will save him.

Update:  See what I mean?

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