March 24, 2008

links from around the moronosphere, back from easter edition

Today's links!  Check back in later for updates!  Also, drop by Conservative Belle's and ask for the script for The Official Moronosphere Blogroll!  And if you're a Moron who hasn't been added to it, be sure to let us know!   Damn!  Look at that Moronosphere blogroll grow!  Who knew there were so many!  Be sure to check in tomorrow for new updates!  March 25 Links!

The best skins evah for your AR, and kudos for a PA politician who is going kosher and saying no to pork.

Cuffy finds the work of some marketing genius.

bmac takes a look at universal healthcare and says DO NOT WANT...he also has a truck to sell if you want it.

Kadnine has a suggestion for some campy horror goodness, he says possibly better than the Evil Dead series?  Better be careful, you'll get a horde of angry Evil Dead fanboys offering you a taste of their boomsticks.  Oh, and some comments on Tom Stoppard, and on the translation of art into different mediums

Brian at Snapped Shot has a piece at Pajamas Media about his fun with the AP.

A shakeup in Camp Clinton?

Hey!  Isn't Rev. Wright an awful lot like Jesus

If you're gonna try and drink yourself to death...try and do it with something a little classier than box wine.

More fun with dumb criminals.

"I am Rosa Parks! I will not ride on the back of the bus!"

Really dude?  Milk and cookies in the car?

Cranky has a forecast.

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