April 25, 2008

more misery with mccain

As I'm sure you know, McCain decided to trash Bush for the handling of Katrina.  Cuffy says Rush is going apeshit about it.  Cuff also argues McCain might have to do this, politically speaking, because whether people like it or not, McCain has to distance himself from Bush, and smacking him for Katrina is an easy way to do it because the "Bush's fault" narrative is pretty much set in stone, unfair as it is.

Conservative Belle, being from Mississippi, is kinda pissed with McCain's comments about Katrina.  Mike isn't real happy with it either. 

To an extent, I agree with Cuffy, as much as I really, really hate saying it.  McCain does have to separate himself from Bush.  Any Republican candidate would have to do it, Bush is unpopular, like it or not.  Beyond that, as unfair as it is, the narrative is written about Katrina, so there are probably some worse things to go for.  However, McCain never once criticized the failures of the incompetent reactions of New Orleans mayor Nagin or former governor Blanco.  If he had done that, there may not be this level of anger about his statements about the Katrina response.

Where the real problem is that McCain isn't content with doing the bare minimum when it comes to doing things that piss off conservatives. When it comes to dealing with conservatives he disagrees with, McCain uses grenades to clear brush that could be dealt with by hedge clippers. 

The NCGOP ad is a perfect example of this.  No one complained or had a problem with this ad except McCain.  McCain could have simply called the NCGOP *himself* and politely ask the NCGOP not to run the ad.  Did he do that?  No, he called a damn press conference and trashed the NCGOP. 

McCain better get it through his thick skull that he's playing a dangerous game, he can only kick so much sand in the faces of conservatives before they decide they've taken enough abuse and abandon him completely.   Some have, and I'm guessing more will if he keeps doing this.

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